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Existing AlleyNew Private <br />Access Drive <br />10'BSBL10' <br />BSBL <br />10' <br />BSBL 5'BSBL16'4'4'WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE 20' SHAREDACCESS ROADEASEMENT142' WALKINGDISTANCE FROM FIREAPPARATUS ROAD TOFURTHEST POINT OFEXTERIOR FACADE24'32nd StreetR Avenue 16'26'15.34'14'26'16'21'26' <br />16'15'16'15'26'17'12345678910UNIT C1UNIT B1UNIT A1UNIT B1UNIT C1UNIT C1UNIT B1UNIT A1UNIT B1UNIT C1442 S.F.(ADDITIONAL52 S.F. DECK)240 S.F.(ADDITIONAL38 S.F. DECK)240 S.F.(ADDITIONAL38 S.F. DECK)230 S.F.(ADDITIONAL40 S.F. DECK)546 S.F.(ADDITIONAL52 S.F. DECK)SITE PLANAlley Loaded Scheme1" = 10'STREET FRONTAGE HAS AVAILABILITYFOR 3 GUEST STALLS23'8'12'12'GROUND FLOOR OPEN SPACE WITH MINIMUM DIMENSION OF 12'FIRE ACCESS DISTANCE14'16' <br />15.34'15'416 S.F.(ADDITIONAL 52S.F. DECK)224 S.F.(ADDITIONAL38 S.F. DECK)215 S.F.(ADDITIONAL40 S.F. DECK)224 S.F.(ADDITIONAL38 S.F. DECK)416 S.F.(ADDITIONAL52 S.F. DECK)2'2'4' WIDELANDSCAPEPLANTERSBETWEENDRIVEWAYSGRASSCRETEFIRE ACCESSBOLLARDS12.01'12'10'2.12'5.75'10.16'79.34'10.64'20.96'45.04'79.34'10.64'14.98'45.04'6.02'5.95'15'8'8'TOWNHOMEBUILDING 1TOWNHOMEBUILDING 2SCREENED WASTE STORAGE PERMITTEDIN ANY SETBACK PER AMC 19.42.140.F.10EAVES PERMITTEDIN SETBACKS PERAMC 19.42.140.B.1SETBACK/EASEMENT AS NOTEDPROPERTY LINEMAILBOX CBU75707067EAVES PERMITTED INSETBACKS PER AMC19.42.140.B.1ELECTRIC PANELS TO BEMOUNTED TO GARAGEWALLS ON ALLEY SIDEBIORETENTION CELLEXISTING CURB CUT TOBE REMOVEDEXISTINGCURB CUTTO BEREMOVEDWASTE <br />WASTE <br />WASTE <br />TRASH ENCLOSURE - SEE SHEET A2.1SETBACK REQUIREMENTS PER AMC 19.42.130FRONT AND SIDE STREET - 10' (20' FOR GARAGE THAT FACES STREET)INTERIOR - 5 FEET. EXEMPT FROM UPPER STORY SETBACK OF 7.5 FEET.REAR - 10'BUILDING HEIGHT - 40'LOT COVERAGE - 60%LANDSCAPING - 15%OPEN SPACE - 10% GROSS AREA OF EACH UNITACCESS - INTERNAL ACCESS DRIVES ARE REQUIRED TO BE 20' WIDE ANDHAVE 5' SIDEWALK ON ONE SIDE. WE PROPOSE 16' WIDE ONE WAY DRIVETO MATCH ALLEY STANDARDS TO THE SOUTH. I LIEU OF A 5' SIDEWALK ONONE SIDE, WE PROPOSE 4' WIDE PLANTERS ON EITHER SIDE OF THE ACCESSROAD. WE FEEL THIS IS A MORE APPROPRIATE DETAILING WITH THE LACKOF PEDESTRIAN ACCESS POINTS ALONG THE INTERNAL DRIVE. FIREAPPARATUS VEHICLES SHOULD NOT NEED TO ACCESS THIS DRIVE AS ALLPORTIONS OF THE BOTTOM STORY OF BUILDINGS ARE WITHIN 150' OF ANAPPROVED FIRE APPARATUS ROADWAY. WE PROPOSE USING A GRASSCRETEPAVING AT THE THE 32ND CURB CUT IN THE EVENT A FIRE APPARATUSVEHICLE DOES NEED INTERNAL ACCESS TO THE SITE. TO LIMIT ALL OTHERACCESS FROM 32ND ST, WE WILL PROVIDE BOLLARDS.SITE REQUIREMENTSSITE AREA = 14,998.59 S.F. (.34 ACRE)LANDSCAPE AREA = 4,259.31 S.F. (28.40%)LOT COVERAGE = 7,785 S.F. (52%)OPEN SPACEUNIT 1 = 468 S.F. (24% GROSS FLOOR AREA) UNIT 6 = 494 S.F. (25% GROSS FLOOR AREA)UNIT 2 = 262 S.F. (14% GROSS FLOOR AREA) UNIT 7 = 278 S.F. (15% GROSS FLOOR AREA)UNIT 3 = 255 S.F. (14% GROSS FLOOR AREA) UNIT 8 = 270 S.F. (14% GROSS FLOOR AREA)UNIT 4 = 262 S.F. (14% GROSS FLOOR AREA) UNIT 9 = 278 S.F. (15% GROSS FLOOR AREA)UNIT 5 = 468 S.F. (24% GROSS FLOOR AREA) UNIT 10 = 598 S.F. (30% GROSS FLOOR AREA)UNITS UNIT A1 - 2 BED/2.5 BATH (1,818 GROSS S.F.) 2 UNITS UNIT B1 - 2 BED/2.5 BATH (1,762 GROSS S.F.) 4 UNITS UNIT C1 - 3 BED/3.5 BATH (1,940 GROSS S.F.) 4 UNITS TOTAL 10 UNITSPARKING - 20 GARAGE STALLS, 3 PARALLEL GUEST STALLSSITE STATSGuest Parking CalculationsUseRequired ParkingRatio # of UnitsParking SpacesRequiredParking SpacesProvidedTownhouse1 per 4 units102.53Off-Street Vehicle Parking CalculationsUseRequired ParkingRatio # of UnitsParking SpacesRequiredParking SpacesProvidedTownhouse; 2bedroom1.4 Min; 2 Max68.4-1212Townhouse; 3bedroom1.6 Min; 2.5 Max46.4-108Bike Parking CalculationsUseRequired ParkingRatio # of UnitsParking SpacesRequiredParking SpacesProvidedTownhouseN/A10N/AN/AUsable Residencial Open Space CalculationsUseRequired OpenSpace Ratio Unit TypeGross S.F.Open SpaceRequiredOpen SpaceProvidedTownhouse10% Gross UnitAreaA11,818181.8255/270Townhouse10% Gross UnitAreaB11,762176.2262/278Townhouse10% Gross UnitAreaC11,940194468/494/5985-19-2125 Central Way, Suite 210, Kirkland, Washington 98033 Phone: 425-454-7130 Fax: 425-658-1208 Website: http://www.milbrandtarch.comM i l b r a n d t A r c h i t e c t s, I n c ., P . S .Landed GentryScale:Date:Date Plotted:Drawn By:Sheet No.:Job No.:R32 Townhomes2121A 10 Unit Townhome DevelopmentAnacortes, WaA2Site Plan1" = 20'JH03-30-2105/25/2021PLN-2021-001007/27/2021