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A6 AN�,CCartS.'Ctlke-.IN/York G(ANACOArb6.Com IYF.DNeSPAY,jt'F.9,2021 <br /> al Notices <br /> _________ <br /> ......„,•. .„.. .... .. . . <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> LEGALS Legals Legals Legals Legals Legals <br /> SUPERIOR COURT PUBLIC NOTICE m9 is o inrorm neignoors e.omprenenswe man pon- <br /> Legals OF WASHINGTON and interested parties ties and to Anacortes Mu- <br /> COUNTY OF SKAGIT MJB Properties,LLC,5050 about the potential prof- c,T y O nicipal Code Title 19,Uni- <br /> SUPERIOR COURT OF 1st Avenue South,Suite act at an early stage and fled Development Code. <br /> WASHINGTON. COUNTY In Re the Estate of: 102,Seattle,WA 98134, to foster communication <br /> OF SKAGIT is seeking coverage n- between the applicant and ,ay A Ilst of the amendment <br /> LOIS M.SOBEK, der the Washington State the public regarding po- -tout requests and the Depart- <br /> In Re the Estate of: Department of Ecology's tentlal project issues and ment's recommendations <br /> Deceased. Construction Storinwater opportunities for solutions. for docketing will be avail- <br /> CLAYTON W. LEMING, NPDES and State Waste Notice of Availability able no later than 5:00 <br /> Husband, NO.21-4-00231-29 Discharge General Permit, Project Description:This PM on June 9,2021 at: <br /> And LESLIE J.LEMING. NOTICE TO CREDITORS project proposes to re- Including written comment httos://www anacorteswa <br /> Wife, The proposed project, place the existing 6'x 12' period, public hearing aov/1321/Comorehen- <br /> The personal represen- MJB North,Is located at timber pier,3'x 30'ramp, date, and environmental sive-Plan-Amendments <br /> Deceased. tstive named below has 1901 R Avenue in Ana- 8 x 45'goat and(3)12" review. <br /> been appointed as per- codes,in Skagit County. creosote treated wood The Council's decision <br /> NO.21-4-00203-29 sone! representative of piles:with the installation Publish Date:June 9,2021 to include a proposed <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS this estate. Any person This project involves 28 of:(1)3'x 36'100%6- amendment in the dock- <br /> having claims against the acres of soil disturbance beiglass ADA compliant Proposal Name: City of et is procedural and does <br /> decedent must,before the for roadway, utility and ((grated aluminum ramp, Anacortes 2021 Docket of not constitute a decision <br /> The personal represen- time the claim would be grading construction ac- (1omposl(e float with 50 d Proposed Comprehensive as to whether the amend- <br /> The <br /> named below has barred by any otherwise twities. 9 Development ment will ultimately be a <br /> been appointed as per- applicable statute of Tim- 50% ADA compliant 6- Regulation Amendments Proved. <br /> sonal remsanraove of 'tattoos.present the claim -Storm water will be dis- bangles.grating with 62% <br /> this estate. Any person in the manner as provid- charged to Groundwater. opetl space, <br /> (4) gavDocuments Available at SEPA Threshold Deter- <br /> !lawny claims against the ed in RCW 11.40.070 by piles, (2) httosdlwww anacorteswa- minetion <br /> decedent must before the serving on or mailing to Any persons desiring to Pile mounted Float stops to lieu/1321/Comorehen- The City will not conduct <br /> t'rre the claim would be the personal represenla- present their views to the prevent grounding srve-Plan-Amendments SEPA analysis until the <br /> barred by any otherwise live or the personal repre- Washington State Depart- docket has been esteb- <br /> abplicable statute of Tim- aentatrve s attorney at the Projectant of Ecology regarding Location: 2208 Lead Agency:City of Ana- fished. <br /> stations,present the claim address stated below a this Application,or inter- Dover Dr.Anacortes,WA tortes planning,Commu- <br /> sn tee manner as provid- copy of the claim and ill- ested in Ecology's action 98221 miry&Economic Develop- How to Comment <br /> e3 in Row 11 40.070 by mg the originator the claim on this Application,may Project eet Department Comments are accepted <br /> se in on or mailio to with the court in which notify Ecology i writingApplicald/Repre- via email,paper,or verbal- <br /> the person'repmsenta- the probate proceedings no later than 30 days of Name:Ive: Brownson& Contact Person Libby ly.All written comments <br /> • hoe or the personal repro_ were commenced. The the last date of publicationGrage,Planning Manager must be received by the <br /> e tetive's attorney at the claim must be presented of this notice.Ecology re- Monique <br /> Delmar <br /> Floatsabiths Public Hearin Body: deadline <br /> a andinclluuude(1) <br /> address stated below a within the later of:(1)Thir- views public comments9 Y y <br /> copy of the claim and ffl- ty days after the personal and considers whether dis- Dr.Portland s:a 89390NR Marine codes City Council m7 ailing address,and(3) <br /> mg the a coin of the clam representative served or charges from this project 313 East F Street Tacoma. Public HearingDate:Mon- Docket of Com rehen name - <br /> with the taunt in which mailed the notice to the would cause a measurable er <br /> the probate proceedings creditors as provided un- change in receiving water Phon9e421 631-839-5433 day,June 28,2021 at 6:00 meet Regulationn and DAmenE- <br /> were commenced, The der ROW 11A0.020(1)(c); quality,and,if so,wheth- <br /> claim ust be presented (2)four months after er the project is noes- 253-383-2740 Emal lake4rbraimumstu- Written Comment mans'). <br /> within the later of.(1)Thfr- thedate of the first pub- sary and In the overriding <br /> Dead- <br /> ly days after the personal lication of the notice. If public interest according eptha®narineiloete,cam 2021,t Wednesday,June June 30, Egad and ail comments <br /> sttbe sente- <br /> .presentative served or the claim is not present- to Tier II anti-degradation <br /> c to <br /> reditors <br /> the notice to the d within this time frame, requirements under WAC libbvblease include rtes <br /> creditors as provided un- the claim is forever barred, 173-201A-320. Meeting Date & Time: Proposal Description ling,Please include your <br /> der RCW 11.months(1)Iler except as otherwise pin- June 22.2021 at 6:00 PM The Growth Manage- comments in the body of <br /> or(2) four months after vided in RCW11 A0.051 Comments can be submit- meat Act provides that your email message rather <br /> the data of the firstpub- <br /> lication and ective060.This bar ted to: Meeting Location:In or- ^each comprehensive deuive than as attachments, <br /> of the is effective as to claims ec y r e w q i a n o r®ecy. der to comply with orders land use plan and tlevel- <br /> the claim is not resent- against both the dace- wages,or from the Governor to not opment regulations shall Paper comments maybe <br /> p tlent's probate assets and Department of Ecologyhold In-person meetings, be subject to continuingmailed or delivered to: <br /> d within this time frame, non-probate assets. Attn: Water Duality ro- this neighborhood meet- review and evaluation''. City of Anacortes <br /> the claim is forever harped, Pr ty In will be held virtualy Planning,except as otherwise pro- g9 Construction @ 'RCW ui es Anacortes <br /> Community & <br /> aided in 060.This <br /> 'bar <br /> DATE Juneu9,FIRST PUBLICA- $O.Box 4r using Zoom. and roduires Anpt pe- Ecpartme Development <br /> and 1 rtion 00.oh bar TION: 9,2021 P.O.850-7696,Olympia, to periodically accept amendmentsts A TpN:Libby <br /> is effective be s to dvclaims N/A 98504-7696 How to Join the Zoom ti mu for P.O.Box 54 /G 90g4 <br /> against both the dove- PERSONAL REPRESEN- 1.M Go to or revisions Plan the Com, P.O.Bone, /9 8 21h St. <br /> non-pprobate assets and TATIVE Published 1.Go h or prehenland policies, Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Name: Deanna M. Mar- June 8&15,2021 call in phone number:253- future land use map,and <br /> non-probate assets. kovich AA-108246 215-8782 development regulations. Verbal comments may be <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- Address: 2517 Fir Crest 2.Enter meeting ID:944 Anacortes implements made at the Pubic Hear- <br /> TION:May26,2021 Blvd. 2902 7154 this requirement through Mg.Due to the COVID-19 <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 ,t y���, 3.Click Join.When asked Anacortes Municipal Code pandemic,the public hear- <br /> PERSONAL REPRESEN- cAi rl you want to open zoom, (AMC) Chapter 19.16, 'g will be held as a remote <br /> TATNE ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE us,click Allow. Legislative Actions,which meehng. Virtual meeting <br /> Nance:Lon N,Leming Name:Stephen C.Schutt y 4.If prompted for a pass- describes the process for access information can be <br /> .. Address:PO Box 1032 word,enter:6ve[5c annual amendments. Found on the City Council <br /> - 206 4 _ agenda., <br /> ----�- _ - - - Waterville,WA 98858.. Anacortes,WA 98227posted Wednes- <br /> Phone:(360)2935094 OR connect with this link: The proposal consists of day por to the meeting <br /> ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE NOTICE OF 9 proposed amendments here: httos9/www.ana- <br /> Name.Stephen C.Schutt Published NEIGHBORHOOD Join Zoom Meeting: to the AnacortesCompre- corteswa.dov/700/Meet- <br /> June 9,16,&23,2021 hensive Plan,Future Land -Documents-and-Video <br /> Address:PO Box 1032 AA t08041 MEETINGAnacortes h t t a s://zoom u s/ Use Map, and Develop- <br /> Phone: WA j/94429027154 Ts- ment Regulations under Published <br /> Phone:1360)293-5094 A pre-application neigh- aid=K1BsVngq1Y2FOZE- consideration through the June9 2021 <br /> Published Many buyers won't 2othom ltle000d stelegconfer U1UUtOeDNJV3VSdz09 2021 docket.The crepes- AA-108225 <br /> May 26.2027 coca has been scheduled al Includes 1 Future Land <br /> June&,2021 leer.a message give a Published Use Map amendment, <br /> to introduce the potential June i,2027 and the remainln9 amend- I The more you tell the <br /> qA-102383 best time to call project described below. AA-108648 menu are proposed to the s n, <br /> The Fv4>u'se of the meet- •A-RE YOU'LL SELL! <br /> • <br /> • <br /> Find help <br /> . 4„,...., <br /> fl <br /> 4 = ' with your <br /> ... i in the • <br /> Classifieds <br /> 4, <br />