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For further information, contact the City of Anacortes' Department of Planning, Community, & Economic <br /> Development at (360) 299-1984. The issuance of this Determination of Non-significance should not be <br /> interpreted as acceptance or approval of the proposal as presented. The City of Anacortes reserves the <br /> right to deny or approve said proposal subject to conditions if it is determined to be in the best interests of <br /> the city and/or necessary for the general health, safety and welfare of the public to do so. <br /> Responsible Official: Don Measamer, Director/SEPA Responsible Official <br /> Planning, Community, & Economic Development Department <br /> Address: P.O. Box 547 <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> Phone: 360-299-1942 <br /> n <br /> Signature: � Issue Date: 7) <br /> Fo(L-. '1c,n Mea.-sauAel 9 ire.xtuv <br /> SEPA APPEAL PROCEDURE: <br /> This environmental threshold determination may be appealed in accordance with the procedures outlined <br /> in AMC Chapter 18.04 and 19.20. Appeals must be on forms provided by the Planning, Community & <br /> Economic Department(PCED), contain the information specified in AMC 19.20.180.F, be accompanied by <br /> a filing fee of $200, and be delivered to the City Clerk by mail or personal delivery by 5:00 PM, July 1St, <br /> 2021. Additional information regarding the appeal process may be obtained from City of Anacortes PCED, <br /> (360) 299-1984. <br /> SLX-2021-0009—Heron House Cannery Demolition SEPA DNS <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br />