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\ILI1'ESIyW.Ttr,E 30.2021 COANACORTES.COSI ANACORTES AMEIRICAN/YOUR FttystcO AJ <br /> ' CI i <br /> ,L.t,' . <br /> Notices <br /> ... <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> • <br /> ® ® Legals Legals Legals <br /> Board Liaison Kimberly i r o V Avenue,Anemones, moos aver 10,00W or a tot menWOU10f increase panting aria rroceaures; nips <br /> Legals Adams WA.The project will occur completed SEPA other spaces from about 90 to www.portofanacortes <br /> 1800 Continental Place within a number of par- mental checklist and other 130. r eigoc yid). The SEPA <br /> SUPERIOR COURT Mount Vernon,WA 98273 eelsincluding: P32867, supporting documents on Checklist and complete <br /> OF WASHINGTON E-mail:commissioners@ P32906, P32907, and file lewith the lead agency. •Grading and leveling of DNS can also be reviewed <br /> P54924. This information is avail- approximately 4 acres of on the Port's website: <br /> COUNTY OF SKAGIT co.akaali,wa,us and lad- <br /> BMSWeo.s-gitwaus able to the public on re- the existing gravel RV Park hops://www.nortofana- <br /> In Re the Estate of: Proponent:Port of Ana- quest(call 360-299-1810 and parking lot to estab- cortes,com/seoq, <br /> Contact Kimberly Adams tortes to request a copy by mail lish a grade for improved <br /> at(360)416-1338 for fur- or email)or at the Port's stormwater management. Note: Issuance of this <br /> DAVID R.JOHNSON, the)information. Description of Propos- administrative offices at Approximately 2,500 cu- threshold determination <br /> Deceased. al:The Port of Anacortas 100 Commercial Avenue, bic yards(CY)of cut and does not constitute ap- <br /> Published in the Skagit (Port)proposes to imple- Anacortas, WA 98221 7,880 CY of fill would be proval of permits. This <br /> NO,21-4-00246-2<J Valley Herald -June Ti- ment cleanup of i- (pick up by appointment graded proposal will be reviewed <br /> and June 24,2021 mutely 13,500 squareare feet only to comply with Port for compliance with all ap- <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS Published In the Anacortas in the upland property on COVID-19 Policies and •Installation of updated plicable Federal,State and <br /> American-June 23 and the Dakota Creek Indus- Procedures; hugs://www stormwater infrastruc- City of Anaoores regula- <br /> The personal represen- June 30,2021 tries site(Site).The clean- portofane co rtes cent/ lure.including catch lea- lions. <br /> move named babes has pis in the located along could)-The SEPA Check- sine conveyances, and <br /> appointed as per- Published the historic shoreline of list and complete DNS treatment completed <br /> des would Comment Period:Com- <br /> beennl representative of June 23&30,2021 Guemes Channel and can also be reviewed on be completed to meet ants will be accepted <br /> estate. Any person AA-111810 has been used for manna the Port's website:grtoo/ Washington State Depart- through the close of busi- <br /> thishavrn claims against toe and industrial activities www Do rtofanacones merit of Ecology(Ecology) tens(5:00 PM)on JuN 2 <br /> g b SUPERIOR COURT since 1879.Elevated ley- yom/seoa. stormwater management 2021. <br /> decedent must.before the OF THE STATE OF els of arsenic and nickel standards, Kevin Anderson, <br /> time the claim would be WASHINGTON (three times the proposed Note: Issuance of this Environmental Specialist <br /> bared by any othetwise SKAGIT cOUN'I+`/ soil cleanup level have threshold determination •Provision of utilities in- Port of Anacortas <br /> applicable statute of lam- been identified in soil and does not constitute ap- eluding water, electricity, 100 Commercial Avenue <br /> nations,present the claim in the Matter of the Estate groundwater on the Site proval of permits. This cable,and sanitary sewer Anacortes.WA 98221 <br /> in the manner as provid- and are the result of histor- proposal will be reviewed to each pull through RV <br /> ed in RCW 11.40.070 be of is fill and past uses of the for compliance with all ap- space.Installation of fire Comments may also be <br /> serving on or mailing to property.The Site is cur- plicable Federal,State and hydrants for emergency submitted to the Port via <br /> the personal represenla- Bethene Larae randy surfaced In asphalt City of Anacortas repute- fire suppression within the (a)e-mail to kevin.ander- <br /> tive or tine personal repro- Weidemann, with two existing build- tons. RV park and JKL parking son® <br /> sentative's attorney at the ings.The Port leases the lot or(b)fax to(360)293- <br /> addraas stated below a Deceased. properly to Dakota Creek Comment Period:Coin- 9608.Comments will nut <br /> copy of the claim and fil- Industries, who operates 'rents will be accepted •Construction of a 1,100 otherwise be accepted <br /> ing the original of the clam•. PROBATE NOTICE TO an Indust.]shipyard. through the close of bust- square foot(s6 single sto- by telephone or personal <br /> with Inc court in which CREDITORS ness on July 2,2021. ry utility/restroom/show- conversation. <br /> inn probate proceedings RCW 11,40030 The Site has been inves- ereaundry building with <br /> were commenced The NO.21.4-00241-29 tigeted under en Agreed Kevin Anderson,Environ- keyed access Published <br /> claim must be presented Order with Ecology.The mental Specialist June 30,2021 <br /> within the later of:(1)Thir- The personal Pepresen- Port,in cooperation with Port of Macortes •Installation of lantlscap- AA-113761 <br /> my days after the Personal tztive.arned below has Ecology has prepared a 100 Commercial Avenue ing to provide privacy to <br /> representative served or been apppointed es Per- draft Cleanup Action Plan. Macortes,WA 98221 RV Park guests and limit <br /> ' marled the notice to the lone, Representative of Cleanup of the Site is ax- visual impacts to the sur- <br /> rreditors en provided un- this estate. My person petted to last for epproxi- Comments may also be rounding neighborhood- e.1,_�-o <br /> den RCW 11.40.020(t(lo(, having a claim against the matel eight to ten weeks, submitted to the Port via Lawn and landscaping <br /> (2)tour months after • <br /> decedent must, prior to and after the project is (a)e-mail to kevin.ander- open space would prevent - <br /> the date of the first pub- the time the claim would complete.the She will be sontportofanacortes-mom sediment runoff and Im- <br /> °catlon of the notice. It 81 ti�(w <br /> the claim is not present- UbeP <br /> barred by any otherwise use as a erned to the existing or 8.Cfax to(ls will <br /> l not prove aesthetics. 1-acre) <br /> fco4 <br /> ed within this time frame, applicsblep statute of Iim- u Project elements include: otherwise otherw sew be accepted ofathe 4 RV Park <br /> the claim is forever barred, Rations,present the claim Pr 1 Pexisting <br /> otherwise pm- in the manner provided in by telephone or personal would be open space, NOTICE OF DECISION <br /> except as <br /> aided In RC .051 ROW 11.40.070 b serving -Excavation and remov- conversation. Further landscaping at <br /> and 11.40.060.Oils bar on or mailing the claim to al of approximately 6,500 the JKL parking lot within File Number.SLX-2021- <br /> is elective s to )aims the Personal Represents- cubic yards)Cl)of con- the traffic Islands would 0009 <br /> i atilt both the dove- live or the Personal Rep- laminated soil contaminal- Published be completed along with <br /> g resentative's attorney at ed with nickel and arsenic June 30,2021 the provision of two green Applicant: Strandberg <br /> dent's probate assets and the address stated below, and transport ex.vated AA-113755 spaces totaling 0.7 acres Construction <br /> non-probate assets. and filing the original of material off site for dispos. of public use green space. <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- the claim with the Court al at a permitted facility- Landowner:Heron House <br /> TION:June 16,2021 identified herein.The claim �.txx`r •Installation of a sidewalk, Holding,LLC <br /> must be presented with- ax <br /> ' Dewatedng and treat- .� crosswalks, pedestrian <br /> PERSONAL REPRESEN- in the later of:(1)thirty meat of water from thet:Karla Gallina,ATSI <br /> TATIVE days after the Personal cavatlon during the clean- -� tanning wall along Market <br /> en LJohnson Representative served or up action.Treated water Street.A planting strip with Project Location: 1502 <br /> Name <br /> Address:y8613 Golden Val- mailed the notice to the will be discharged to the street trees planted every Sth St, Anacortas, WA <br /> ley Drive creditor as provided un- Publicly Owned Treatment 25 feet on-center would 98221 <br /> Maple Falls,WA 38266 der ROW 11.40.020;or(2) (POTW)feality with be installed along Market <br /> four months after the date approval from the City of STATE Street and 6th Street. Request:The applicant is <br /> AITORNEV FOR ESTATE of first publication of this Anacortas. ENVIRONMENTAL requested a shoreline ex- <br /> Notice.Stephen C.Schutt Notice.If the claim Is not POLICY ACT During construction,con- emotion for the demolition <br /> Address:PO Box 1032 presented within this time Bacofilling and compac- NOTICE OF tractors would be required of aity that <br /> fits processing <br /> Anacortas,WA 98221 frame,the claim is ferev- lion of overburden and/ DETERMINATION OF to implement Best Man- facility that is currently in <br /> Phone:(360)A2 94 er barred,except as oth- or clean imported fill and NON-SIGNIFICANCE agement Practices(BMPs) a state of collapse on the <br /> vise provided inRCW repaving the surface with (DNS) for erosion control costs- Guemes Channel. The <br /> Published 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. asphalt to match the exist- tent with Ecology's Storm- scope of the project would <br /> Juno 16 23,30 2021 This bar is effective as to ing grade. First published in Skagit water Management Manu- include disconnecting utll- <br /> AA-10g540 )aims against both the Valley Herald 6/19/2021 al for Western Washington. hies and removing the ap- <br /> non- nl's probate and •Monitoring Site surtac- BMPs such as construe- proximately 5,723 sq.ff. <br /> non-probate assets. s and groundwater on a Project Name:Cap Stnte tan fencing, silt fence, structure: approximately <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY long-term basis to eval- RV Park and JKL Parking covered stockpiles, and 1,600 sq.ft.of the slruc- <br /> SEEKS APPLICANTS Date of First Publication: uate the cleanup action Lot Improvements inlet protection would con- lure Is up to 42 ft.water- <br /> FOR AGRICULTURAL June 16,2021 effectiveness.In some ar- fain sediment and prevent ward of the OHWM,The <br /> ADVISORY BOARD east Site surfaces act to Location:Cap State Ma- stormwater discharge off approximately 30 piers <br /> Personal Representative: contain contamination that dna-North Basin 600 T site.The project is subject and posts on footings <br /> Skagit County is seeking Brent R.Weidemann will not be removed by the Street,Anacortas,Wash- to permits and approvals located under the struc- <br /> applicants to ell a vacant excavation activities. An Ington,98221 form the City of Anadertes, lure are to be removed. <br /> seat in District 1 for a Cit- Attorney for the Personal additional monitoring well including a boundary line Demolition landward of <br /> teens Advisory'Committee Representative: Alan R. will be installed as part of Proponent:Port of Ma- adjustment(BLA),condi- the OHWM would in- <br /> (CAC)to serve In an advi- Souders,WSBA#26192. the project. tortes tional use permit,shoreline elude.removal of remain- <br /> sory role in making recom- substantial development Ing structure,foundation, <br /> -- . ... ' ' ' at County <br /> to the Board vice' •Ss for Mailing or 3er- ' Implement institutional Description of Propos- permit,a clear and grade and several small external <br /> Ser- <br /> a( County Commission- ice:Souders Law Group, controls in the form of an al:The Pon of Anacortas permit and a building per- foundations.Once the site <br /> ere regarding land use, 913 Seventh Street.Ana- environmental covenant to (Port)proposal to redeye!- mit. Is cleared of the demo- <br /> plennung, programa and cones,WA.98_21 protect workers at the Site op an existing 26 space RV Ilion materials, the site <br /> pollen, decisions relating and to protect the final re- Park and adjacent gravel Lead Agency: The lead and shoreline would be re- <br /> _._ ... ._. _ ..-.___.__"_.___ __. _._.t,.a96.m9er.,.-TL»-3"9r _CNA-of Probate-Proceed, ITic1mi entrant. _._____.. parking lot at Cap Stnte -agency-under the State•-stored-and•stabilized with _.. <br /> County Aoricuttural.Adel 'rigs and Cause number: Marina. Improvements Environmental Policy Act vegetation. The subject <br /> soy 6gar3 ma<es r•xtim Skagit County Number 51. This cleanup action will waled modernize the RV is the Port of Macortes. property is located in the <br /> ..`"d`go"s or.palm,' to Court Cause Number el, t the 340-35mants of Park with updated faciii- Light industrial(Lid zoning <br /> planning issues <br /> and represents 4-00241-29' WAC 173-340360(2)a)by ties for RV Park guests and Determination:Asa lead district and has a shoreline <br /> protecting human health pave and install stormwa- agency,the Port of Ana- environment designation <br /> me b 0000 n Orion agricui- Published and the environment.I will ter facilities and fandsca t, cones has determined of Urban Maritime. <br /> rural economy,various ag- June 16&23,2021 ensure compliance with ing at the JKL parking lot. that this proposal will not <br /> ncultural operations,and June 30,2021 state cleanup levels and There would be no change have a probable significant SEPA DNS Issued:June <br /> districts of Skagit County. AA-108850 provide monitoring to en- In use at Me current site adverse impact on the en- 17,2021 <br /> sure long term compliance and there would be a re- vironment a determination <br /> The Skagit County Ag Ad- with the regulations. auction of one RV space of non-slanificance(DNS) Date of Final Decision: <br /> visory Board seeks per- in the redevelopment.The does not require an envi- June 23,2021 <br /> sons with demonstrated Lead Agency:The lead existing site current- wed I al impact state- <br /> knowledge,, experience, m agency under the State ly an unimproved gravel went (EIS) under RCW Notice of Decision <br /> and interest in one or more , ' Environmental PolicyAct RV Park and parkingarea 43.2nC.0302 c. This <br /> of the following agricul- •.l Is the Port of Macores. without amenities,ulities, determination)assumes Issued:June 30,2021 <br /> heal areas:soil and wa- or appropriate a- compliance with federal <br /> ter conservation.farming Determination:As a lead ter handing facilities. <br /> The and state law as well as Decision:Approved with <br /> practices,food and feed agency,the Port of Ma- project would include the City of Anacortas ordi- conditions <br /> processing,wholesale and STATE tortes has determined following individual corn- mimes related to general <br /> retail marketing,produce ENVIRONMENTAL that this proposal will not ponents: environmental protection. The final decision maybe <br /> marketing, POLICY ACT have a probable significant This decision was made viewed by clicking"Cur- <br /> supply, agricultural real NOTICE OF adverse Impact on the en- •Paving of the interior RV atter review of a complet- rent Land Use Projects <br /> estate/and appraisals, DETERMINATION OF vironment:a determination Park driveways and the ed SEPA environmental and Notices"and then <br /> and finance.Citizens with NON-SIGNIFICANCE of non-sionlficance JKL parking lot to reduce checklist and other sup- opening the appropriate <br /> demonstrated knowledge, (DNS) erodible and dust produc- porting documents on file project file number fold- <br /> experience, and interest (ONS) does not require ing surfaces. with the lead agency.This er at the following Ink: <br /> in one or mare of the pre- First published In Skagit an environmental impact 'formation Is available to 1www.anacorteswe <br /> gov/161/Plannino-Com- <br /> are agricultural areas Valley Herald 6/19/2021 statement (EIS) under •Modification of RV park- the public on request(call goy/11/Planning-Com- <br /> are encouraged to submit RCW 4321 nation(2)(c). ing to 25 pull-through 360-299-1810 to emeiltta inanity-Economic-Devel- <br /> a letter of interest along Project Name: Dakota This determination as- spaces and installation of copy by mail or email,or ooment <br /> with a statement of qualifi- Creek Industries Cleanup sumea compliance with two Americans with Dis- at the Port's administrative <br /> cations by July 9,2021,to: Site federal and state law as abilities Act(ADA)acmes- offices at 100 Commercial Appeals:Appeals of the <br /> Skagit Cuunt Planning well as Coy of Anacorte- sible spaces with suitable Avenue, Macortes, WA decision for this proposal <br /> and Development Services Location: Port of Ana- ordinances related to gen- slopes to facilitate access. 98221(pickup by appoint- must be filed by within 14 <br /> andD Development <br /> Advisory codes - The proposed ere) environmental pro- Grading and paving of the meet only to comply with days of the date the deci- <br /> prolect site Is located at lambent This decision was adjacent existing parking Port COVID-19 Policies Sion was mailed.Please <br />