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intermediate classes will be taught. Outside of the City’s partnership with AWA to offer youth and adult Learn to Sail <br />classes. They are also offering other opportunities for the residents and visitors to recreate on the water. <br /> <br />Dustin South, Recreation Manager <br />Travis Anderson, Recreation Coordinator <br /> <br />Grand View Cemetery Expansion Update- We continue to work with Team Tuttle who is developing the deliverables we <br />need to be ready to go out to bid on the expansion. We are hopeful to have them soon so we can start Phase two. A few <br />of the highlights of Phase Two is that we will have a columbarium area, a paved road 8' wide with 8' wide pullouts <br />spaced throughout so visitors can park. The current layout shows 3202 4'x9' burial plots this will change some as we add <br />the east- west corridors for irrigation and trees. We will also have urn garden area that will offer more options. We are <br />looking forward to the additional trees we will be planting, a new fence behind the homes that are on Hillcrest Drive and <br />adding improvements to the front of the cemetery and around the sediment pond. Parks crew is maintaining the grass <br />and weeds that have started to grow already within the expansion area. <br />Washington Park- The park remains busy and campground full each weekend. In 2019 our camping revenue was <br />$113,214 and right now the camping revenue is $132,655. The seasonal staff has done a great job this summer keeping <br />visitors happy and safe. Fire Department was called out to a trail near Burrows lookout for a small fire on June 29. They <br />were quickly able to put the small fire out. This summer we are seeing the return of more day camp users and even <br />groups getting ready to go out on their kayaks. This summer at the park seems back to the normal busy we are used to <br />seeing. <br /> <br />Causland Park Plaza Update- Thanks to Brian and Sky we have completed the pavers just in time for the 4th of July at <br />Causland Park. Really appreciate all of their hard work. The plaza area looks great and I look forward to taking down the <br />caution tape and cones that have been up at the park. Crew will work hard to get this park looking as good as we can <br />before the holiday weekend. The Rotarians has done a great job weeding the flower beds in the back of the park. <br /> <br />Spray Pad- Spray Pad opened up on Friday, June 25. It brought me great joy to see the spray pad in action. See attached <br />photo! The spray pad hours are 11am-6pm. <br /> <br />Survived the Hot Days of June- Parks Department helped beat the heat by keeping the spray pad hours on longer into <br />the evening, turning on the sprinklers at Storvik and at Caulsand. The Fire Department came out to Washington park and <br />hooked up a hose near Sunset Beach and let kids run through the water. They were out at the park form 3-5pm. This <br />was popular if you were at the park and wanted to get sprayed by the fire department! <br /> <br />Crew Update- We hired Braydn Krueger ( First day is July 1) and Myles Farrell ( First day July 6) to fill our two parks <br />maintenance positions. They are awesome and the whole crew is excited to have them join our team and start working. <br />The crew continues to stay busy keeping grass mowed and irrigation working. We have had a record number of Saturday <br />cemetery services this summer so far and the crew has done a great job taking turns working and putting in the extra <br />hours to provide this service. <br /> <br />Nicole Johnston, Parks Manager <br /> <br /> <br />Our entire full-time staff has been involved with the hiring process for two parks maintenance team positions. First <br />round interviews took place June 3rd. From there we narrowed the field to four finalists, who came in for a meet and <br />greet with our maintenance staff. After lengthy evaluation, the jobs were offered to and accepted by Braydn Krueger <br />and Myles Farrell. Both are born and raised here in Anacortes, and very excited to join our team. Braydn comes on <br />board July 1, while Myles’ first day will be July 6. We are grateful to Mayor Gere and the City Council for allowing us <br />to fill these long-frozen positions. <br />