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AN AxncORTEv ANER:C ON/YOUR FIDALGO GOANSCORFES.Co31 V4'RONESSDAY, UNE 23,2021 <br /> Notices... <br /> ................ . . ..,... <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> ® Legate Legate Legate <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS Published in the Skagit LU41 or to In8 meeting nere: <br /> Legals The p Valley Herald-June 7 t httos)/www.anecorteswg, <br /> personal re resen- and June 24,2021 v o Proposal Name: Interim aov/700/Meetinn-Docu- <br /> SUPERIOR COURT tative named below has Published in the Anacortes - Ordinance to Facilitate the ments-and-Video <br /> been appointed as per- American-June 23 and Development of Day Care <br /> OF WASHINGTON been <br /> Facilities in the R4 Zone <br /> COUNTY OF SKAGIT sonal representative of June 30,2021 gtc,ow.,to Published <br /> this estate- Any person <br /> In Re the Estate of: having claims against the Published Documents Available at: June 23,2021 <br /> decedent must,before the June 23&30,2021 13 www,ananOrteswe, AA-112873 <br /> gov/1352/Dav-Cares <br /> M.SOBEK, time the claim would be AA-111810 NOTICE OF DECISION gov/1352/Day-Cares <br />• ba <br /> rred by any otherwise <br /> Deceased. pplicable statute of hm- File Number:SLX-2021- Lead Agency:City of Ana- SUPERIOR COURT <br /> itahons,present the claim 0008 cones Planning,Comma- OF THE STATE OF <br /> • NO.21-4-0023b29 In the manner as provid- { D. Wiry&Economic Develop- WASHINGTON <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS In RCW 11.40.070 by Applicant: Meg Amos, mete Department SKAGIT COUNT' <br /> • serving on or mailing to Marine Survey&Assess- <br /> • The personal represen- the personal represents- 4-ico t7v' matte Contact <br /> tMeasamet PersonDr Don In the Matter of the Estate <br /> tative named below has live or the personal repre- <br /> been appointed as per- sentative's attorney at the Landowner Skyline Prop- of <br /> been representative as of address stated below a any Owner's Association Public Hearing Body:Ana- <br /> this estate. Any person copy of the claim and fit- NOTICE OF cones City Council Bethene Larae <br /> having claims against the ing the orignal of The claim APPLICATION Protect Location: 5919 IV demann, <br /> Mon- <br /> decedent must.before the v'th the court in which Cabana Lane (P32464/ Public Hearing Date.Mon- <br /> time the claim would be the probate proceedings NOTICE IS HEREBY P32645) day,July 12,2021,at 6:00 Deceased. <br /> time t by any otherwise were commenced. The GIVEN THAT AN PM <br /> applicable statute of lire- claim must be presented APPLICATION WAS Request: The applicant PROBATE NOTICE TO <br /> nations,nhepresent the claim within the later of:(1)Tha- MADE FOR THE requested a shoreline ex- Proposal Description CREDITORS <br /> the manner as a claim ty days after the personal FOLLOWING emotion for repair and The proposal consists of ROW 11.40.030 <br /> ied in RCW 11.40.070 by representative <br /> the otk:e to the PROPOSAL: rig nllece concrete el net seawall to cil interim ordinance to fa-itate the development of NO.21.4 0 0241-2 9 <br /> serving on r reading to creditors as provided un- File Number:PLN-2021- preserve the 1,528 sq.ft. day care facilities In the R4 The Personal Represen- <br /> the pethenal representa- er RCW I l.40.020(1)(c); 0010 clubhouse/cabana on Bur- zone to address a critical tative named below has <br /> eve or the personal repro- or(2)fourmonths after rows Bay.The seawall was and urgent need for child- been appointed as Per- <br /> • sddresve's attorney b at the the date of the first pub- Owner/Applicant: R32, constructed mostly on care within Anacortes. sonel Representative of <br /> address stated below a lication of the notice, If LLC top of a bedrock outcrop This interim ordinance this estate. My person <br /> copy of the claim and fit- the claim is not present- and prep, which over would change"day care II having a claim against the <br /> ing the l of the clam d within this time fame, Agent-Landed Gentry time,has created a wid- facilities"(defined in AMC decedent must. prior to <br /> alit thea coon in which the claim is forever barred, ening 1 between 19.44,01Q)from a Type 4 the time the claim would <br /> the probate proceedings except a otherwise pro- Date of Application:May the wail's foundation and conditional use permit to be barred by any otherwise <br /> were commenced. .'"` aided in RCW11.40.051 25.2021 the rockery-The project an outright permitted use, applicable statute of lim- <br /> aim must be presented and 11,40,060.This bar proposes removing the which requires no discre- itafons,present the claim <br /> within the later of:(1)Thir- is effective as to claims Date of Completeness: fading footing toe from the tiona land use review. In the manner provided In <br /> ty nays after the personal against both the dace- June 18.2021 approximately 84 ft.long The'interim ordinance is RCW 11.40.070 by serving <br /> representative salved or darts probate assets and seawall,then repairing via valid for six months un- on or mailing the claim to <br /> melted the notice to the .I,-probate assets. Protect Locaflen•3206 R replacement the structural less extended by City the Personal Representa- <br /> aidimrs as provided or,: Ave(P60566) footing.The riprap is to be Council before expiration. five or the Personal Rep- <br /> der RCW 11A0A20(1)(0): DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- moved while a new con- The Planning Department resentetive's attorney at <br /> or(2)four months after TION'June 16,2021 Request:The applicant is crete tooting.totaling 10 would begin work on a the address stated below. <br /> the date of the first pub- questing a Type-2 Site will be installed; proposal for a permanent and filing the original of <br /> lication of the notice. If PERSONAL REPRESEN- flan Review for the con- the riprap will be relocated code change to facilitate the claim with the Court <br /> the claim Is not present- TATIVE struction of 10-townhome and restacked in front of childcare in the Rd zone, identified herein.The claim <br />- ed within this time frame. Name:Ryan L.Johnson units. The project pro- the new footing.The work which would address must be presentedwith- <br /> the claim is forever barred, Address:8613 Golden Val- poses(2)buildings,each is to commence Summer parking requirements and in the later of:(1)thirty <br /> except as otherwise Fro- ley Drive building would include(5) 2021 and should be cow- the requirement for child days after the Personal <br /> • aided in RCW 11.40.051 Male Falls,WA 98266 units.Each unit would in- plated within 1 month;all drop-off/loading zones. Representative served or <br /> and 11.40.060.This bar p dude en attached single work would occur in the mailed the notice to the <br /> Is effective as to claims ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE car garage and Is to be dry during low tide-The The draft interim ordinance creditor as provided un- <br /> against <br /> both the dace- Name:Stephen C.Schutt 3-stories in height,total- project site is located is available for review at: der RCW 11 A0.020;or(2) <br /> dent's probate assets and Address:PO Box 1032 ing approximately 37.5 ft, within the Marine Mixed httos://www.anacorteswa, four months after the date <br /> nomprobafe assets, Anacortes,WA 98221 The proposed develop- Use(MMU)zoning district oovi1352/Day-Cares of first publication of this <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- Phone:(360)293-6094 meet would be accessed and has a split shoreline Notice.If the claim is not <br /> TION:June 9.2021 off of the alley onto a 20 environment designation SEPA Threshold Deter- presented within this time <br /> Published It shared driveway.The of primarily Urban with a minatlon frame,the claim Is fore, <br /> PERSONAL REPRESEN- June 16,23,30,2021 subject property Is boat- small portion In Natural- The City of Anacortes er barred,except as oth- <br /> TATIVE AA-109540 ad within the Residential has determined that this erwise provided in RCW <br /> Name: Deanna M. Mar- High Density(R4)zoning SEPA DNS Issued:June proposal does not have a 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. <br /> kavich district. 14,2021 probable significant ad- This bar is effective as to <br /> Address: 2517 Fir Crest arse Impact on the soul- claims against both the <br /> Blvd. Other permits inquired: Date of Final Decision: ronment.An environmen- decedents probate and <br /> Anacortes.WA 96221 The following may be June 16,2021 tel impact statement is not non-probate assets. <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY required in addition to required under the State <br /> ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE SEEKS APPLICANTS the above: Construction Notice of Decision Environmental Policy Act, Date of First Publication: <br /> Name Stephen C.Schutt FOR AGRICULTURAL stormwater general permit RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c). June 16,2021 <br /> Address:PO Box 1032 ADVISORY BOARD from WADOE, construe- Issued:June 23,2021 This determination was <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 tion plan approval,right- made after review of a Personal Representative: <br /> Phone:(360)293-5094 Skagit County is seeking of-way permit, building Decision:Approved with completed environmental Brent R.Weidemann <br /> applicants to fill a vacant permits, conditions checklist and other infor- <br /> Published seat in District 1 for a Cit- mason on file and avall- Attorney for the Personal <br /> Juno 9,16,&23,2021 izens Advisory Committee Public Hearing:None re- The final decision may be able upon request. Representative: Alan R. <br /> AA-108641 (CAC)to serve in an advi- qulred.A Site Plan Review viewed by clicking"Cur- Souders,WSBA e26192, <br /> sory role in making coedit- is a Type 2 Administrative rent Land Use Projects This determination is is- <br /> PUBLIC NOTICE mendations to the Board Decision. and Notices" and then sued pursuant to WAC AddressforMailingorSer- <br /> of County Commission- openir:g the appropriate 197-11-340(2).The City of vice:Souders Law Group. <br /> Tillman Infrastructure ars regarding land use, Public Comment Period: project file number fold- Anacortes will not act on 913 Seventh Street,Ana. <br /> kW is proposing to build a planning, programs, and The Notice of Application er at the following link: this proposal for 14 oaten- cones,WA,98221 <br /> 120-foot monopole tower Policy decisions relating was published on June httos:/(www.anacorteswa dar days from the date of <br /> (135-ft vdappurteisances) to agriculture.The Skagit 23rd,2021.Written com- goy/161/Planning-Coln- Issuance.Colmnents and/ Court of Probate Proceed- <br /> ' located at approx.645ft County Agricultural Advi- mente must be submitted inanity-Economic-Devel- or appeals regarding this ings and Cause number: <br /> N of 9783 Padilla Heights sory Board makes recom- to the contact person list- too nest DNS must be submitted to Skagit County Superior <br /> • <br /> Rd., Anacortes. WA mendations on policy and ed below by 5:00 PM en the contact below no later Court Cause Number 21- <br /> • <br /> • <br /> 95221. Structure coordl- planning issues related to Jab 7th,2021. Appeals:Appeals of the than July 7,2021 at 5:00 4-00241-29. <br /> notes are:(N48-27-36.74/ agriculture and represents ANY PERSON HAS THE decision <br /> eci ion Ned ts prel4 PM. <br /> Published <br /> W122-32-02.41).No light- the diversity of the agricul- by within <br /> ing is anticipated. The rural economy,various ag• RIGHT TO RECEIVE days of the date the decl- How to Comment June 16&23,2021 <br /> • Federal Communications ricultural operations,and NOTICE, PARTICIPATE sloe was mailed,Please Comments are accepted June 30,2021 <br /> Commission(FCC)Anton- districts of Skagit County. IN <br /> A COPY O ANY FT E and to AMC k19.20.1180 Ofor via email,r belly. Written comments or ver- AA 108850 <br /> a Structure Registration)fileum- The Skagit County Ag FINAL DECISION ANDregarding <br /> bar is Form 854)file mum- gin sAd- appeal procedures. ncthe interim e <br /> ed <br /> sons may <br /> review Interest- sooty Board seeks per-d APPEALRO THE DECISIONYLAW opdin an il will0 be acceptedJ <br /> ed persons may the sons his demonstrated AS PROVIDED BY LAW. Project Contact: Em- up until 3:00 PM on July ‘1 1.o <br /> application at www,fee knowledge experience, ily Morgan, Associate 12,2021 and must include . <br /> • gplesiri/ethe bons by and Interest in one or more Document Availaba- Planner; Phone: 1360) (1)your full name,(2)your <br /> • entering thefile number, of the following agricul- ity: Application docu- otenac50, e0; Cie city- lading address,and(3) ''4 Environmental - <br /> concerns turd areas:soil and we- ems maybe reviewed at ofanacortes on City of the proposal name('Day acne^ <br /> may be raised by tiling a ter conservation.fainting httos:/(cowl naconeswa Anacortes,P.O.Box 547, Cares in the R4 Zone"), <br /> Request for E on meat practicee,food and feed crovelWunitv1/Plaum a-Com- Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Review at y/ww fcc aov/ Processing,wholesale and munifv-Economic P.eyur- Email comments are pre- Notice of Application <br /> within 3aanmentatre date retail marketing.produce =Maltby clicking Cur- Notice:Affected proper- ferred and must be sent to with Optional SEPA <br /> within 30 days of the date buying,direct marketing, rent Land Use Projects& ty owners may request a P10050 include <br /> aco corg. DNS: <br /> that notice of ins project supply, agricultural real Notices"and then opening change In valuation from Please includ your Cow- <br /> ls published on the FCC's estate/land appraisals, the appropriate project file the county assessor for menu In the body of your NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- <br /> we6site.FCC strong y s and fin/lance.Citizens with number folder. property tax purposes email message rather than EN THAT AN APPLICA- <br /> courages online tiling.A demonstrated knowledge, notwithstanding any pro- as attachments. TION WAS MADE FOR <br /> mailing address for a pa- expenen:.e, and Intelsat Appeals:My party with gram of revaluation. THE FOLLOWING PRO- <br /> per filing is:FCC Requests in one or more of the pre- standing may appeal the Paper comments may be POSAL: <br /> for Environmental Revises, ceding agricultural area decision, once made, Published mailed or delivered to: <br /> ATTN Ramon Williams, are encouraged to submit within 14 calendar days June 23,2021 City of Anacortes File Number SDP-2021- <br /> 44512tn Street SW,Wash- a letter of interest along after written notice of the AA-112326 Planning, Community & 0006 <br /> Melon.DG 20554. with a statement of qualifi- decision is mailed, per Economic Development <br /> cations by July 9,2021,to: the provisions in AMC Depp rtment Property Owner:City of <br /> Published 19.20.180,Appeals, ATTNB Don Measamer Anaconas <br /> June 23,2021 Skagit County Planning c,T y o, P.O.Box 547/904 6th St. <br /> AA-112698 and Development Services For Project Information: Anacortes,WA 98221 Applicant:Widener&As- <br /> Board ural Advisory Emily Morgan,Associate �jl�� sociates <br /> SUPERIOR COURT Board Liaison Kimberly Planner; 3ctene nrtan '1 Verbal comments may be <br /> OF WASHINGTON, Adams emdvmicitvetanacones 'co made at the Public Hear- Date of Application:May <br /> COUNTY OF SKAGIT 1800 Oontinental Place Oat City of Anacortes ing-Due to the COVID-19 24,2021 <br /> Department Vernon,WA 98273 Department of Planning, pandemic, the pubic <br /> In Re the Estate of E-mail:commissiener Community, &Economic Notice of Public hearing may be held as Date of Completeness: <br /> co sKagit wa us and kad-d- Development, P.O. Box Hearing&SEPA DNS a remote-only meeting. June 18,2021 <br /> DAVID R.JOHNSON, amsecn skegit.wa us 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 Including written comment Meeting access info, <br /> period, public hearing motion can be found on Project Locators:Stalling <br /> Deceased, Contact Kimberly Adams Published date, and environmental the City Council agenda, at 500 T awe N,3rdke Gun, <br /> at(360)metion38 for fur- June 23,2021 review. posted Wednesday pri- U awe N and into the Gue- <br /> NO.21-4-00246-29 then Information. AA-112930 --•- "" ----"'- -' rues Channel,Anacortes. <br /> Publish Date: June 23, Washington 98221(Parcel <br />