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• <br /> AID O0rEs /YOUR Fatal SO GOANACORTES.COM -WM:/NEU/ca,IcAr.23.2021 <br /> IMMO COMM Le9als =MI MOM <br /> pen i„ono city nu1N1 may Da reviewed at en l NAl AN ADE FO- suOjeeC property is located nresnom umenninedon <br /> Public Comment Period: Mtpss',Mww,anacodeswe, TION WAS MADE FOR in the Commercial Marine a Type 2 Administrative <br /> Request: The applicant The Notice of Application oov/161;Planning-Com- THE FOLLOWING PRO- 2 Zoning designation. Decision, <br /> s requesting a type-4 was published on June munit-b n '•-D - POSAL: <br /> shoreline substantial 23rd,2021.Written cam- gpmet by clicking"No- Required Project Per- Public Comment Period: <br /> development permit and moots must be submitted aces of Application'and File Number:SLX-2021- lowing pprovals:The.tcl- The Notice of Application <br /> shoreline conditional use to the by:t person list- then opening the spore- 0011 lowing may be required was published on June <br /> permit to replace and red below 5,3303Mse poste project the number in addition to the above: 23rd.2021.Written corn- <br /> relocate the damaged JJu Y23rtl,2021, folder, Date of Application:May Demolition Permit,USAGE macro must be submitted <br /> lie el pipe which will 19,2021 Section 10 Permit,WDFW to the contact person Ilst- <br /> ba a 48-inch diameter SEPA Review:Based on Appeals:Any pasty with HPA,WADOE Section 401 red below by 520g_Eftl_on <br /> high-density polath- the submitted application standing may appeal the Date of Completeness: Water Quality Certification July 7th,2021. <br /> c <br /> ylene(HOPE)pipe corn- and available informs- decision, once made, June 18,2021 <br /> ing from the WWTP for tian,the City anticipates within 14 calendar days SEPA Review:Based on ANY PERSON HAS THE <br /> 1,631 feet until the shore- issuing an MDNS for this atter written notice of the Applicant: Brent Moore, the submitted application RIGHT TO RECEIVE <br /> line where the pipe will proposal and the optional decision is mailed, per Seattle Northwest Yachts and available information, NOTICE, PARTICIPATE <br /> reduce to 42-inch out- DNS process as specs- the provisions in AMC LLC.2417 T Ave.Ana- the City anticipates issu- IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- <br /> side diameter HOPE pipe fled in W'AC§197.11.355 19.20.180,Appeals. cortex.WA 98221 log a DNS for this propos- QUEST A COPY OF THE <br /> for 1,030 feet with an 86- is being utilized.Conse- al and the optional DNS FINAL DECISION AND <br /> foot diffuser angled to quently.this may be the For Project Informs- Agent:Kevin Cline,KMC process as specified in APPEAL THE DECISION <br /> the NW at approximately t only opportunity to tom- on:Tess Cooper,Senior Environmental,3121 Lau- WAC 197.11.355 is being AS PROVIDED BY LAW. <br /> 24.5 degrees to better nest on the environmental Planner; 360-588-8234, ralwood Ave.Bellingham, utilized. Consequently, <br /> match the bidirectional impacts of this proposal. reset®citvofanarortes WA 98225 this may be the only op- Document Avallabil- <br /> current.The total length This proposal may include City of Anacortes portunity to comment on sty: Application docu- <br /> of the pipe will be 2,748 mitigation measures a Department <br /> epartment of Planning, Landowner: Anacortes the environmental Impacts moots may be reviewed at <br /> foot from the W WTP con- der applicable codes,and Community, & Economic Marine,INC of this proposal.This pro- guvigoer httpsil/www.anacorteswa. <br /> tinning into the Guemes the project review-process Development, F.O. Box posal may include mitt- 11;P tanning-Com- <br /> Channel. may in corporate or require 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 Project Location: 2417 gation measures under munity-Economic-Devel- <br /> mitigotMn measures e- T Ave, Anacones, WA applicable codes,and the opment by clicking"No- <br /> Other permits required. gardless of whether an EIS Published (P78004,P78005.P32973) project review process tires of Application'and <br /> WDFW HPA and USAGE 's prepared,A copy of the June 23,2021 may incorporate or require then opening the appro- <br /> approval. subsequent SEPA thresh- AA-112981 Request: This project mitigation measures re- priate project file number <br /> old determination for the proposes to replace the gardiess of whether an EIS folder, <br /> Environmental rime'- proposal may he obtained current pile caps,beams, is prepared..A copy of the <br /> meets(SEPA Enirdn en- 'pen regaent. stringers.and decking with subsequent SEPA thresh- For Project Information: <br /> tel Checklist,Critical.Area /,Thu" new,in-kind ACZA-treated old determination for the Tess Cooper. ,Associate <br /> Repod, Dien Bintegicei ANY PERSON HAS THE timber.The existing steel proposal may be obtamedPlanner:Phone:r360)583- <br /> Evaluaticn. RIGHT TO RECEIVE 8, curbs and plates are in upon request. 8234 Email: teasotd'city- <br /> NOTICE, PARTICIPATE q: good condition and will be ofanacortes orq: City of <br /> Public Hearing:The two IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- Coe re-installed over the new Existing Environmen- Anacortes,P.O.Box 547, <br /> permits will fallow c QUEST A COPY OF THE decking and travel-way. tel Documents: SEPA .Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> aclidated review process FINAL DECISION AND Existing piles will not be Checklist;Biological Eval- <br /> der the SSCP and APPEAL THE DECISION NOTICE OF removed,nor will new piles cation,Mitigation Plan: Published <br /> Pre-decision open.record AS PROVIDED BY LAW. APPLICATION with be installed,nor will any vi- June 23,2021 <br /> Hearing date will be deter- OPTIONAL SEPA DNS: oratory pile driver be used Public Hearing: None AA-113003 <br /> mined and publicized at a Document Availabil- during the proposed travel required.A Shoreline Ex- <br /> later date. sty: Application doom NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- lift pier replacement,The emotion with a SEPA <br /> Local Deals <br /> • <br /> Every • <br /> SnapUp a Deal <br /> in the Classifieds <br /> Digs a, - • <br /> • <br /> • Call or •'`` <br /> • <br /> go online <br /> to browse, • <br /> 1 > J <br /> buy or • <br /> sell! <br /> • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> Shopour local <br /> y <br /> CLASSIFIEDS <br />