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List end pants of each street that will be closed(e.g.6th Street from OAve to QAve).Also include location and dirrensions of any structures that will be <br /> erected and locations of the event that w ill not be on city street right of way. <br /> please see map <br /> Parking Location <br /> List any public parking areas that the event requests to use for dedicated event parking,including handicapped parking. <br /> throughout downtown <br /> Event Map(optional) Indemnification Agreement* <br /> LDload one or rmre rraps of the event Upload scan of SIGNED indermification agreerrent <br /> July 4 parade map.pdf 1.43MB Special Event Indemnification <br /> 102.03KB <br /> Agreement.pdf <br /> Download the Indemnification Agreement here. <br /> Signage <br /> Street closure signs will be provided by the City of Anacortes.Applicants must contact City staff one week <br /> prior to the event to arrange sign delivery. Event sponsor personnel are responsible for placing street closure <br /> signs,which may not be posted more that 48 hours prior to the approved closure, must be removed <br /> immediately following the event,and must be returned to city staff the first business day following the event. <br /> Insurance <br /> The applicant may be required to provide public liability insurance subject to the provisions of AMC 7.04.100. <br /> Applicants will be notified following application approval of insurance requirements for the specific event. <br /> Electronic Signature Agreement <br /> By checking the"I agree" box below,you agree and acknowledge that 1)your application will not be signed in <br /> the sense of a traditional paper document,2)by signing in this alternate manner,you authorize your electronic <br /> signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature,and 3)you <br /> may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date. <br /> I state that I am over the age of 18,that I agree to assume responsibility for the above-described event and <br /> to abide by all conditions stipulated by the approval of the application.* <br /> 17 Yes <br /> Signature <br /> C'74:rer egeor.O.ed <br /> Admin Review * <br /> Council Meeting Date* Staff Review Deadline <br /> Target date for presentation to City Council;no later than 30 days Staff review/approval required no later than 7 days prior to City <br /> prior to event Council meeting to allow packet preparation <br /> 6/21/2021 6/14/2021 <br /> Administrator comments and conditions of approval <br /> Unfortunately this did not get submitted as quickly as it should have been but with Covid,who knew whether <br /> the parade would be possible. Please review immediately.Thank you. <br /> Insurance Certificate <br /> Insurance certificate rray be required by staff or as a condition of Council approval <br /> Departmental Review <br /> Building Department will provide the following services for this event: <br />