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DocuSign Envelope ID:43B15CFB-D2FB-4149-9C1C-D48044003E93 <br /> Whereas other higher intensity uses,including multifamily residences,assisted living facilities and <br /> bed and breakfasts,are allowed in the R4 zone without a conditional use permit; <br /> Whereas RCW 36.70A.390 and AMC 19.16.110 authorize the City Council to adopt moratoriums, <br /> interim zoning ordinances,and interim official controls; <br /> Whereas,as an interim ordinance,pursuant to WAC 197-11-880,the adoption of this ordinance is <br /> not subject to review under the State Environmental Policy Act; <br /> Now,therefore,the City Council of the City of Anacortes does ordain as follows: <br /> Section 1. The City Council finds that: <br /> a. an immediate and urgent need for childcare facilities exists in the City of Anacortes; <br /> b. the cost,delay,and uncertainty of the conditional use permit process reduces the <br /> likelihood that new childcare facilities will be established; <br /> c. the design and performance standards in the Unified Development Code for non- <br /> residential and multifamily buildings effectively mitigate the impacts of childcare <br /> facilities on neighboring uses in the R4 zone; <br /> d. the R4 zone,as a high-density residential zone that is intended by the Comprehensive <br /> Plan to serve as a transition from high intensity uses such as commercial or industrial <br /> development,to lower intensity residential areas, is ideal for new childcare facilities; <br /> e. a day care II facility in the R-4 zone will not create more impact that some of the other <br /> high-intensity uses already allowed in the R-4 zone as permitted uses; <br /> f. the Type 4 Conditional Use Permit process is unnecessary for day care II facilities in <br /> the R4 zone. <br /> Section 2. Table 19.41.040 in AMC 19.41.040 is amended to make"day care II facilities"a <br /> permitted use in the R4 zone. <br /> Section 3. The Department of Planning, Community,and Economic Development is directed to <br /> develop a work plan to identify other needed mitigation measures for day care II <br /> facilities in the R4 zone,including parking minimums and circulation standards for <br /> drop-off and pickup. <br /> Section 4. Per RCW 36.70A.390,the City Council will hold a public hearing on this interim <br /> ordinance within 60 days of adoption. <br /> Section 5. Per RCW 36.70A.390,this interim ordinance is effective for six months,and maybe <br /> renewed for one or more six-month periods if a subsequent public hearing is held and <br /> findings of fact are made prior to each renewal. <br /> Section 6. Per RCW 35A.12.130,this ordinance takes effect five days after its passage and <br /> publication. <br /> 2 <br />