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DocuSign Envelope ID:91 E55AB2-7CE1-4424-A6BC-4ABE28939164 <br /> Exhibit A <br /> 2021 Docket of Proposed Comprehensive Plan and <br /> Development Regulation Amendments <br /> Public Proposals <br /> Number Title/Applicant Summary Action <br /> Taken <br /> Comprehensive Plan <br /> Promoting Neighborhoods Add 2 new policies to the Goal H-1 of the Housing <br /> P1 &Affordable Housing, Include <br /> Evergreen Islands Element relating to regulation of short-term rentals. <br /> Skillings Future Land Use Change the future land use map designation of a <br /> P2 Map Amendment,Thomas portion of P33058 & P33059 (southeast corner of Include <br /> 35th&V intersection)from Industrial to Residential <br /> Skillings <br /> Medium Density <br /> Toward Zero Waste Policy, Adds a new goal and related policies to increase <br /> P3 Ryan Walters recycling and composting to 65% of the municipal Include <br /> solid waste stream <br /> City Initiated Proposals <br /> Number Section Summary Action <br /> Taken <br /> Comprehensive Plan <br /> Introduction Section; Page I- Remove plan titles that are not required to be <br /> C1 12, "Other Plans" incorporated by reference, update remaining plan Include <br /> titles and dates <br /> Development Regulations <br /> Revise vesting language to clarify that approval of <br /> certain application types (that are not building <br /> C2 AMC 19.20.070-Vesting Include <br /> permits or land divisions) does not provide vested <br /> rights for subsequent building permit applications. <br /> New section - Re-insert language (omitted in 2019 <br /> update) regarding Director establishment of a <br /> concurrency facilities review program to monitor <br /> AMC Ch. 19.22 Concurrency capacity on concurrency facilities and assess the <br /> C3 cumulative impact of forecasts of approved Include <br /> development upon capacity and anticipated levels of <br /> service. <br /> AMC 19.22.050-Concurrency Test—Add application <br /> requirements and review fee language. <br /> AMC 19.43.020.B-Adult Update to reflect recent changes to RCW 70.128.010, <br /> C4 Family Home Definition which allows provision of services to up to 8 adults Include <br /> upon approval by DSHS <br /> Resolution No. 3042 <br /> July 12, 2021 <br />