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ArnieY 0 Street Fair Application <br /> Per AMC 7.04.040,application shall be filed not less than ninety days in advance of the <br /> date on which the event is to occur, if the event requires the closure of any highway or <br /> "</klear(47 street,any detouring traffic,or any significant impact on city services. Other events not <br /> C'Q requiring the foregoing are to be filed not less than sixty days in advance of the proposed <br /> event.Applicants will be notified when the application is scheduled for consideration by City <br /> Council, and will again be notified when City Council either approves or denies the <br /> application. Following application approval,applicants will be provided with contact numbers <br /> for relevant city departments.Applicants are responsible to for contacting individual City <br /> departments to request services for the event, such as traffic control,solid waste removal, <br /> and food service inspection. <br /> View Anacortes Municipal Code Chapter 7.04,Special Events <br /> Application <br /> Application Date* <br /> 6/17/2021 <br /> Event Name* Applicant/Organization Name* <br /> BIRTHDAY PARTY JENNIFER BOWMAN <br /> Mailing Address* Event Contact Person* <br /> 3809 37TH DR JENNIFER BOWMAN <br /> Event Contact Email* Event Contact Phone* <br /> (360)202-7419 <br /> Event Website Estimated Number of Participants/Attendees* <br /> 50-60 <br /> Event Description* <br /> BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH MUSIC. Neighbors have been notified. Food truck(Ariba Pizza)will be parked on <br /> street. <br /> Will food vendors participate in this event?* <br /> All Food Vendors must be inspected by the Fire Marshall on site prior to the start of the event. <br /> ( Yes r No <br /> Date Event Starts* Time Event Starts* <br /> 7/11/2021 2:00:00 PM <br /> Date Event Ends* Time Event Ends* <br /> 7/11/2021 5:00:00 PM <br /> Date Street Closure Starts* <br /> Include requested closures before and after the event hours if <br /> required for set up and tear down. Time Street Closure Starts* <br /> 7/11/2021 2:00:00 PM <br /> Date Street Closure Ends* Time Street Closure Ends* <br /> 7/11/2021 5:00:00 PM <br /> Event Location* <br />