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ANACORTES PARKS & RECREATION <br />Advisory Commission <br />Meeting Minutes <br /> Sarah Nichols, Chairperson <br />Jo Ann York-Gilmore <br />Brad Adams <br />Christine Hansen <br />Alex Hernandez <br /> <br />June 8, 2021 <br /> <br />Members Present: Sarah Nichols, JoAnn York-Gilmore, Brad Adams <br /> <br />Staff Present: Jonn Lunsford, Bob Vaux, Dustin South, Lea DeVere and Victoria Wong. <br /> <br />Call to order: 6:00PM <br /> <br />Minutes: May minutes were approved as submitted <br /> <br />Public Comment: none <br /> <br />Whistle Lake Dam Update: there have been some marked trees people have seen. We have been on site in <br />the last month with 2 of our consultants, and we’re taking the next steps of getting ready for permitting for <br />structural testing of the condition of the existing dam, and what would be the best option to move forward. <br />Options may include: tear the existing dam and bui ld another one, drain the lake 12-15 feet so no longer be a <br />dam, or making the dam bigger. Trail #206 and #205 does drop down to connect so we will have to find a way <br />to get small equipment through. At the forefront of this project is narrowing down the im pact this will do to <br />the surrounding forest lands. At this point, there are no plans to come in via Deer Lane. Some concerns <br />expressed from that neighborhood if it could go through Deer Lane, but it will not be a consideration at this <br />point. We're looking to use exclusively forest land pathways. Permitting alone, will take quite a while. Jonn's <br />been working with the Department of Ecology (DOE) to get into compliance. Sarah: is it a 2022 project? Very <br />likely, other than structural testing. Our geo logical technical engineer is going to tell us the parameters, then <br />they'll speak to the DOE, then when it comes to contract time, it'll go to City Council for approval. Brad: was <br />the dam originally created to be a reservoir? It was installed to pump water from Campbell Lake, to create <br />more volume in Whistle Lake and this is the backup drinking water source into town. They're testing it to see <br />how it was constructed since there were no plans from before to confer with. <br /> <br />Correspondence: Parks Foundation met in person and Kiwanis Club wants to help fund the restroom at <br />Washington Park by the Picnic Shelters. West end trail funded - Transpac to work with us to create a <br />boardwalk to field fit them at West 2nd and Smiley's bottom. Parks Foundation is also donating $5000 to the <br />Memorial Wall at Causland Park. <br /> <br />Forest Board: Brian is still monitoring the critical areas ordinance. No action yet in Forest Lands Master Plan. <br /> <br />Department Reports: Bob - Critical Area Ordinance Update - public hearing has was brought to a close last <br />night. Council will do their deliberations now and will discuss with staff. Wetland buffer, stream buffer, <br />evergreen islands advocating for buffers to be larger, but will be hard since we have already platted lots. We <br />are in the middle of a positive hiring process for our 2 maintenance positions. We are meeting the final 4 this <br />Thursday, with a goal to have them start July 1st. 45 applications for the 2 positions so a good pool. Over the