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City Council Agenda Bill <br /> "lo '" Meeting Date: August 2, 2021 Agenda Item: 3.a. <br /> Agenda Item Title: Police Chief Confirmation and Swearing In <br /> Staff Contact(s): LAURIE GERE <br /> Approved for Submittal to Council by Action Type <br /> Emily Schuh Motion <br /> LAURIE GERE <br /> Item Summary: On August 2, 2021 Mayor Gere will ask City Council to confirm her <br /> appointment of David Floyd as Police Chief. Captain Floyd has accepted the <br /> promotional offer of employment following a recruitment process that included a <br /> screening interview, a panel interview, a meet and greet with police stakeholders and <br /> the police department staff, and finally an interview with the mayor. <br /> Captain Floyd competed for the position following a statewide recruitment process. <br /> Captain Floyd has been employed with the City Police Department since 2000 and is <br /> well qualified for this demanding position. <br /> Attached is a copy of Captain Floyd's application package. <br /> Budget Impact: <br /> Previous Action: <br /> Recommended Motion: I move to confirm the appointment of Dave Floyd as Police <br /> Chief for the City of Anacortes. <br /> Alternative Actions: Decline to confirm <br /> Attachments (listed in order presented): <br /> 1. Floyd Application Package Redacted <br /> Page 3 of 105 <br />