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helped the City achieve no fewer than five requirements of its NPDES permit. The presenters invited the public <br /> to follow posted sampling results at the project website. <br /> Ordinance 3064: Critical Area Regulations Draft 3 <br /> Senior Planner Tess Cooper presented Draft 3,version 2 of the critical area regulations,which reflected the <br /> changes to Draft 3 that had been requested by City Council during its review of the document on April 19, <br /> May 3,May 10, and June 7. Ms. Cooper's presentation had been included in the packet materials for the <br /> meeting. Ms. Cooper noted additional changes requested by councilmembers and confirmed that any additional <br /> public comment periods for changes of that magnitude would be duly advertised. <br /> Resolution 3037: Waiving Competitive Bidding for 271 Multi-port Service Terminals(MSTs) <br /> Fiber Manager Jim Lemberg presented Resolution 3037 to waive the bidding requirements for the purchase of <br /> 271 Multi-port Service Terminals(MSTs)for the City's Access Fiber Project from Millennium. Mr. Lemberg <br /> summarized the special market conditions requiring this action,referring to the packet materials for the agenda <br /> item. <br /> RYAN WALTERS moved, seconded by BRUCE MCDOUGALL,to approve Resolution 3037 authorizing the <br /> purchase of 271 Multi-port Service Terminals (MSTs)for the City's Access Fiber Project from Millennium,and <br /> waiving the competitive bidding requirement due to special market conditions. Vote: Ayes -RYAN WALTERS, <br /> CHRISTINE CLELAND-MCGRATH, CAROLYN MOULTON,BRUCE MCDOUGALL,MATT MILLER. <br /> Nays-None. Result: Passed <br /> Adjournment <br /> There being no further business,at approximately 7:45 p.m.the Anacortes City Council meeting of <br /> June 14,2021 was adjourned. <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes -June 14, 2021 <br /> 2 <br /> Page 4 of 121 <br />