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<br />Forest Advisory Board <br /> <br />Date: June 3, 2021 <br /> <br />Board Present: Sandra Starbuck, Brian Wetcher, Joann York-Gilmore, Nick Stowe <br /> <br />Staff Present: Bob Vaux, Jonn Lunsford, Victoria Wong, Steve Phillips <br /> <br />Public: None <br /> <br />Called to Order: 6:02PM <br /> <br />Minutes: May 6, 2021 minutes approved as written <br /> <br />Public Comment: None <br /> <br />Friends of the Forest: None <br /> <br />Communication/Correspondence: Commercial shoot on Mt. Erie has finished. Walla Walla College Marine <br />Biology program wanted to go out to the forest lands to collect bugs, and we advised them that we are not a <br />collection facility, but they are more than welcome to photograph and walk through the trails. Jonn: we had <br />a meeting with the chamber and the friends of the forest, with Council Member Walters and Mayor Gere – a <br />promotional video came out while being filmed in the community forest lands - to get young adults to enjoy <br />the forest lands. If videos of the forest lands are being filmed, keeping community in mind and consult with <br />us for do's and don'ts. Brian: communication with lakeside industries - they would like to be included in any <br />wildlands management plan. <br /> <br />Whistle Lake Dam: We made another trip out with our consultant, Geo Engineers to do the necessary <br />reconnaissance for the current structure of the dam - what to replace, how big, etc. It's going to be a while <br />going through the analysis. Talking with a few other permitting agencies outside the city to make sure we're <br />doing everything we can do. We certainly got word out on what could possibly happen. The amount of <br />impact of private forest would be just as significant and still need to go up trail #22 and #205 so we're better <br />off using the city trail system and leaving the private land intact. Nick: is this high priority of dept of ecology? <br />They know we're engaged, they have our information, but our preliminary guess - they could take a minimum <br />of possibly a year before anything really happens there. <br /> <br />Conservation Easement Program Update: CEP program – Skagit Land Trust would like us to clean up the <br />separate deeds that were collected in the first 20 years of the program to bring it up to speed and what is <br />covered and what is not for the future. Conrad is a consultant we hired and is helping us with some examples <br />and legal wording. It'll be a slight change in the contract – and to add climate change wording - in contract it