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sE AGIT VALI aT 116641.0 FR1DLT,11/LY 30,2011 IA? <br /> ga ra g e Map your route to bargains at4 <br /> g skagil <br /> „.. ..... <br /> # <br /> . . . <br /> ..,,,„,„Q,,,..,..,Salt, Yam/Garage se. Yard/Garage Sal yard,Garage Solos Ter0Sere9 S.M. Turd/00049e Bo.. <br /> Burlington Mount Vernon Burlington Stanwood Mount Vernon a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,„ <br /> Concumin on Square ANN WASHINGTON Meal-House Selo <br /> uriunq<imago Sale '411:yrNIU:117, DAR H.,';3'01.:al!*//31 Fdday a.Sifitirday Efffir:nrattdaY <br /> Untes20tej"4-.V,P.T. <br /> Son.Sffie Day Fund Raising Geroge <br /> ' <br /> Salo 37;132 .,... 3018 WIthers Piave <br /> 117 Earlanvoo0 Place <br /> ',tenon Ho to Woollen Set.,Joy diet (In Romer Hills) <br /> 16491 Donnelly RD ea,ao Clot., baby stuff, Tools, house.kl, and <br /> Look for signs. 134 365 Gaffien Lace Collectffilm. dish sets, lurniture, home decor, other Itinp. <br /> Hcfra.ffifffir.EradtrY Pot- New a00 us. took, (Farmington Sof Nu of household 00.5. 51011a6 oaraping,shoe, <br /> tem.krnas, Tblthnirs, shop stuff, new and Mem.vintage women, hada,and much more. ,,,,,,,,„ <br /> chi nate,Cooke,cakes, use.kitchenwaw.small Many donors. great clothes&Pgom,yard. <br /> tombs,opines.LP al- chest keener.r0114013 variety.RarnEp&framed <br /> burnat birdhouses,patio desk,/Ron I I retired), plot., yarn, satin/loco ONLY. .''!"..1..-4 Latekene Yard Sets <br /> Friday Only <br /> lum.redal arm saw vac- fiesOware oak bookcase, <br /> otims,cannot clearie 00. yard stuff;Week collect, shoo 29M. ...hooka. 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AL OFRIIWOI tO alee :0 <br /> Lod.6Sr,seNNORAnn• rasentanven attorney at FOR KING COUNTY <br /> wool Ponoe Doped/noel the address stated below NOTICE IS HEREBY Minority Rod wom- <br /> . .. (3601 2234684 under case PUBS/SktER'S - a copy of the maim and GIVEN Met the Board of Estate of: en-ovmed firms are en- <br /> number 214419.62. NONCE ling the°dolga'of the Skagit County Commis- couragad to apply and will <br /> Oil rants'ano real astate maim with the noun.The sioners has approved a GLEN CHRISTOPHER be given equal consffier- <br /> - Tim effinffie ffiii Os.14. Al as.....MB M M. clotrn must be dresentsd ResoUnon 10 Close the HOFF, anon with all other firms <br /> 207 <br /> 0,„„,:i'4:,,,,,404,:,.Lr= 247,(1.LINtl. tg within Me later of.(1)Thir- following County road to Deceased. submIttffig a Statement of <br /> ,..,or , -,;;;,..e0:,,,,,,,, ty dayer4=the pentonal all through traffic Including OuNifications <br /> gri,,,,,,,=,,„=‘.:do the <br /> arneraen,veholas: NO. 21-440410S-1 SEA <br /> nomprofit o.spoloalion. <br /> PROBATE NOTICE TO Published <br /> „reng,,;n oreditor as provided Under Josh Wilson Road CREDITORS Jg.WitazOil <br /> PETS a SUPPLIES Tex rtTnic,a741e.m.arsta: ROW 11.40.020(3),or(2) (County Road X 33000) RCW11.40.030 <br /> to e or national°doh,or Mur months attar the date from mike:fog 2.88(east <br /> an make any Of first publication of the of Jensen Lane)to the The person named oe- SUPERIOR COURT <br /> Pems1P0t Sunplioe s„, notice.II the claim is not intersection of Avon Al- low has been appointed OF WASHINGTON <br /> a Equipment or discrimination Female1 presented within this time len Road as Administrator of this COUNTY OF SKAGIT <br /> status ROM..ildren frame,the claim is formtr Estate.Any Pare.has- JUVENILE COURT <br /> under the age of*living er barred,except as Mt- The roadway will be ing a claim against the , <br /> ,,T;Lfgr,e,nr1::JJ,lig,n1 Pt; ve,i,s0e0Arozitad,ip.RoC2,,,11 trivedpfor approximately Dec.ont must,before Me' <br /> I)working day., time the Claim would be <br /> Vol?,nrig='/F1,.. TNe b°1. ff.'4.'T4 V 'mffitrmil ePproximaffily barred by anLtothenvise FABIalakTR <br /> II <br /> ..r.„...P.R.r.. 2g1r,r,..47,1".4 •:,-:Z.ZIT9'.1.11""'ng falir'',::::„,1, r:'.11r:r'r,, o.o.e...NA vn <br /> r,-4,ICKOZLt nonprenale assets. September 12,2021,or in the manner as mould- <br /> dates thereabout to be od in NEW 11.40.070 .-'.bY '191 ..2-2. <br /> 6..T...,: ...a...w... Date of Fl4ng.July 7.2021. determined by the County <br /> !r;k:Itre" .:r. ' ';''alt"Va"rot; Date of F.Publication. Engineer. 0ur <br /> t0 <br /> r4iinl'i'llot7al0 <br /> rtrn: Vt'itra=Slfeng l'o78 A <br /> no.Swam 12 ykold.tome informmed babe dweitingn eon IS.2021. 60....rS attorney al 06168) <br /> .. g,walk.Msion impaired, advenising In this news- Additional Information the address stated below. <br /> • teduiel be wondedul toi-a paper ere,,gama en an pers..,Henn...aye, may be obtained through a copy of the claim and fll- CLERK'S ACTION <br /> retired,stay at home tam squat opportunity bans. Carol Hummel the Denadment of Pub- ing Me anginal of Manta. REQUIRED <br /> ik,..For so much mon,info To oampiain a dis.ini. tic Wm., Engineering wfth the Court in which the <br /> on timmy.Meas.,call Kim nalion It HUD al(E00) Attorney t <br /> rtile Pomona] DivIsico.1 Co <br /> 800 .000- P0.010 MUCesdings were To,Arielle(Adella)Hoff.. <br /> ,gbo.r:,:00ar%.eliar 9904170. Representative. tal Ple.ce,Mount Vernon, commenced. The claim ton Spengler.Panant <br /> m a Sie.9 94014 William B.Foster Washington,98273.For- must be presented within r iA.P11.1.Come, <br /> rill.,B Foster.Inc..P.S. test Jones. Transport,. the later oft(I)tidily dayS <br /> 907 Everett Avenue Non Programs or Jennifer after Me Adrnrmetrator <br /> 00 <br /> an 0001.1011. Evaortt,WASSing10068201 Swanson,Project Manag- L PRitaan to Terminate <br /> TeMphona:H25)226-2142 an AI(WO)0164000 are to the creditor as provided P.r.n.,Rights...filed <br /> ,,,,, . : FarstENN(425)226.2140 the contact parsons for under ROW 11.40020(1) on Decembef 17,2020;A <br /> Fact Flnano.h.nng will <br /> it-If-.II TOP CASH ON sn, ..... the date of first publication oe held 0,1 ih.m.t..,. <br /> Skagit County,in occom of this notice.If the dant August 10.2021 at Si00 <br /> .04.4.4.mtein.hic4.4 address for Mailin Sam O e 'th Title V of he <br /> I I''-' '''s, • "1:g . • 2 eViAo",.,_.,1.,,', '1." 1.1.,"'"''''"e,the claim 02,4 ourt.2 W.ign- <br /> fficen *muted <br /> ..,. ... . <br /> :: T.2".n.'' nt,T;R:2:`,:rr.Inc..OS. f6C10002<(.11 US.C.2" 'forever <br /> '''''''"2"' .741."'"n"7,1*"‘ <br /> and Title as. as on...wise ,..... WA - -'..... E. <br /> ......-, , 3 .3E6.5698 <br /> -44- A call Mount Marion Co 1907 Ever.Avon. Code of Federal Raoul. k_-n RCW 140011 and PreseM at 09,imarin9. <br /> Everett,Washington 93201 Dons.U.S.Department a RcW f1.40.060.TM.btu ..... a 4 ....,4 <br /> ‘ .- Telephone,(425)776-2147 Traneportation. Subffile is effective as to claims <br /> "Us.'2""*"'" ;=11'..'IetrtIoTe're2s2trri. P.TP,e°.!Zr=Yr., Y:','t';',,r7b1:11;d°,20,:: trA:1:,:tr"rr.,7,i <br /> in Federallymeeisted pro- probate assets. are you <br /> ....... el/ill:II grams of the Department do not en....t kB° <br /> Dated this 14 day of of Transpcomtion Issued MICHAEL G.HOFF.Ad- /Maxima,B......, <br /> July,2021 pursuant to such Act. ministrator enter an order in your <br /> hannEy notifies all*Mors sheen°. terminating <br /> Make your CONSIGNMENTS Carol Hummel.Personal that it will affirmatively Coud of Probate Proceed- ...Pram..Htrhf0. <br /> job stand .,,„Tag°7. ""-'"" ensure that in any con- Inge and Cause No:See <br /> tract entered into pursu- Caption Above To request a coPY 0,U's <br /> out in the Cooper NCZZ:gcl'iNt-ol; July le'23 I',&IV r tdo Zits advertisement, Date of First Publication: ton,Saion.a.SnU.agi,tn, <br /> rarnpocuniz motorhomes rs, SPH-1293:91 e'nierovrise?:d=11 jul'"'2"1. OCYF at 9601 429-2993. <br /> crowd with c.,,, 49 CFR Pad 26 will be af- Attorney for Administrator( <br /> Classifeds To <br /> 2919 Cada gar 1 <br /> le Rd NO.VA, forded full OPportunity to MICHAEL P. JACOBS. zegur nghts.including nght <br /> 32.,,,,,,,=,ron. <br /> zittuvrzrzrz, 4 wAkrArn'l i-ft. <br /> advertising! LEGALS be discriminated against 7331-*BM Street SW/ went to be represented <br /> on the grounds of race, PO Box 1062 by an attorney,you must <br /> color.national, Lynnwood, Washington ..PlY to!anow attor- <br /> handicap/disebffi ffir d, age 98046-1087 . ev ,een Y.OurrentlY <br /> •• ••• 11001k in con0ider.. for an Talent..(4251776-3191 hfffie en*tome,M Me <br /> 1 ;‘,,ireersd Golden Nola.4:-: i,i:' r'''': award.For Questions re- underlying dependenoY <br /> `T.I'LVI" tl:',RA'ren C=4; dulY 2.rr,Ih011 ':::::,,, I.,0,. <br /> 1Unreglatered.X aim.4 INcTOHLIU4E..Tecr tept.,...„ ..5010.,P,I.!iZ,11,Voirts Aw500t 6.2021 lY <br /> ,Cop readi.40 STATE OF SVH-124270 <br /> I t9e,ti,eY we's Uon'.n WASHINGTON TREATMENT PLANT ?,:nry,...g T,E,.;, Melissa Beaton,Clerk <br /> ‘,Z fl'..,i,1;:"K,;,7::, INANE FON THE CHEMICALS 0601416-1400. NOTICE OF REQUEST <br /> Cough 4 NV Pa=va.0.- COUNTY OF NOTICE*HEREBY CIV- FOR By e/Linda Petraelka <br /> NOTICE GIVEN BY order QUALIFICATIONS DepNy Clerk <br /> cis.. de..wermer. collar SNOHOMISH EN that sealed bids will be of rfro soord of corn, <br /> 9490 notrrefunuabla de. Published <br /> posit.S900 total In re the Estate ,go.,,,,,,,,. <br /> ClerinTreasurek Muninipal <br /> 009)8244M KENNETH CHARLES July,2021. July 10,23,A 30,2021 <br /> sT,,,,,E, EZktitr.P.O.Box 547, <br /> Moll is accepting Stale- svH-119237 <br /> REAL-.-STA.-tt' D.c.r.- WA S022117411'2=. ',,,t1,VA"117:gimoa i„,„, '°Z, ,.'r7,:,.%r <br /> VON SALE Eri4MY-A111)11. 0,N., Ville;Herald on Ati1751/ FO;'thitr7ext 12 months. Port of Skagit <br /> 24i4-43MarroRs at which time bids will be and August 5,2021. <br /> Income/humetrnant opened and:unholy read <br /> Publiehed ro'rR*51tp;;''PgMTniFIL11" <br /> PropertY T.Pe..n.'r.F.-.1.- tkrea"tnre:.'t'flch:gArt <br /> ,..-"..-d boos M's listed in.Call lerlticto: July 30,2021 at.Ostr=Pnesdover. <br /> SeaPe =VF.°,°=.Z.":,-; ,rg,Irmt2,!,r,To7,-. AugVH-Ifilill '87ar'Lre!tkr Z35,t REQUEST FOR <br /> 2,2,...-7,'.T.4.1.,,,,_°. meet.Bld specifications by email.Ernail fficaoftf- QUAUFICATIONS <br /> 11"11.9"'11.1..9.".1111" are available hea of charge gplOygmcanknogrn tor iRFQ) <br /> • an appointment or to re. TO PROVIDE <br /> 'H.oy REAR decedent must before the at wwwenegsllleswa.novi n _ a <br /> ';'Too"''' Mettv't'y=re "..1.•." evegy au you .N0 the packet by email. ENIAPETAIN. <br /> 992.2,9.5,,,, applicable statute of 1161- P'b11.hed Plow runs online ;`,`='sTb'?;g1.4ct.; senTassulitilisorr <br /> . ations,pressat Me Moire July 30 2021 <br /> n he manner es 1: ad ir.RCP:11.40.072 by SVH-18154 -r &IAup5ft501 <br /> the DisniM by 1/14ii et PO REGIONAL AIRPORT <br /> Son 195.Clear Lana.WA <br /> 9.9236.It ladle Distrim's Tho Port e er..oit county <br /> ... , .... - <br /> :14.419111111102110NUalr • <br /> • <br /> . . <br />