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SAFER grant,the Fire Station 3 needs assessment,the ladder truck needs assessment, addressing T Avenue <br /> homelessness,the new police officer and new records clerk,legislative news affecting the police department, <br /> particularly body cams, and the police chief transition.Mayor Gere announced that Police Chief John Small <br /> would retire June 30,that the position would be posted for a full community hiring process, and that Police <br /> Captain Dave Floyd would serve as interim chief beginning on June 14. <br /> Housing Affordability and Community Services Committee: Mr. Walters reported from the Committee meeting <br /> held the previous week. The topics discussed included the committee's ongoing gap analysis, a presentation by <br /> Unite Us coordinated referral service which will launch on June 22 in Skagit County, ongoing work by the <br /> committee and upcoming presentation to full Council of the committee's work to date. <br /> Personnel Committee: Ms. Cleland-McGrath reported from the Committee meeting held earlier in the day. The <br /> topics discussed included Ordinance 3090 which would be addressed later on the agenda,the personnel policy <br /> update currently under way,the new remote work policy being developed,the lack of response to the RFI for a <br /> compensation and classification study,and strategies for filling the Human Resources Director position which <br /> has been vacant for a year. <br /> Public Comment <br /> Brian Wetcher observed the 40th anniversary of the Anacortes Community Forest Lands and reflected on the <br /> evolution of the community's attitude toward the ACFL. He encouraged Council to keep the spirit of the <br /> community in mind in all its deliberations. Mayor Gere observed that 38%of the city's land area was <br /> community forest. <br /> Consent Agenda <br /> Mr.Miller moved, seconded by Mr. McDougall to approve the following Consent Agenda items. The motion <br /> carried unanimously by voice vote. <br /> a. Minutes of May 24,2021 and May 27,2021 <br /> b. Approval of claims in the amount of$1,154,369.45 <br /> The following vouchers/checks were approved for payment: <br /> EFT numbers: 100236 through 100296,total $672,690.45 <br /> Check numbers: 100297 through 100314,total$424,084.41 <br /> Wire transfer numbers: 284850 through 285328,total$56,968.87 <br /> c. Interlocal Agreement 21-122-PRK-001 with City of Marysville: 2021 Outdoor Video Services <br /> PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> Continued Public Hearing: Critical Area Regulations Draft 3 <br /> Senior Planner Tess Cooper continued the review of Draft three last undertaken at the regular City Council <br /> meeting on May 10,2021.Ms. Cooper's slide presentation was included in the packet materials for the meeting. <br /> She observed that the public comment period had closed on April 23, followed by Council review of the public <br /> comments at subsequent City Council meeting. She summarized the work plan for finalizing and adopting the <br /> ordinance. Ms. Cooper then reviewed some examples of how the proposed regulations would apply to real world <br /> examples. Ms. Cooper responded to councilmember questions and requests. <br /> Mayor Gere invited members of the audience to comment on this agenda item. <br /> Brian Wetcher asked about the first Real World example presented by Ms. Cooper. He asked how someone <br /> would come up with a mitigated no net loss solution,and noted that he didn't see any access to the garage. Ms. <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes-June 7,2021 <br /> 2 <br /> Page 3 of 152 <br />