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2. The work is to commence Summer 2021 and should be completed within 1 month; all work would occur in <br /> the dry during low tide. <br /> 3. The existing seawall is a permitted and necessary structure for the preservation of the clubhouse/cabana <br /> building, within the Urban shoreline environment designation. Repair and maintenance as proposed is <br /> considered normal maintenance or repair and would restore the development to a state comparable to its <br /> original condition, including size, shape, configuration, location, and appearance. <br /> 4. The proposed work would not result in a change in size of the seawall or an expansion of the footprint. There <br /> would be no new impact or overwater coverage as a result of this development. <br /> CONCLUSIONS OF LAW <br /> 1. The proposed repair and maintenance, as conditioned, is consistent with SMP 2.4(E)(2) &WAC 173-27- <br /> 040(2)(b). <br /> 2. As conditioned, the proposal is consistent with the policies of the Shoreline Management Act. <br /> 3. As conditioned, the proposal is consistent with the Shoreline Master Program. <br /> DECISION <br /> ® Approved (Qe i (� <br /> ❑ Denied Don Measamer, Shoreline Administrator Da <br /> CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL <br /> 1. Pursuant to WAC 173-27-040(1)(e), the applicant must comply with all work as described within the Master <br /> Land Use application, JARPA, and site plan, date stamped May 7, 2021, or as modified by other agency <br /> requirements. <br /> 1.1. This exemption is based only on the plans and application materials, noted within the file of record, <br /> received from the applicant. Any changes shall be reviewed by the City of Anacortes Planning <br /> Department to ensure that the exemption is still valid. <br /> 2. The applicant must adhere to the applicable policies and development regulations contained in the City of <br /> Anacortes's 2010 Shoreline Master Program (COASMP) including but not limited to those in: Section 5.10 <br /> Urban Environmental Designation, Section 9.11 Shoreline Stabilization Measures & Flood Protection Works, <br /> and Chapter 6 Environmental Protection General Regulations; and other applicable provisions of the <br /> Shoreline Master Program. <br /> 3. Pursuant to RCW 27.53.020 and COASMP 6.4 for Archaeological/Historic/Cultural Impacts, if any artifacts or <br /> human remains are found upon excavation, the Samish Indian Nation; the City of Anacortes' Department of <br /> Planning, Community, & Economic Development; the City of Anacortes' Police Department; and the State of <br /> Washington's Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) shall be immediately notified <br /> and the work in the immediate area cease. <br /> 3.1. Pursuant to RCW 27.53.060 it is unlawful to destroy any historic or prehistoric archaeological resources. <br /> 3.2. RCW 27.44 and 27.53.060 require that a person obtain a permit from the Washington State Department <br /> of Archaeology and Historic Preservations before excavating, removing, or altering Native American <br /> human remains or archaeological resources in Washington. <br /> 4. The proposed work, outlined in the application materials, shall adhere to the recommendations and <br /> conclusions provided by the Site Assessment prepared by Coastal Geologic Services, Inc, dated April 2, <br /> 2020. <br /> 5. Best Management Practices (BMPs) must be implemented at all times during the proposed maintenance and <br /> repair activities. <br /> SLX-2021-0008—Skyline Seawall Repair& Maintenance Shoreline Exemption - Decision <br /> Page 3 of 4 <br />