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Working Document 5/17/21 <br />COVID -19 Health Action & Management Plan <br />Anacortes Arts Festival <br />August 6 – 8, 2021 <br /> <br />The following COVID-19 Health Action & Management Plan has been created following the <br />following industry-specific guidance from the Washington State Governor’s Office & Public <br />Health: <br />• Fairs, Parades, Festivals and Special Events COVID-19 Requirements <br />• Eating & Drinking Establishment Requirements <br />• Food Workers and Food Establishments Requirements <br />• Theater & Performing Arts Requirements <br />• Spectator Event Requirements <br />• Museum Requirements <br />• Washington State COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for Business and Workers <br />• Washington State Department of Labor and Industries General Requirements and <br />Prevention Ideas in the Workplace <br />• Washington State Department of Health Workplace and Employer Resources & <br />Recommendations <br /> <br />All Phase 3 Guidelines are adhered to in this Management Plan. We are hopeful that the Skagit <br />County Health Department and the City of Anacortes will allow AAF to adjust with less <br />restrictions, with the State reopening plans on June 30. This plan will be updated and <br />continually cleared through both entities. <br /> <br />Business Information: <br />Anacortes Arts Festival <br />505 O Avenue <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />Contact – Meredith McIlmoyle <br /> <br />360-293-6211 (office) <br />360-708-4416 (mobile) <br /> <br />History: <br />The Anacortes Arts Festival is a non-profit organization that has been producing a summer arts <br />festival for 60 years. In a typical year, there are 325 artist booths, three stages, three beer <br />gardens, a youth area, a fine art show and two or three food booth areas. AAF has a full time <br />staff of five people, an eleven member Board of Directors and more than 230 volunteers. The <br />Festival was cancelled in 2020 and the office was closed for six months. Since January, the staff <br />and board have been working to prepare the organization to be flexible enough to host and <br />event of any size allowed this summer. Our team feels that even if our organization loses <br />money this year, it is our responsibility to host a safe, well-planned event this year for our local <br />businesses, our community and the artists who rely on our festival for their livelihood.