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All.\3 vccvu:ls Awn:tar vs/Y'otat Filmt.uo GUAVACOkThS.CO,M \Viinnr:SIM,,USE 16,202I <br /> Legal Notices <br /> ......._ ....... <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> LEGALS Legals Legals Legals Legels Legals <br /> bulldrgs Building A and SUPERIOR COURT except as otherwise pro- <br /> Legals t 1• Y Building B to each have(4) OF THE STATE OF sided in RCW 11.40.051 <br /> °x I: °� its and Building C and WASHINGTON and 11.40.060.This bar <br /> SUPERIOR COURT �' Building 0 to each have SKAGIT COUNTY is effective as to taints <br /> OF WASHINGTON r.y (3)units.Each unit would against both the dece- <br /> 4' include an attached Ants In the Matter of the Estate dents probate assets and <br /> COUNTY OF SKAGIT orr°V d ov8 $ non-probate assets. <br /> car garage and is[o a of p <br /> in Re the Estate of 3-stones in height,totaling DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- <br /> _ Notice of Application NOTICE OF DECISION 34 ft.The subject property <br /> -- - ----- - - --- LOIb'A4,a'OBEK, - -___.__ - _ -..-----_. is located within the Corn-_ Bethune Larae TION;June 16,2021 <br /> menial(C)zoning district. Weidemenn, <br />• NOTICE IS HEREBY File Number:SLY-2021- PERSONAL REPRESEN- <br /> Deceased. GIVEN THAT AN 0007 Data of Final Decision: <br /> APPLICATION WAS Deceased. TATIVE <br /> Name:Ryan L.Johnson <br /> NO.21-4-90231-29 June 7,2021 <br /> MADE FOR THE Applicant: Meg Amos, PROBATE NOTICE TO Address:8613 Golden Val- <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS <br /> FOLLOWING Marine Survey&Assess- Notice of Decision CREDITORS ley Drive <br /> PROPOSAL: menu RCW 11.40.030 Maple Falls,WA 98266 <br /> The cersooai repress, Issued:June 16,2021 NO.21-4-00241-28 <br /> to''"e -?rued SOUr nee Pile Number:3LP-202,- Landowner:Beyside West ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE <br /> been appointed an per- 0001 Homeowner's Association Decision:Approved with <br /> novel representative 01 conditions The Personal belowRepr has- Name:Stephen C.Schutt <br /> tnis estate. Any person Property Owner:LG Ana- Project Location: 2399 been appointative namedted <br /> s Address:PO Box 1032 <br /> having claims against the tortes,LLC' &2401 Skyline Wa,Ana- The final decision may be <br /> pPointed as Per- Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> decedent must before the y y viewed by clicking"Cur- <br /> codes Representative of Phone:(300)293-5094 <br /> cones WA 982a rP9567•i rojecG <br /> _..... - _ _._.-.. ..... - .. hme--me.!aim-.,oeto ue Applicant Landed Gentryt--/P103485) -- ...-.. rent Larw Una P 1h.5 estates Any person _ <br /> any otherwise sv and Notices"and then has rg a cla m against Me Published <br /> Development.t.INC g appropriate decedent must, prior to June 16,23,30,2021 <br /> ao linable statute of lim- Request: The appOcart opening the a the time the claim would AA-109540 <br /> :tenons.present the clam Date of Application.May is requesting a shore- project file number/old- <br /> ie be bared by anyotherwise <br /> 'rc'rid 17.2"21 line exam tion ror repair er et the following link: <br /> ed•in RCW 11.40.070 b p f https://www,anacorteswa, applicable statute of lim- <br /> Y and maintenance o a in tiens:present the claim <br /> serving on orr tz- Date f Completeness. 525-foot-lousy existing P1uNiG Economic-Da��l- the manner provided in tv <br /> thertheppersonal e June t i.2021 concrete eawall. The RCW 11.40.070 by serving " <br /> eve or the personal repre- project proposes repairs .gROlatlN on or mailing the claim to <br /> sentetwe's attorney at the Project Location' 4618 to Include:filling of cracks the Personal Represents- M1 <br /> id os st t d b low a A:aco Coach Rd(P31378) and expansion Ic nts with App•eals:Appeals of the f or[he Personal Re t.oa- _ _ <br /> .� , • • <br /> .copy of the lei d fit caulk, repair seawall lip must decision <br /> ba filerdt proposal resenlalive's attom ai • <br /> 1 I t o'gl1 U•n .Reg9est:ihs'aPPkant is by fei[1fOrcing with repar by within 14 the address stated b�ebw, <br /> "'-- -"""----'--_-�-'-- with the court In which requesting a Pre1 m nary and new concrete,clean daycr,s of the date the tleci- and fin the original f NOTICE OF <br /> the probate proceedings Short Plat application Ia underside of seawall cap refer to AMCe0 Please the claim with the Court APPLICATION with <br /> were commenced. divide an approximately and lip via power washing/ on, smc identified herein.The claim ADOPTION of <br /> within the laclaim must ter offer presented <br /> 27.853 q.ft.lot into(3) brushing,and sealing en- appeal Pr""'""' <br /> for must be presented with- EXISTING MDNS <br /> () residential lots within the tire wall with marine-grade the later of:(1)thirty <br /> ty days after the personal Residential Low Density: epoxy. The work is to days after the Personal NOTICE IS <br /> representative served or WO zoning district.Lot 1 commence Summer of Poject Contact: Em Representative served or HEREBY GIVEN THAT <br /> mailed the notice to the 's proposed at 8,221 sq. 2021 and should be corn- n'a Morgan, Associate maied the notice to the AN APPLICATION <br /> creditors as provided en-. ft Lot 2 is proposed at plated within 2 months; planner, Phone: (360) creditor as provided n- WAS MADE FOR THE <br /> der RCW'11.40.0200M,- 8,615 sq,It.and Lot 3 is all work would occur in 2-'-'-' 0; emINmOGM- der RCW 11A0.020'or 2 FOLLOWING <br /> or(2)tour months after proposed at 11,018 sq.ft, the dry during low tide. gfana etas erg' oily 7. four months after the date PROPOSAL: <br /> the date of the first pub-- Each lot would be serviced The project site is located Anacortes.P.O.Box Sd7, of first publication of this <br /> licabon of the notice.'If with City utilities(water, within the Marine Mixed Anacortes,WA 98221 Notice.If the claim is not File Number:SDP-2021- <br /> the claim is not present- sewer)and would access Use(MMU)zoning district <br /> ed within this time frame, off of Anaco Beach Road. and has a shoreline en- Notice:Affected proper- Presented within this time 0001 <br /> the claim is forever baned; he subject property is ironment designation of the claim is forev- <br /> c ow •ners may Wi• ll <br /> a frame,ared,except as olh- Date of Application:Feb- <br /> . except as otherwise pre-' located within a tsunami Urban. Feb- <br /> change m valuator from erwise provided in RCW ruary 22,2021 <br /> sided in RCW'11A0.051 hazard area, the county assessor for <br /> and 11.40.060.This bar SEPA DNS Issued:June Property tax purposes This barar1 and 11.40.060.asto Date of Completeness: <br /> is effective as to claims notwithstanding any pro- This is effective as to <br /> against both the dace- Required Project Per- 3,2021 gram of <br /> claims against both the June 8.2021 <br /> • mhs/Approvals:The fore- decedent's probate and <br /> demo probate asset.and lowing may be required Date of Final Decision: non-probate assets. Applicant KPFF Consult- <br /> non-non-probate assets. Published <br /> p in addition to the above: June 8,2021 g Engineers-1601 5th <br /> June Y8,2021 <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBUCA- Residential Building Per- AA-109076 Date of First Publication: Ave,Suite 1800,Seattle, <br /> TION:June 9.2021 mit,Right of Way Permits, Notice of Decision June 16,2021 WA 98101 <br /> Stpnnwater & Drainage <br /> PERSONAL REPREBEN- Approval, Final Sort Issued:June 16,2021 Personal Representative: Landowner:MJB Proper- <br /> TATIVE Plat Approval,ClearingR I Brent R.Weidemenn ties,LLC-5050 1st Ave <br /> Flame. Deanna M. Mar- Grading Renew Decision:Approved with The more you S,Suite 1C2,Seattle,WA <br /> kovich conditions Attorney for the Personal 98134 <br /> Address: 2517 Fir Crest SEPA Review:The pro- tell the more Representative: Alan R. <br /> Bird posed development Is ex- The final decision maybe Souders,WBBA 426192. Project Location: The <br /> mpt from SEPA pursuant viewed by clicking"Cur- r project site s located <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 WACQu Sell. <br /> to 197-11-800(6). rent LandiUse and <br /> n 7 vice Souders <br /> Meiling Group- along e &R Ave 70 the <br /> ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE and Notices"and thenvice:1 Seventh <br /> Law Group,- followi3,parcels:P32966. <br /> Name:Stephen C.Schutt Existing Environmental peening the appropriate PUBLIC NOTICE con Seventh Street,Ana- P32967,P32968,P32969, <br /> P Documents:Tune Preaer- project hie number fold- tortes,WA,98221 P32970,P32971,P32941, <br /> Address:, Aox 1212 -nation lea ti n Tsunami Haz- ht at the following link: MJBvnueProperties,LLC.5050 P32970,1 P3291 ,P32941,9 <br /> Phone.(36)A2 3-00 and Evaluation Report aov/1i/www anang-Cora 10t Avenue South.Suite Court of Cause <br /> umber: P32913,P32943,P 8064 <br /> Phony.(360)293-5094 Gov/ty-Economic-Cum- Is seeking Seattle,WA 981 un, ings Skagit C unty nu uper: P32913,P32943,P58064 <br /> Published P bier:An e g aS o oomev-EGonornic-Devel- dtheW Washington <br /> at- Court County 21-June G, 6,&23 2021 quired.A Preliminary Short opmant der the Wash ngtpn State Court Cause Number Request: The applicant <br /> -------- --"-- --- "dA-%o2l PWt apPliwt on s a Type 2 _-.- Deportment of Ecology's 4.00241-29, has requested a Shoreline <br /> , r.,, nit:m.,e Dec,_;or. Appeals:Appeal^,of the Construction Waste <br /> Substantial Development <br /> , •� decision for this proposal NPDES and State Waste Published Permit(SSDP)for clear- <br /> ._ .. <br /> Public Comment Period: must be filed by within 14 Discharge General Permit, June 16&23,2021 ing and grading activities <br /> APB ��Yoe' The Notice of Application days of the date the clad- June 30,2021 to occur within shoreline <br /> was {:,ibiishm on ,;ups sior,was mailed.Please Tne proposed located , AA-1088a0 Jurisdiction of FidalVo bay. <br /> rlErh,ecoI sob.,am- infer'o AMC 19.20.^30 MIS North,is or The proposed SSD,is for <br /> runs online I me is must be submitted and AMC 19.20.180 for 1901 R Avenue In Ana- SUPERIOR COURT Phase 2 of the property <br /> n <br /> IR•Drinf to the contact person tat- appeal procedures. tortes,in Skagit County. OF WASHINGTON development,with Phase <br /> ed below by 500 PM on COUNTY OF SI:AGir 1 herring beer reviewed <br /> Is....___.....-__�........._.....__j June 30th,2.021. Project Contact: Em- This project involves 28 under a separate Clearing <br /> my Morgan, Associate acres of soil disturbance In Ro the Estate of: &Grading Perme, BUS- <br /> --------- ANY PERSON HAS THE Planner; Phone: (360) for roadway, utility and 2021-0033- <br /> ,.1 RIGHT TO RECEIVE 298-4350; emiNmOcitv- grading construction ac- DAVID R.JOHNSON. <br /> s NOTICE, PARTICIPATE effa5acones.orq; City of Sullies. The rough site grading for <br /> -- ~re IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- Anacortes.P.O.Box 547, Deceased. Phase 2 would include <br /> QUEST A COPY OF THE Anacortes,WA 9822/ Stomt water will be tlis- 150,000 cu.yds.of fill and <br /> ' t FINAL DECISION AND charged to Groundwater. NO.21-4-0024 6-29 over 400 so.yds.of cut <br /> �o1F APPEAL THE DECISION Notice:Affected proper- for the preparation of land <br /> AS PROVIDED BY LAW, ty owners may request a Any persons desiring to NOTICE TO CREDITORS development. The de- <br /> change in valuation from present their views to the velopment proposes the <br /> The following is a summa- Document Availabil- the county assessor for Washington State Depart- The personal represen- construction activities as <br /> y of on Ordinance passed ity: .Application do._ property tax purposes ent of Ecology regarding tative named below has follows:installing erosion <br /> by the Angrt aces City' merits'nay be reviewed at notwithstanding any pro- this Application,or inter- been appointed as per- control BMPs.clearing the <br /> Council on June 7,2021 bttpasaAramanacorteasea, gram of revaluation. ested in Ecology's action aortal representative of existing land cover,plan- <br /> gg1161/Planning-Corn- on this Application,may this estate. Any person ing fill soils,compacting, <br /> ORDINANCE NO.3090 Plunity-Economic-Devel- Published notify Ecology in writing having claims against the and placing permanent <br /> ORDINANCE AMEND- a.paspn by Land Use Pro acts& June 6,,2202021 no later than 30 days of decadent must.before Se soil stabilization;all pro- <br /> ANING ORDINANCE NO. Notices"and then open- the last date of publication time the claim would be posed work is to occur <br /> of this notice.Ecology re- barred by any otherwise waterward of the Ordina <br /> 3078 ADOPTED ON DE- mg the appropriate protect views public comments applicable statute of lint- High Water Mark(OHWM1. <br /> CENIBER 21, 2020, EN- file number folder. v,7T�r,o^�� and considers whetherdis- itations.present the claim The project site is located <br /> TITLED-AN ORDINANCE Jai, charges from this project in the manner as provld- within the Marine Mixed <br /> ADOPTING THE BUDGET Appeals:Any party with would cause a measurable eel in RCW 11.40.070 by Use(MMU)zoning district <br /> FOR ALL MUNICIPAL standing may appeal the change in receiving water serving on or mailing to and has a shoreline en- <br /> PURPOSES AND USES decision, once made, quality,and,if so,wheth- the personal representa- vironment designation of <br /> .-...-_...,._.. .._....". .. FOR THE YEAR 2021" within 14 calendar days en the project is neces- bye or the personal tepee- Urban. <br /> " - - AS AMENDED BY ORDI- the <br /> see:written made of NOTICE OF DECISION szry and In the overriding entative's attorney at;he <br /> NANCE 3079 ADOPTED der;i nit c mailed SIC public interest according address stated below a R.qulred Project Per- <br /> _ . -,.,._ ....-.�... ON APRIL 26,2021 the prowlers .n AMC to Tier IIantie <br /> File Number:PLN-2021 -degradation copy of the claim and RI- its/Approvais:The fol- <br /> . ..- - 19.20.180.Appeals, 900. requirements under WAC rig the original of the claim lowing may be required Agl the complete 173-201A320. with the court in which in addition to the above: <br /> textt 01 of each ordinance is For Project Information: Owner. the probate proceedings SEPA environmental re- <br /> Propertyposled at the Anacortes Emily Morgan,Associate ANDUE 7,LLC-David Comments can be submit- are oast be ed, The view.Commercial Building <br /> City Hall,Anacortes Mu- Planner, 360-25II-4350, Irwin, Irvin Development Ned to: within <br /> must be presented Permit,Stomlwght Permit <br /> nicipal Building,6th Street ar,g; City 01fanacortesec raw anoi O ec within the later of:(1)Thir- (WEDGE), right-of-way <br /> old 0 Avenue.Upon - Do City of Anacortes Group De 9pu a i y ty days after the personal permits <br /> quest to the City Clark's Department of Planning, ss. Department of Ecology representative served or <br /> Office (360-293-1900) Community. &Economic project Location: 21- Attn:Water Quality Pro- mailed the notice to the SEPA Review:On June 3, <br /> copies will be mailed. Develo and a Ave-P127411/ nY <br /> pmenL P.O. Box P50414/P50415/P58105 ggram, Construction creditors as provided un- 2021,the City of Anacortes <br /> 547.Anacortes,WA 98221 Stormwater der RCW 11.40.020(1)(c); issued an Optional MDNS <br /> Steven D.Hoglund project Description: P.O.Box 47696,Olympia, or(2)four months after (Mitigated Determination <br /> City Glerk Published WA 98504-7696 the date of the first e. p at to thenif'canoe)mi.- <br /> June 16,am The applicant Is request- live to the environmental <br /> Published AA_110780 ing a Type-2 Site Plan the claim of the notice, If <br /> June 16,2021 Review for construction Published the is not present- impact for the proposed <br /> f 14-townhome units. June 8&15,2021 ed within this time frame, development along with <br /> AA-109323 Then ierr rim es en AA-108246 the claim is forever bared an associated Phase 1 of <br /> _.-________ .....�_ -.: nits. ... <br />