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DocuSign Envelope ID:98A76D25-0F18-4BA7-B26A-9C9BCEDD1C69 <br /> B. The following findings are entered where the Council adopted substantial changes to <br /> the Planning Commission's recommendation: <br /> 1. Critical Area Mapping. The City Council finds that maintaining an inventory of <br /> online interactive critical area maps made available to the public is of great <br /> value to both staff and citizens,these maps will be maintained and updated by <br /> the City GIS department. <br /> 2. Outdoor Recreation Activities.The City Council finds that it is appropriate to <br /> exempt from regulatory oversight outdoor recreation activities that do not <br /> involve modifying the land or vegetation, and that will not adversely affect the <br /> functions and values of critical areas in general without the specifications of <br /> passive or listed by type. <br /> 3. Public Services. The City Council finds that"Public services" include, but are <br /> not limited to, water supply, sewer and stormwater management facility; <br /> electric power,telecommunication and natural gas lines; and public road and <br /> multimodal transportation corridors (e.g.,the Tommy Thompson Trail and <br /> Guemes Channel Trail). The approval of such amenities are subject to strict <br /> performance standards. <br /> C. In adopting substantial changes to the Planning Commission's recommendation, City <br /> Council considered public comments, staff recommendations, and relevant goals and <br /> policies of City planning documents, including the 2016 Comprehensive Plan. <br /> D. Other changes made by the City Council to the Planning Commission's <br /> recommendation conform substantially to the proposal as made available for public <br /> comment, correct typographical errors, correct cross-references, clarify language <br /> without changing its effect, or preserve the status quo. <br /> E. The amendments to the critical area regulations set forth herein bear a substantial <br /> relation to the public health, safety, and welfare. <br /> F. The amendments to the critical area regulations and critical area map set forth herein <br /> are in the best interest of the City of Anacortes residents. <br /> G. The amendments to the critical area regulations set forth herein have been processed, <br /> reviewed, considered, and adopted in material compliance with all applicable state and <br /> local procedural requirements, standards and criteria, including but not limited to the <br /> requirements of Chapter 36.70A RCW. <br /> H. All relevant procedural requirements of the State Environmental Policy Act have been <br /> satisfied with respect to this ordinance. <br /> I. Notice of intent to adopt these development regulations has been provided to the <br /> Washington Department of Commerce. <br /> Chapter 19.70 Critical Areas Ch19.70-CriticalArea July 26,2021 <br /> 2 <br />