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ALE ATACRTES A\IERICAT/YOUR FIDALGO GDANACORTES.COM WEDNESDAY,Jn;Nr.30,2021 <br /> Legals •Legate Legals Legals Legals Legals <br /> rerer To AIV1, I a.Zu,Wu rem Lana use rrojects ize me nv rare wnn up- 41111011 oy sicking"no- nem oyrne manning <br /> and AMC 19.20.180 for and Notices•' and then Written comment period: dated facilities for RV Park tines of Application"and mission on Wednesday, <br /> appeal procedures. opening the appropriate The City Council is taking guests,including provision then opening the appro- July 28,2021 6:00 PM via <br /> project file number fold- additional public comment of full utility service to the poste project file number Zoom video conferencing. <br /> Project Contact: Ern- er at the following link: ONLY on the proposed RV spaces.Improvements folder.The staff report will The Planning Commission <br /> dy Morgan, Associate httpsl/www.anaoorteswe. change to Table 19.70.045 would provide the park be available for review at will conduct a site visit <br /> Planner; Phone: (360) govi161/Planning-Com- Permitted Alterations,item with appropriate paved this location no later than onsite at 3:00 PM prior to <br /> 298-4350; emilm5city- munity-Economic-Devel- number 2,Public Roads access and spacing,one August 5.2021. She hearing. <br /> efanary.gj erg; City of opmont and Utilites,as shown In RV space would be eimi- <br /> Anacortes,P.O.Box 547. Draft 3 Version 2,labeled noted.A 1,100 sq.ft.sin- For Project Information: Appeals: The decision <br /> Anacortes,WA 96221 Appeals:Appeals of the Ch 18.70-CriticalAreas- gle story utiliy/restroom/ Libby Gorge, Planning on this application,once <br /> decision for this proposal CC_Draft3.2. All written shower and laundry tacit- Manager; Phone: (360) made,may be appealable <br /> Notice:Affected proper- must be filed by within 14 comments must be sub- Ty would be constructed 661-3505 Email:tbbvb@ pursuant tothe procedures <br /> ty owners <br /> a in may <br /> valuation from days ofw t ema tted the Please son below byS:nt0 contact <br /> tPM on for exclusive use by RV citvotanacortes orq: City outlined in AMC 19,20.030 <br /> the county assessor for refer to AMC 19.20.030 July 14,202 ing gravel sitewould s. The exist- <br /> 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 ox and AMC 1920.210. <br /> property tax purposes and AMC 19.20.180 for landscaped and egetat- Staff Report:The staff re- <br /> notwithstanding any pro- appeal procedures. proposal;pg 18 in CAO ed,and updated utilities, Published port will be available no <br /> gram of revaluation 3.2 draft: including stormwater. June 30,2021 later than 5:00 p.m.on <br /> Project Genteel: Em- "Public services"include, would be installed.The to- AA-114581 July 22,2021 and can be <br /> Published ily Morgan, Associate but are not limited to, tel footprint of the RV Park viewed at https://www, <br /> June 30,2021 Planner, Phone: (360) water supply,sewer and would remain the same anacorteswe,aov/161/ <br /> AA-114452 298-4350; emiNmelclty- stonnweter management (approximately 2.5 acres) planning-Communi- <br />; City of facility: electric power, with about 1-acre of open LS ,e tv-Economic-Develoo- <br /> Anacartes,P.O.Box 547, t.,leph,.ne, sable t..bJ space, nest by clicking "Other <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 siert, telecommunication Notices"and then open- <br /> „ and natural gas lines;end Required Project Per- '1• v ing the appropriate proj- <br /> Notice:Affected proper- transportation by cub- mita/Approvals:The fol- CON act file number folder.You <br /> ty owners may request a tic road for persons and lowing may be required may also request a copy <br /> Vow`. change In valuation from freight public road,Aug In addition to the above: by contacting the project <br /> .o the county assessor for 7nultimodel Vansoortatioq City of Anacortes Building NOTICE OF contact listed below, <br /> wn property tax purposes corridors(e.g„the Tommy and Construction Permits. PLANNING <br /> notwithstanding any pro- Thompson Trail and Gue- WA State Dept.of Ecology COMMISSION Attending and Providing <br /> NOTICE OF DECISION gram of revaluation. rues Channel Treik. Construction Stormwater VIRTUAL/ Comment et the Pablo <br /> General Permit. TELEPHONIC PUBLIC Hearing <br /> File Number:BLD-2021- Published Contact Person: HEARING i,To participate in the <br /> 0033 June 30,2021 Tess Cooper.Senior Plan- SEPA Review:The SEPA Public Hearing: <br /> Applicant:KPFF Consult- AA-114453 nor;Planning,Community, lead agency for this pro- A virtual/telephonic .Click tnis link or copy/ <br /> r,c,n..,, ...__....._. _. &Economic Development posal, the Port of Ana- Public talon Open Record paste this URL Into your <br /> v Cepartment;P.O.Box 547, codes,, issued a SEPA Public Healing will be held browser:https:Aus02web, <br /> tv p Anacortes, WA 98221; Determination of Nonsig- by the Anacortes Plan- zoom,us/j/86918981678 <br /> Landowner:lAJ6 Proper- - k 360-5813-8234; Mese@ niflcence(DNS)on June rang Commission on July or <br /> t:ac,L:;. 17,2021, 28,2021 at 6:00 PM by .Dial in 10 the meeting by <br /> ,� means of the Zoom video phone:Dial In the US:+1 <br /> Project Location. air Ti Data of Notice:June 30, Existing Environmen- conferencing web angina- Meetin5-8782, enter the <br /> project site is located TCT� 2021 tat Documents: Traffic ton to consider the follow- Meeting ID 859 1898 1678 <br /> along O/R.Ave on the fol. study; SEPA checklist; ing application: <br /> lowing parcels: P78000, Published Preliminary geotechnical 2.Written comments re- <br /> P32963,P2965,P32963, Notice of Additional June 30,2021 and habitat evaluation; Project Name: Croatian ceived before 3:00 p.m.on <br /> P32967,P32968,P32969, Written Public AA-115387 Archaeological overview Way Seawall Repair File the day of the Public Hear- <br /> P32970,P32971,P32941, Comment Period report Number:SDP-2021-0002. ing will be distributed to <br /> P32916,P32915,P32929, Critical areas 003.004 the <br /> Planning Commission <br /> P32913,P32943.P58064 regulations update 1 y Public Comment Period: n advance of the public <br /> Request The applicant Description of Proposal The Notice of Application Applicant: Meg Amos- hearing. Comments can <br /> q p p p ./�- was published on June 30, Marine Surveys & As- be submitted by: <br /> requested a Clearing & The proposed non-prof- A',, 2021.Written comments ses Po,380 Jefferson • Entailing tesscOciNof- <br /> Grading occur in act legislative action is to 'f®`" must be submitted to the Street,Port Townsend,WA I nacortes oat (include <br /> (2)phases,on the 28-acre amend the Critical Area '1C011 contact person listed be- 360-385-4073 In the subject li Public <br /> protect site.Phase t would regulation in accordance low by 6:00 PM on July Land Owners: John & Comment for Planning <br /> include the upland work, with the Growth Manage- 21,2021. Colleen McIntyre,Barton Commission Meeting on <br /> outside of shoreline juris- ment Act requirements. NOTICE OF Waring,Allen Hiresh (date))or <br /> diction,to include:rough The critical areas ordi- APPLICATION and Public Hearing: • Visit Watch Meetings <br /> site grading,construction nonce regulates certain PUBLIC HEARING: Planning Commission Project Location: 5003, on the City of Anacortes <br /> of new rods, including activities and develop- Open Record Pubic Hear- 5005,4909 Croatian Way, website and click the <br /> curb and sidewalks,sari- mom In and near wet- NOTICE IS HEREBY GN- ing:Wednesday.August Anacortes, WA 98221, eComment link beside the <br /> itary sewer mains.storm lands,streams,fish&wild- EN THAT AN APPLICA- 6:00 PM. Parcel fj P83307,83306, agenda item for the pubic <br /> mains.and water mains. Iris habitat conservation TION WAS MADE FOR City Council Closed Re- 83309 hearing you wish to com- <br /> The stormw•aterrastruc- areas, geologically haz- THE FOLLOWING PRO- cord Decision Hearing: merit on. <br /> tune includes water quality ardour areas. frequently POSAL: Tuesday, September 7 Application Type/De- <br /> treatment for tee new road flooded areas,and ordinal 2921,at 6:00 PM. eerlption: The proposal 3.To view the live Public <br /> run off.Phase 2 of the pro- aquifer recharge areas. File Number:CUP-2021- is to reinforce and repair Hearing without partici- <br /> posed work would occur The draft includes updates 0001 Virtual meeting partici- the existing rock seawall gating:Visit Watch Moot- <br /> within onorehne jurisdiction in accordance with state nation instructions and with a light reinforced con- into on the City of Ana- <br /> and requires a Shoreline law and best available sci- Project Name:Cap Sante connection information crate face butted right up tortes websne emus:// <br /> Substantial Development ence,reorganisation,and North Basin Recreational can be viewed here: against it as closely as the www,anacorteswa <br /> Permit(SSDP);said SSDP functional changes to ter- Vehicle(RV)Park htto/750/M.anacorteswa, contractor is able and bur- or tune <br /> is to be submitted and fain requirements. oov/700/Meeting-Docu- led deeper to make further or tune In to Channel 10. <br /> reviewed independently Date of Application:April plenty-and-Video. Meet- undercutting extremely <br /> from this request Phase 2 Project File: PLN-2019- 5,2021 Date of Complete- ing attendance options will unlikely.The concrete toe 4.Members of the public <br /> would include:rough site 0010 ness:June 23,2021 be posted on the applica- of the existing wall will be who require special as- <br /> grading, within shoreline ble agenda published the removed and the new fag- sistance to participate in <br /> jurisdiction,of 150,000 cu. Proponent:City of Ana- Applicant & Landown- week before the meeting, ing will go or its place so or access the public hear- <br /> yds.of fill and over 400 cu. "ortes 904 6th Street,P.O. en Port of Anacortes,100 Hearings will be conduct- there will be no new foot- ing may contact the Ott <br /> yds,of cut.The project Box 547,Anemias,WA Commercial Ave., Ana- ed in accordance with the print on the beach. Clerk 24 hours before the <br /> site is located within the g8221-0547 tortes,WA 98221 rules of procedure adopt- meeting to make special <br /> Marine Mixed Use(MMU) ed by the hearing body. Environmental Review: arrangements. Dial 360- <br /> zoning district. Location of Proposal: Applicant's Agent;Brian- A SEPA threshold De- 299-1960. <br /> City limits of the City of da feu,Treadwell,Port of Ana- ANY PERSON HAS THE termination of Mitigated <br /> SEPA DNS Issued:June Anacortes cones,360-293-3134 RIGHT TO RECEIVE Determination of Non-rig- Project Contact: Tess <br /> 3.2021 NOTICE, PARTICIPATE ece(MDNS)is antic- Cooper, Senior Planner; <br /> ipted <br /> Ti View Documents: Project Location:600 T IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- ipated,under WAC 197- Phone: (360) 5acnrte4; <br /> Date of Final Decision: Documents associated Avenue(P56860,P56861, FINAL A COPY OF THE 11-340(2),after using the tesacCcitvofanacortes <br /> June 23,2021 with this proposal,includ- P56862,P56880) FINAL DECISION AND Optional DNS process In 44LLyy City of Anacortes, <br /> ing the most recent draft APPEAL THE DECISION WAC 197-11355.As of WA Box 547,Anacortes, <br /> Notice of Decision (2nd Draft),can be viewed Request: The applicant AS PROVIDED BY LAW, 5:00 PM on June 25th, P.O.A 98221 <br /> on the City of Anacortes has requested a Condi- 2021 there is no further <br /> Issued:June 30,2021 website,at:hobs.'/wvnv bona:Use Permit and site Document Avadabil- comment period on the Published <br /> an acortesnva,aov/201/ plan approval to Improve by; Application dacu- DNS, June 30,2021 <br /> Decision:.Approved with Critical-Arras-Rea u la- a 26 space Recreational merits may be reviewed at AA-115355 <br /> .. conditions tions-ed at, or may be Vehicle(RV)Park located httos:/M•ww anacorteswa, Open-Record Decision <br /> .. .. -- - reviewed at.the City of in the North Basin of the yoL/161/Planning-Com- Hearing:Avirtual open-re- <br /> . The final decisibn.maybe Anacortes Planning De- Cap Sante Marina area. munity-Economic-Devel- cord decision hearing on <br /> • viewed by clicking"Ctir- penmen- The proposal will modern- ------^.•---e --^ the application will be <br /> [0(It I <br /> f ` <br /> f •• <br /> Find help <br /> \° �� �� ' with your <br /> • <br /> • <br /> lit • <br /> j 1 ,J <br /> i • <br /> • w <br /> in the <br /> s <br /> Classifieds <br />