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Application Materials* <br /> Upload revised application if one is submitted and/or up to nine additional attachments. <br /> City of Anacortes Master Permit Application <br /> 286.76KB <br /> Form.202106_ACB2update.pdf <br /> REV 05.05.21ShannonPt_JARPA.w.Atts_Finalsigned.pdf 662.36KB <br /> REV.City of Anacortes.SEPA-Environmental- <br /> 513.29KB <br /> Checklist_ACBsigned.dated.081921.pdf <br /> Shannon Point.TechnicalMemorandum.CityofAnacortes.051721.pdf 908.77KB <br /> Shannon Pt Jarpa siteplans.20-1215.pdf 1.12MB <br /> WWU Shannon Point.Project Narrative.City of Anacortes Shoreline <br /> 218.51 KB <br /> review.06.13.21.pdf <br /> Note:The permanent record will reflect the file names as uploaded. <br />