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A8 A14COKrES AMERICAN/Vo1R GOANACORTES.COM SVEDNESDAY, 1;NE 2,2021 <br /> L . gaI <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> LEGALS Locals Legals Legals <br /> Waterville,WA 98858 no sq.rt.or me strut- i nresnoip uetenninauon Agent:Christina Larson of pacts of this proposal. <br /> Legals tore is up to 42 ft.water- is a Type 2 Administrative Varitone Architecture:231 This proposal may include <br /> ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE ward of the OHWM.The Decision. SW 2nd Ave,Albany,OR mitigation measures un- <br /> SUPERIOR COURT OF Name:Stephen C.Schutt approximately 30 piers 97321 der applicable codes,and <br /> WASHINGTON, COUNTY Address:PO Box 1032 and posts on footings Public Comment Period: the project review process <br /> y <br /> OF SIRAGI7 es,WA 98221 Phone: located under the strut- The Notice of Application Date of Application: may incorporate or require <br /> Phone:(360)2935094 tore re to be removed. as published on June <br /> Demolition landward of 2nd,2021,Written April 2l,2027 mitigation measures re- <br />• In Re the Estate of: the OHWM would In- ments must be submitted I srdless of whether an EIS <br /> PublishedDate of Completeness: Is subsequent <br /> A copy of the <br /> May 26,2021 elude,removal of remain- to the contact person list- May 5,2021 subsequent SEPA thresh- <br />' GLAYTON W. LEMING. Y2 <br /> Husband, June&,2021 ing structure,foundation, ed below by 5:00 PM o0 old determination for the <br /> And LESLIE J.LEMING. AA-102383 and several small external June 16th,2021. Project Location: proposal may be obtained <br /> Wife. foundations.Once the site 419 Commercial Ave, upon request. <br /> is cleared of the demo- ANY PERSON HAS THE Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> lition materials, the site RIGHT TO RECEIVE <br />• Deceased, LLT y ox and shoreline would be re- NOTICE, PARTICIPATE Existing DocumEnvIrents: <br /> men- <br /> stored and stabilized with IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- <br /> Request:The applicant is tel Documents: SEPA <br /> NO.21-4-00203-2 9requesting aType-2 She Checklist &Prevention <br /> tar <br /> vegetation. rat subject QUEST A COPY N THE <br /> NOTICE TEl CREDITORS Plan Review with SEPA Pollutiah Prevention Plan <br /> ' % ti' property is located in the FINAL DECISION AND <br /> 'v<'.1R Light Industrial(LI)zoning APPEAL THE DECISION Review tot n and Spa.p the 151VPPP, <br /> district and has a shoreline AS PROVIDED BY LAW. Majestic proposesp and The <br /> re- <br /> The personal rep-even- environment designation projectms to theo North 12 Public Hearing:Plan <br /> None Review <br /> ration named below has NOTICE OF of Urban Maritime. Document Avallabil- guest and quires,A Site Plan Review <br /> De- <br /> been appointed as per- APPLICATION with try: Application done- buildingic and south build-the termination <br /> aSEPAThrType 2d Ad- <br /> sonal representatnre od OPTIONAL SEPA DNS: Required Project Per- ems may be reviewed at kitchen of the South North temi tratlne is a Type 2 Ad- <br /> this estate. Any personm ing.The proposed minbtrative Decision. <br /> havingclaims against the lowing may <br /> b:The red hop/:%Mrv+waaning-Corn- buildingeverhwene <br /> g NOTICE IS AN APPLICA-GN- lowing may bet required munity Econommg-Com- pa out areaear the existingPublic Comment Period:io <br /> decedent must.before the EN THAT in addition to the above: inuniry-Economic-Devel- <br /> time the claim would be TION WAS MADE FOR Demolition Permit,USACE content by clicking"No- to parkinge t and located The Notice publishedf A June <br /> barred by any Otherwise THE FOLLOWING PRO- Section 10 Permit,WDFW does of Application"and T the opo of the thbuild- was 01.Wr on June <br /> orn- <br /> applicable statute of find- POSAL: HPA,WADOE Section 401 then opening the The addition <br /> Southuld replacece 2nd, must <br /> be sub mind <br /> nations,present the claim Water Quality Certification priate proje t file number ing existing <br /> pavede manents ant l person the manner as pprovid- File Number:SLX-2021- folder. to heating f Susan at the contact 5:00 Pn lion <br /> ed in RCW 11.40.070 by g0eg SEPA Review:Based on kitchen. <br /> the North of the existing ed 1. PM on <br /> serving on or mailing to the submittedkitchen.sedkito parking :lone i6th.2021. <br /> aaoprmation. For Project Associate <br /> is proposed maintain <br /> the personalpersonal <br /> 50al repro- Date of Application:May and yilanti information.Issu- Emily Morgan,hone 0)2e- the current and r <br /> toe or the personal repro- 17 2021 the City anticipates Issue Planner,Phone:(360)298- squired ANY PERSON HAS THE <br /> senlative's attorney at the in a DNS for this parking space count;re- NOTIC TO RECEIVE <br /> g alaDNS ofan Email:e: CCity of no re of parking would <br /> RE- <br /> copy of the eclaim and fit- Date of Completeness: al and the optionalp d ini Aa coetn,P.O.Box <br /> 7, not result from te pro- IN QUEST A HEARINGS,T PARTICIPATE <br /> May 27,2021 process .1 specified Anacortes,P.O.Box 547, <br /> ing the original of the claim WAC 197.11.355 is being Anacortes,WA 98221 posed additions.The sub- QUEST A COPY OF THE <br /> with the court in which Applicant: Strandberg utilized. Consequently, thet a property is incased inDi- FINAL DECISION AND <br /> the probate proceedings Construction-2018 R Ave, this may be the only op- Published the Central ring Business district. APPEAL PROVIDEDTH BYDE LLAWN <br /> were commenced. The Anacortes,WA 98221 portunity to comment on June 2 2021 trio(COD)zoning AS BYLAW. <br /> claim must be presented the environmental impacts AA-1155857 <br /> ithin the later of:(1)Thir- Agent: Karla Galina, of this proposal.This pro- mit Required Project Per- ity:Do Application <br /> Avad cco- <br /> ty days after the personal Aqua-Tarr Systems, INC posal may include iti- lowing may <br /> b:The red Ity: Application ducat <br /> re representative served orlowing may betrequired ants may a reviewed at <br /> pr B 1 Lake Louise Drive,29 k4, applicable <br /> measures under in Conrmercn to the above: goo/tswow anaconeswa, <br /> mailed ilia notice to the Bellingham,WA 98229 applicable codas,and the <br />• creditors as provided an- mit, Bound ry Building Per- mu itv-Eo nomic-annip Com- <br /> proyincorporate <br /> n rporew process miL Bound Line Ad- Semen!Economic-Deval- <br /> der RCW 11.months(after Landowner:Heron House may mitigation <br /> or ea or require <br /> or(2)four months after Holding,LLC-2633 Cher- mitigation measures re- l <` Resi w vel.m ht ac of A clicking"and <br /> the date of the litst pub- 0' Ave. Signal Hill, CA gardless of whether an EIS <br /> Review Approval. Righto aces of Application"and <br /> lication of the notice.If g7055 is prepared.A copy of the of Way Permit,Dept. t then opening the appro. <br /> the claim's not present- subsequent SEPA thresh- Ecology National Pollute priate protect file number <br /> ea within this time frame, Project Location: 1502 old determination for the NOTICEATI OF ant Discharge nstruction folder. <br /> tion <br /> the claim is forever barred. 5th St. Anacortes, WA proposal may be obtained APPLICATION SEPA DNSITH ((tormw Consul Per-as otherwise pro- (P55881 / P55882 / upon request. OPTIONAL Stormwater General Per- For Project Information: <br /> vided In RCWt t,40.051 p55B79) mit(CSGP) Emily Morgan,Associate <br /> and 11.40.060.This bar Existing Environmen- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- Planner; 360-298-4350, <br /> Is effective as to claims Request:The applicant is tel Documents: SEPA EN THAT AN APPLICA- SEPA Review:Based on emilvmIScitvofanacortes <br /> against both the dace- requesting a shoreline ex- Checklist; Environmental TION WAS MADE FOR the submitted information,tion Dep City of Anacortes <br /> dent's probate assets and eruption for the demolition Site Assessment:Asbes- THE FOLLOWING PRO- and Cityyilantible atsis Communit, &o conom c <br />• non-probate assets. of a former fish processing toe Inspection Report; POSAL: the anticipates th pr ipos- CoDemmunity, &Economic <br /> facility that is currently in Critical Areas&Shoreline ing a and theh for this a DNSos- 547,Anecort, P.O. 221 <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- a state of collapse on the Report;and Demolition& File Number: al process optionalp DNS 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> TION:May 26,2021 Gue,nos Channel. The Restoration Plan PW-2021-0008 WAG1 specified - <br /> scope of the protect woulden WAC uss ing lazed. -355 is be- Published <br /> 2021 <br /> PERSONAL REPRESEN- include disconnecting util- Public Hearing: None OliverAf Majjestic Inn,LLC: ly,this)may bentheuonly ent- JuAA-ne 05897 <br /> hies and removin the ap- required.A Shoreline Ex- 13635 NW Cornell Rd,Ste opportunity <br /> Name:Lorl N.Leming 3on the eft to comment <br /> Address:P.O,sox 206 Proximately 5,72 sq.ft. eruption with a SEPA 100,Portland,OR 97229 the environmental im- <br /> structure;aapproximately --- - ------ <br /> •0� • <br /> � <br /> IA •, <br /> Find help <br /> 4 ®� with our <br /> y — <br /> •• <br /> intheitry <br /> Classifieds _ <br /> - { <br />