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CITY OF ANACORTES <br />Erosion and Sediment Control Inspection Sheet —lots less than 1 acre <br />Project <br />Title <br />Permit No. <br />Date <br />Project <br />Location <br />Site Erosion Control Lead <br />Phone # <br />%114 <br />�Z►� Cl�= <br />3tvo :yy ��SiM 3s <br />Initial Stormwater BMP Approval Obtained: Yes ❑ No Weather Conditions ; -(�eC <br />Amount of rainfall in <br />last 24 hours: c Amount of rainfall <br />in last week: <br />Indicate whether or not the project is meeting minimum rtequirements tii appncauici lu, a, uzolu, 1 <br />control. If the project is not meeting any requirements, indicate the corrective actions required/taken. <br />Yes I No I N/A <br />1. Stabilization and Sediment Trapping I I <br />Are erodible soils stabilized? (Seed, mulch, erosion blankets/ plastic, ❑ ❑ <br />construction entrance, etc) Li Li ❑ <br />Are sediment trapping BMPS (sediment traps, check dams, silt <br />fences, etc.) in place? <br />2. Delineate Clearing and Easement Limits El El <br />the limits of clearing and grading clearly marked with barrier <br />fencing? <br />3. Protection of Adjacent Properties (and Waters of the State) El ❑ El <br />visual inspection, does stormwater leaving the site appear to <br />contain suspended sediment, turbid water, discoloration and/or oil <br />sheen? <br />Is there stormwater leaving the site and does the discharge ❑ ❑ ❑ <br />any <br />meet state water quality standards? ❑ ❑ <br />Is the sediment being deposited on adjacent properties or <br />waterways? d ❑ ❑ ❑ <br />4. Stabilization anSediment Trapping �` <br />Are detention ponds installed to trap sediment from site runoff? ❑ P <br />Are side slopes and outfalls of detention pond(s) stabilized? <br />5. Cut and Fill Slopes El El <br />exposed cut and/or fill slopes stabilized and protected from <br />concentrated flows? <br />If there are groundwater seeps or springs, are the appropriate ❑ ❑ E <br />BMPs in place to dewater them (pipe slope drains, interceptor <br />swales, dewatering wells)? <br />6. Controlling Off -Site Erosion ❑ ❑ <br />Is the site discharge contributing to offsite erosion? ❑ ❑ <br />7. Stabilization of Temporary Conveyance Channels and Outlets <br />Are temporary conveyance channels adequately stabilized? ❑ <br />Are conveyance channel outlets adequately stabilized? <br />