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seasonal events that can be anticipated and may occur but that are not imminent are not an <br /> emergency; <br /> Pursuant to Appendix "A" of the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) regulating critical areas, <br /> the subject development was reviewed for proximity to critical areas. The subject property is <br /> subject to the following: <br /> • SMP A-3: Geologically Hazardous Areas <br /> o Based on City mapping, the subject property is located in a geologically hazard <br /> area for tsunami hazard and positioned on modified soil. <br /> Critical Areas • SMP A-1: Frequently Flooded Areas <br /> o Based on FEMA's National Flood Hazard Mapping, a portion of the existing <br /> structure is located in FIRM panel 5303170040A and is identified as Zone AE; a <br /> floodplains report was provided with application. <br /> • SMP A-5: Fish &Wildlife Conservation Habitat Areas <br /> o Based on the City mapping, the subject property is adjacent to priority habitat and <br /> species for Dungeness crab; a critical areas report was provided with application. <br /> SHORELINE INFORMATION <br /> Shoreline The subject property has a shoreline environment designation of Urban Maritime. <br /> Environment <br /> Water Body Guemes Channel <br /> VICINITY MAP <br /> '�: r" <br /> \ I , ta* 4. „uw Nth ,...,,,„..,,c4g - <br /> , iso2 _..n_ r, __i --. -t.' • r4 . ..•• ':•"li, . 1,, ,' ---.—..f,, <br /> 1 _- <br /> ar <br /> r <br /> SLX-2021-0009—Heron House Cannery Demolition Shoreline Exemption - Decision <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br />