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AlI AT\coi"rrS AMERICA,i YOUR FInAL6o GO.iNhCOITES.COM WEDieriSitve,JUNE 16,2021 <br /> Legal Notices <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> LEGALS Legals tenets Legals Legals Legals <br /> '" "' """""' SUPERIOR COURT except as otherwise pro <br /> - <br /> Lewis Building A antl .0 1 <br /> Legals �`Ytr ro Building Bto each have(4) OWASHIN STATE OF sided in 060. t40.0e <br /> � , units and Building C and SKAGIT and 11.40.0 This bar <br /> SUPERIOR COURT �s.� Building 0 to each have is effective as to claims <br /> OF WASHINGTON n b v (3)units.Each unit would against both the dece- <br /> C,GUNTV OF SKAGIT al•tr• dQ. '.i, `• include an attached si In the platter of the Estate dent's probate <br /> to assets and <br /> car garage and Is tort pan-pro <br /> In Re the Estate of: 3-stories in height,totaling ofDATE OF FIRST PUBUCA- <br /> Notice of Application NOTICE OF DECISION 34 ft.The subject property Bethene Large TION:June 16,2021 <br /> LOIS M.SOBEK, Is located within the Com- Weidemenn, <br /> meroial(C)zoning distract. <br /> REPRESEN- <br /> Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY File Number:SLX-2021- PERSONAL REPRESEN- <br /> GIVENTHATAN 0007 Date of Final Decision: Deceasetl. <br /> APPLICATION WAS Name;Name:Ryan L.Johnson <br /> NO,21-4-00231-2 9 June 7,2021 <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS MADE FOR THE Applicant: Meg Amos, PROBATE NOTICE TO Address:8613 Golden Val- <br /> FOLLOWING Manna Survey&Assess- Notice of Decision CREDITORS ley Drive <br /> PROPOSAL: manta RCW 11.40.030 Maple Falls,WA 98266 <br /> The personal epresen- Issued:June 16,2021 P <br /> tative named below has File Number:SLP-2021- landowner:Ba side West NO.21-4-00241-28 <br /> Bay side appointed as per- Decision:Approved with ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE <br /> sonal representative of 0001 Homeowner's Assoclatlon conditions The Personal Represea- Name:Stephen C.Schutt <br /> tativethis estate. Any person Property Owner:LG Ana- Project Location: 2399 been appointedn below has Address:PO Box 1212 <br /> vinq claims against the comes.LLC &2401 Skyline Way,Ana- The final decision may be beenRepo as Per- Anacerte,WA 98221 <br /> decadent must,before the y y viewed by clicking"Cur- <br /> this late. entative of Phone:(360)293-6094 <br /> cartes.WA 98221(P95673 this estate. Anyperson <br /> time the claim would be Applicant Landed Gentry /P103435) rent Land Use Projects having <br /> must prior <br /> a claim against <br /> barred by any otherwise Development INC and Notices"and then decedent mustJune 16,23,Published0,2021 <br /> applicable statute of lira- Request: The applicant owing the appropriate the time the claim would AA-109540 <br /> Rations,present the calm Date of Application:May is requesting a shore- project file number fold- be barred byanyotherwise <br /> -- -- -- - - - - - - - in the+runner-asprc vld- -17,2021 -•- - -_. __line exemption for repair fold- <br /> er et the following link: Inn <br /> d I.n.ROW 11.40.070 by and maintenance of a httns://wn^ri+'•'acprteswa applicable statute of aim <br /> serving on or mailing to Date of Completeness: 525-foot-bra existing 9ov/161/Planning-Com- Rations,preent the claim 1 . <br /> the personal re resents- g g munity-Economic-Dever- the manner provided in <br /> p June it.2021 concrete seawall. The RCW 1 mailing7t by serving <br /> five or the personal repro- opnrpl <br /> sentative's attorneyat the project proposes repairs on or the realm to <br /> Project Location 4618 to Include:filling of crocks the Personal Personal <br /> Rep- Y4 <br /> Rep- <br /> copy of he claim <br /> below a gnaco Beach Rd(P61878) and expansion taints with Appeals:Appeals of the rive-the Personal Re -rep <br /> opy of the claim and fit- sulk, repair seawall lipdeasibe for this Proposal P- <br /> In the original of the claim P must be fled by within 14 resenlative's attorney at <br /> 9Request:The applicant is by reinforcing with rebarthe address stated below, <br /> with the court in which requesting a Preliminary and new concrete,ceean days off the •date the deci- and filingme original of NOTICE OF <br /> the therepcommbate enced.5iiiVsThe Short Plat application to underside of seawall cap rrefe°tosAMC�19200 0 the clai with the Court APPLICATION with <br /> divide an approximate) and lip via power washing/ identifed herein.ThecRoe ADOPTION of <br /> claim must within the Ietela of(1)Thlry residential <br /> sq.ft.lot into the brushing,and sealing en- a.rid I p aed AMC ures180 for must be pref:(1)with- EXISTING MDNS <br /> days after the personal eidantbl lots within Density epoxy. <br /> well Themarine-gradewoki10 [ha later oe (1)thirty <br /> N Residential Low 2 epoxy. The work is to da s after the Personal NOTICE IS <br /> representative served or (R2)zoning district.Lot 1 commence Summer of Project Contact Em- Re esentative served or HEREBY GIVEN THAT <br /> mailed the notice to the proposed at 8,221 sq. 2021 and shoukt be corn- IIY Morgan, Associate mailed the notice to the AN APPLICATION <br /> creditors as provided un- g Lot 2 is proposed at plated shin 2 months; Planner, hone: (360) creditor as provided n- WAS MADE FOR THE <br /> der RCW 11.40.020(1)1c): 298-4350; INm®ciw- der RCW 11.40.020;or <br /> 8,615 sq.ft,and Lot 3 is II work would ccur in FOLLOWING <br /> a•r2`f0i r non h e after_ l Lout sq,H.-.the dry during-low tide. Ana�" V nos, Cit of four months attar the date PROPOSAL: <br /> ' - - thel4ate dt the sitar-pub- Each lot would be serviced The project site is located ones,P.O.Box 567, of first publication of this <br /> licatian of the notice. H with CI utilities water, Ithln the Marine Mixetl Anacortes,WA 98221 P <br /> the claim Is not present- ty ( Notice.If the claim is not Fib Number.SDP-2021- <br /> th within this time frame- sewer)and would access Use(MMU)zoning district Notice:Affected proper- pre mad within this time 0001 <br /> off&Ante Beach Read. and has a shoreline en- sterna,the claim is forev- <br /> the claim Is forever barred, The subject property is vironment designation of ty owners may request a er barred,except as oth- Date of Application:Feb- <br /> except as otherwise Pro- located within a tsunami Urban. change in valuation from P rue 22,2021 <br /> vidatl in RCM 1.40.051 hazard area. the county assessor for erwise provided in RCW ry <br /> and 11.40.060.This bar SEPA DNS Issued:June property tax purposes 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. Date of Com lateness: <br /> _ is effective as to claims notwilhsrending any pro- This bar is less effective as to P <br /> -- - - against both the dace- Required App Protect Per- 3,2021 gram o1 revaluation. claims against both the June 8.2021 <br /> dents lowing may <br /> je,The ree- decetlal roeatet and <br /> gropers assets and awing may be required Date of Final Decision: non-probateP Applicant KPFF Consult- <br /> Publishedron-probate assets. in addition to the above: June 8,2021 assets. g Engineers-1601 5th <br /> June 16,2021 <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- Residential Building Pe Per- AA-109076 Date of,First Publication: Ave,Suite 1600,Seattle, <br /> TION:June 9.2021 sit Right r Way Permits, Notice of Decision June 16,2021 WA 98101 <br /> ApprovStonnwal, <br /> & Drainage <br /> PERSONAL REPRESEN- Plat Approval, <br /> 1, Final Short Issued:June 15,2021 - Personal Representative: Landowner MJB Proper- <br /> PERSONAL Plat Apts8 Clearing& Brent R.Weidemenn gas,LLC- ,Se Ile e <br /> Name. Deanna M. Mar- Oieding Review Decision:Approved with The more you 9,Suite 102,Seattle,WA <br /> conditions Attorneyfor the Personal 98134 <br /> kovicr <br /> Address: 2517 Fir Crest SEPA Review:The pro- tell the more Representative: Alanlan R. <br /> Blvd posed development s ant viewed <br /> decisionlcking"ybe Souders.WSBA fY26192. project Location: me <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 to W C 1 SEPA pursuant rie ed by clicking"Cur- OU sell) along site is locatedh <br /> to WAC 187-11-800(8). rent Land Use Projects Y Address for Mailing or Sep- along O&parcels:Ave on the <br /> ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE and Notices" antl men ice: eventh Law.Ana- following3296.P32966, <br /> Name:Stephen C.Schutt Existing Environmental opening the mbar Hate PUBLIC NOTICE .rt Seventh Street.Ana- P32967,P32968,P32969, <br /> p Documents:Tune aer- project the <br /> number fold- tortes,WA,38221 P32970,P3297,P3294, <br /> Address:, Box 1032 ord cation l Plan,nTsunamipoHaz- er at/w following link: MJB Properties,LLC.5050 P3296,P32971,P32941, <br /> Phone:136)2 3-501 artl Evaluation Report ittga://www an ino[tes m 10t Avenue South,Suite Court andd Probate Proceed- P32916,P32913,P32929, <br /> 8064 <br /> Phone:13 6 01 2 93-G094 gov!'61/Planninq_Com- 102,Seattle;WA 98134, P32913,P32943,P58064 <br /> inks Gauss pumper. <br /> Published Pgabhc Hearing:NoPreliminary <br /> e Sod framitpomev-Eronomic-Osvel- isd the Washington Covgtone at- Court county bar 21- <br /> June 9,16,&23 2021 Plat Preliminary y e 2 oomenl Dep ire antoEcState Court 9 Number 27- Request: The applicant <br /> JuneAA 158641 Ad apphaafien is i Tone 2 Department of Ecology's 4-00241-29. has requested a Shorelinemt <br /> Administrative Decision, Appeals:o r sls of the Construction Late ater Permit tial Development <br /> clear- <br /> Pubdecilic toe thisb proposal NPDES and ner l Waste Published1 Plog (S )for clears <br /> The N Continent Period: must be letl date <br /> within 14 Discharge General Permit. June 16&30,2021 tog and gradingw activities <br /> Every ad you The Notice nofa Application eonune days of the date the lease June 30,885 to occur within shoe la. <br /> was published Written <br /> on June r refer <br /> was mailed.Please The proposed projectat AA-108Ba0 The proposed <br /> of Fidalgo for <br /> most 2021.Written con- and <br /> to 19 1820.030 MJB North,is innted at The propoof MP is for <br /> place runs online to e ontt h submitted AMC 1dure..80 for cert ,i Avenue Ma- SUPERIOR COURT devel non the Phase <br /> an <br /> to the contact00 person No- appeal procedures. tortes,in Skagit County. OF WASH F SKAN development with sewed <br /> _.____.__ ... _..... .. L $YRy1FIRt-..--- Jd below by 5:00 PM on COUNTY OF SKAGIT 1 par ag been reviewed <br /> June 30th,2021. Pily Mt As Em- This project involvesisturb28 under a separate Clearing <br /> OLD- <br /> Pl Morgan,; Associate scree of war, utility sane In Re the Estate of: &Grading-003 Permit, BLD- <br /> -��- ANY PERSON HAS THE Planner; Phone: (360) for roadway, utility and 2021-0033. <br /> 1,r RIGHT TO RECEIVE 298-4350; emilvm®ciN- grading construction ac- DAVID R.JOHNSON, <br /> NOTICE, PARTICIPATE ofanacortes.orq; City of tivitiea, The rough site grading for <br /> " IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- Anacortes.P.O.Box 547, Deceased. Phase 2 would include <br /> QUEST A COPY OF THE Anacortes,WA 98221 Storm star will be die- 150,000 cu.yds.of fill and <br /> DECISION AND charged to Groundwater. NO.21-4-00246-29 over 400 cu.yds.o1 cut <br /> 0row Atli- <br /> FINAL APPEAL THE DECISION Notice:Affected proper- for the preparation of land <br /> AS PROVIDED BY LAW. ty owners may request a Any persons desiring to NOTICE TO CREDITORS development- The de- <br /> change in valuation from present their views to the velopment proposes the <br /> The following is a summa- Document Availabii- the county assessor for Washington State Depart- The personal represent- construction activities as <br /> ry of an Ordinance passed Ity: Application docu- property tax purposes ment of Ecology regarding tative lamed below has follows,installing erosion <br /> by the Anacortes City ments may be reviewed at notwithstanding asp pro- this Application,or inter- been appointed as per- control BMPs,clearing the <br /> Council on June 7,2021 bttos'r/www,0ng ortesova. gram of revaluation. sated in Ecology's action some representative of existing land cover,plat- <br /> ' y/16'[o a Deoel- on this Application,may this estate. .Arty person mg fill sells.campactirg. <br /> --__ Ork0INANCE NO,309(1 lip rov-F - <br /> u Dever- Published sooty Ecology in writing having claims against the and placing permanent <br /> f- - AN ORDINANCE AMEND- re t Land Use Pro ects& June 6,202144 no later than 30 days of decedent must.before the soil stabilization;all pro- <br /> - 1 the last date of publication time the claim would be posed work is to occur <br /> ING ORDINANCE NO. Notices'and then open- of this notice.Ecology re- barred by any otherwise waterwa of the Ordinary <br /> 3078 ADOPTED ON DE- g the appropriate project views public comments applicable statute of lim- High Water Mark(OHWM <br /> CEMBER 21,2020, EN- file number folder. ',,��p' and angel considers whelherdis- ogres,present the claim The project site is located <br /> 'I FLED-AN ORDINANCE ors charges from this project in the manner as proved- within the Marine Mixed <br /> ADOPTINGTHE BUDGET Appeals:Any party with would cause a measurable .1 in RCW 11.40.070 by Use(MMU)zoning district <br /> FOR ALLL MUNICIPAL- standingendingmay appeal the change in receiving water serving on or mailing to and has a shoreline en- <br /> PURPOSES AND USES decision, once made, quality,and,if so,wheth- the <br /> FOR THE YEAR 2021" within 14 calendar dayspersonal personal er- vironment designation of <br /> AS AMENDED BY ORDI- after written notice of the ne the project is nodes- rive or the repro- Urban. <br /> NANCE 3079 ADOPTED decision Is mailed. NOTICE OF DECISION sary.and in the according ntative's attorney at the <br /> Per- <br /> ON APRIL 26,2021 the per public interest according address slated below a Required Project provisions ,n AMC File Number.FLN-2021- to Ter II anti-under ation copy of the claim and fit_ 'rats/Approvals:The fol- <br /> 19.20.180.Appazls. 0007 requirements under WAC wit the original of the claim lowing may be required <br /> A copy al the complete 173-201A-320. with the coup in which in addition to the above: <br /> last of each ordinance is For Project Information: property Owner. the probate proceedings SEPA environmental re- <br /> posteo at the Hnacortu- Emily Morgan,Associate Comments can be submit- were commenced. The Commercial Budding' <br /> CityHall,Anacortes Mu- Planner; 360-298-4350, ANADUPE 7.LLC-David Permit,Stomrwater Permit <br /> fed to: claim must be presented <br /> n ipal Building,6th Street emilym•eacitof Imccortes I^v'n, Irwin Development e c y re w q i a n o i®e c y. within the later of:(1)Thir- IWSDOE). right-of-way <br /> and 0 Avenue.Upon Dili; City of Ananones Gro"P Depart,or ty days after the personal Permits <br /> quest to the City Clerks Department of Planning, project Location: 21 at Department of Ecology representative served or <br /> Office (360-293-1900) Community,&Economic Attn:Water Quality Pm- mailed the notice to the SEPA Review:On June 3, <br /> copes will be mailed. Development, P.O. Box and O Ave-P127411/ 'tY <br /> p P 41 414/P605 i P88106 g Construction creditors as provided un- 2021.the City of Anacortes <br /> ,547.Anacortes,WA 98221 P60tormwater der RCW 11,40.020(1)(c): issued an Optional MDNS <br /> Sievert D.Hoglund P.O.Box 47696.Olympia, or(2)four months after (Mitigated Determination <br /> City Clerk Published project Description: WA 88504-Togo the date of the first pub- of Non-Significance) stet <br /> - June 16,2021 The applicant Is request- five to the environmental <br /> Published AA-1107gp g a Type-2 Site Plan Ilhe claim of the notice. H <br /> Jttne 16,2021 Review for construction Published the is not present- impact for the proposed <br /> June 8&15 2021 eU within this time frame, development along with <br /> AA-709323 The omiervtn omnae eme ns dt AA-108246 the claim is forever barred, an associated Phase 1 of <br /> +Es - ± <br />