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8. Storm Drain Protection <br />Are all storm drains onsite being protected with functioning <br />temporary inlet protection devices? <br />El <br />❑ <br />9. Underground Utility Construction <br />Are open utility trenches limited to 500 feet? (Puget Sound BasinEl <br />El <br />FA <br />Limitation) <br />the excavated material placed uphill from the trench? <br />❑ <br />❑ <br />El <br />10. Dewatering <br />Is the groundwater treated in a way that optimizes overall site <br />water quality? <br />11. Construction Access Routes <br />Is a stabilized construction entrance or wheel wash present and <br />© <br />❑ <br />❑ <br />preventing trackout? <br />12. Maintenance <br />Are weekly BMP inspection forms completed, submitted and <br />retained for records? <br />Problems/Corrective Actions <br />Inspection forms may a su <br />/ v Date <br />Signature <br />