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W'ED'nC tEny.MAY 2(i.2021 COANACORTES.COM ANACORTrs AMERICAN/YOUR FIDALGO AZ <br /> ... ._ _. <br /> ....... . <br /> " al Notices . .... <br /> _____ ________. <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> ® Legals ® ® ® Leeals <br /> replacement the Structural ppncanc aranaoerg IN THE SUPERIOR tat Checklist,Habitat Sut- <br /> Legals footing.The riprap is to be Construction,INC COURT OF THE <br /> moved while a new con- v ey,Biological Evaluation, <br /> SUPERIOR COURT OF crete footing,totaling 10 Date of Application:April t WASH NGTON Mitigation. <br /> u,yds will be installed; 28.2021 FOR SKAGIT COUNTY <br /> OF SKAGIT N, COUNTY SEPA Review:Based on <br /> OF SKAGIT are dprap will be relocated '•k `� the submitted a <br /> and restocked in front of Date of Completeness: rtco� Estate of: pplica- <br /> the new footing.The work May 19,2021 lion,the City anticipates <br /> 1 is In Re the Estate or. •p conmwnCe Sununw issuing an M DNS for this <br />• 2021 and should be cam- Project Location: NOTICE OF CAROL L.SCHWABE proposal and the optional <br /> Husband W. LEMING, plated within 1 month;all 2315/2311/2307 An- AMENDMENT OF HUD DNS process as speci- <br /> Hudband. NO.21-4-001 63-29 tied in WAC$197.11.355 <br />• irk would occur in the tone 8221 Anacortes, 2020 CDBG-CV <br /> And LESLIE J. LEMING, WA gg221 (P127683/ q being utilized.Conse- <br /> Wire, dry during low tide.The FUNDING& PROBATE NOTICE TO gently,this may be the <br /> protect site Is located P727864/P127685) WDEPARTM N STATE CREDITORS only ,opportunity tocom- <br /> Deceased. seen the Marine Mixed quest: The I t DEPARTMENT OF meet on the environmental <br /> Use(MMU)zoning district pp can COMMERCE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE impacts of thisproposal. <br /> NO,21-4-00203-29 and has a split shoreline Is requesting a clearing 8 p <br /> NOTICETO CREDTORS environment desi mion 9reding Permit with SEPA cK This Proposal may include <br /> 9^ review for the cut and fill FUNDING The individual named be- mitigation measures un- <br /> low <br /> of primario Urban wsh a has been appointed as der applicable codes,and <br /> small portion in Natural, associated with residential Personal Representative the developmem,The project The Consolidated Pan a of this estate.Any person Project review process <br /> The personal r presan- Required Project Per- would include the place- the planning and appfica- having a claim against the mhigationp et°or squi' alive named below has mlts/Ap-c ovals:The fol- neon of 3.000 cu,yds.of bon for the City's Commu- Decedent must,before the <br /> re- <br /> been appointed as per- oowing may be rewired fill end 500 cu.yds,of ex- oily Development Block time the slain:would be i• <br /> s press of whether an EIS <br /> oral representative ei in addition to me above: cavation/cul fore total of Grant(CDBG),a program barred by any •otherwise is prepared. <br /> Inis- - - havingidalms ayalnst the euadin9 Permit,-USAGE 3,500 cu.yds.The subject administered bfyy the U,S. applicable statute of Nm- <br /> Je.,ecfant must ggefore lire Sectirr 10 Pemit,WOFw mro erty is located v neon endaUUrmbent of Housing rations'.Pasant the claim Pu66coHPeaan z90 A pPublic <br /> time he Gann would ben Water 11'P,GJE erti:pn:01 H pment she manner piavidatl in beaten <br /> barred by any otherwise Quality Certification ally 2(R2)zoning district. (HUD).The consolidated RCW 11,40.070 b'y serving held by the Plannin Coma <br /> applicable statute of dim- planning process serves Y 9 <br /> P SEPA Review:Based on Required Project PEM1 as the framework for a on or mailing the claim to mission and will be sched- <br /> itatlons,present the claim mite/A ovals:The fol- community-wide dialogue the Administrator or the uled at a later date-due to <br /> • i the manner as roved- the submitted application PPr Administrator's attorney COVID-19 restrictions. <br /> ed in RCW'11.40.070 b and available information• 'owing may be requlratl to identity housing and at the address stated be- <br /> y the Cityamici area issu- n addition to the above: cormmunity development low and flan the on riot <br /> serving.dr Railing. Building Permit, Storm- priorities that align and g gi Public Comment Period: <br /> Pie personal represents- i^9 a DIMS fortis aloDos- g focus funding from the of the claim with the Court The Notice of Application <br /> f ve at the '•sine'repre- al and the eppa S DNS watertRevieway Approval, 9 identifed herein.The cIeim <br /> P s posited in Right of Way Permit,Dept. CDBG. The Gonevery t- was published ee May <br /> address sated b at the must be presented within 26th;2021.Written com- <br /> address slated 01 below a 'NAC 197.11.355 is being f Ecology National Eli Poo- ed Plan d draftedclde every 5 thear- e later of:Ill thirty days minis must be submitted <br /> copy of the claim and fit- riszcra Cth:only op' lutnnt Discharge Construction <br /> o- l eAction Plan toeprovide after service or mailing to the contact person list- <br /> ing the original of the cam this may be the op' lion mwaterMODES)Constmdlon Ythis Notice as provided in <br /> with the court in which oortunity to comment on ant)CSater General Per" how CDBGi funds will be ftCW 17.40.020(3);or(21 ed below by Si®PM on <br /> the probate prupeedinge the erwirommenal impacts mu(CSGP) used to help the Gity meet four months after the date <br /> of <br /> were commenced. The of this proposal.This pro- the community develop- of first publication of this <br /> claim must be r'iij presented Po,I may include mill- SEPA <br /> etl optical on merit needs of low-income ANY PERSON HAS THE <br /> align measures under esitlems as outlined in the notice.If the claim is not RIGHT TO RECEIVE <br /> Ohm the later of:(1)Thir- 9Consolidated Plan. Presented within this lime NOTICE,PARTICIPATE <br /> re days efts+the persanai prolecaba codes,end the and available pateainformation,I frame,the claim Is forev- IN ANY HEARINGS, <br /> epresentative served or Protect review process the City anticipates lass- er bared,except as oth- <br /> mailedthe notice to the may incorporate or require ing a DNS for this propos- The City of Anacortal envies provided in RCW REQUESTFINAL A COPY OF <br /> creditors as provided un- mitigation measures - al and the optional DNS s eligible ter additional THE DECISION <br /> orates of whether an EIS Process as specified in CDBG-CV funding from 11.40.051 and 11.40.060. AND APPEAL THE <br /> der RCW 11A0.020(1)(t); isWAC 197-11-355 is be- the Sate Deportment of This bar is effective for DECISION AS <br /> or 2 four months abet prepared.A copy of the Commerce in the amount aims against both the PROVIDED BY LAW. <br /> `) subsequent SEPA thresh- n9 tllized.Consequant- <br /> the date of the first pun- old determination for the N.this may be the only of$24,968 In order to pre- eedents probate and <br /> lication of the notice.Ifnon-probate assets. Document Availability: <br /> the claim is not present- proposal may be obtained on envoroo comment vent,prepare for,and re- <br /> ed within this time frame, upon request, s n to the coronavirus Date W First Publication: Prolectdocuinentsmay be <br /> the claim is forever parted, Pacts of this proposal. (COVID-19). May 12,2021 review nt at https'//www <br /> Except as thenvise pro- <br /> vided Existing Environmen- This proposal may iodide gnacorteswa.govr161/ <br /> p tat Documents: SEPA mitigation measures un- The Ciry will apply aft over Plannine-Communi- <br /> vided in RGW'11.40.051 Checklist,Habitat Survey der applicable codes,and HUD CDBG-CV the city Koran a Schwabe, Per- tv-Economic-Develon- <br /> is and effective asThis oar receiived but was unable scoot Representative ment by clicking'Notices <br /> a effective as to calms Report.&Geological Site the project review process <br /> against troth the deco- Assessment mmoiY9abonqomete or asuresquire tO re $42.232 will beys combined <br /> Attorney for Personal Rep- of opening <br /> there appropriate <br /> dent's probate assets and resentatwe <br /> Pubs Headng: None yerdless of whether an EIS with the Department of Dewey W.Weddle,WSBA Protect file number feller. <br /> non-probate assets. - Y <br /> required.A Shoreline Ex- is prepared.A copy of the Commerce funding to as- g29157 <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- motion with a SEPA subsequent SEPA thresh- slat elderly and disabled Appeals:Any party who <br /> Threshold Determination old determination for the individuals with assistance standing ma appeal the <br /> TION:May 26,2021 Address for Mailing or See <br /> decision, once ode; <br /> is a Type 2 Administrative proposal may be obtained In response to the Coved „ova of Claims: <br /> Decision. upon request. pandemic. LAW OFFICE OF DEWEY within 14 caendar days <br /> PERSONAL REPRESEN- after written notice of the <br /> TATIVE Existin Environmen- The 2020 Annual Action W WEDDLE,PLLC decision is mailed, per <br /> Public Comment Period: 9 909 Seventh Street <br /> Name:Lori N.Laming Plan will be amended tg the provisions in AMC <br /> Waterville, <br /> P,O.Box 206 The Notice of Application tat Documents: SEPA Include the distribution of Macortes,WA 98221 19.20,180,Appeals. <br /> Waterville,WA 98858 was published on May Checklist,Tree Preserve- the funding which will be Telephone:360.293.3600 <br /> 26th,2021,Written com- bon Plan, & Geological 9 <br /> ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE manta must be submitted Site Assessment available immediately after published For Project Informs- <br /> tine 6 daypublic review lion:Tess Cooper,Senior <br /> to the contact person list- Pe" May 12,2021 planner; 3ooper Senior Name Stephen C.Schutt ed below by 5:00 PM on Public Hearing: None rlotl.HUD is now allowing may <br /> 19&26 2021 <br />• Address:PO Box 1032 Y 234, <br /> lessciacitvofanacortes <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 June 91h.2021. required.A Clearing and a 5 day minimum public AA-118305 <br /> Grading Permit with a comment period in light grg; City of Anacortes <br /> Phone:(360)293-5094 ANY PERSON HAS THE SEPA Threshold Deterni- of the public emergency Department of Panning <br /> RIGHT TO RECEIVE nation Is a Type 2 Admin. caused by the COVID-19 Community,&Economic <br /> Publisheday .2 NOTICE, PARTICIPATE istrative Decision. outbreak. :4- Development, P.O. Box <br />• May E 202/ r�� 547.Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Jura 23032t.__. _ IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- cc . <br /> r _�• - FINAL <br /> D COPY N THE ThePlAblicNotice of nt crt the comment period for -.r,T,z'. <br /> AA-102 FINAL DECISION AON Thepu no Application the Amendment J June yPublished, <br /> NOTICEIOF APPEAL DECISIONAW was published on May 4.2021. The Amendment Junin nt May 26,3001 <br /> APON L SEP whit AS PROVIDED BY LAW. meat 2mus be tab com" 202b v w NOTICE OF AA-103004 <br /> — OPTIONAL_......__ - _ -.- OPTKONAL SEPA DNS: - 0a to the mutts stun list- will be availablefor review APPLICATIONW h <br /> H <br /> Document Avellab0- to the contact person list- and comment during this OPTIONAL SEPA DNS: <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- rty: Application docu- ed below by 5:00 PM on time.If you would like to <br /> EN THAT AN APPLiCA- merits may be reviewed at June 9th,2021 oprovide n the written <br /> entcomments <br /> piease NOTICE <br /> EN IS <br /> AN A PL CA• t31 . <br /> 'DON WAS MADE FDA https:/'www.anaconeswe. <br /> THE FOLLOWING PRO- ggYL1_61/Ellion po-com- ANY PERSON HAS THE send written comments to TION WAS MADE FOR <br /> POSAL: munity-Economic-DevelDevel- RIGHT TO RECEIVE Joann Stewart at loannaw THE FOLLOWING PRO- v <br /> ment by clicking"No- NOTICE, PARTICIPATE oitvofanacortee.orq be- POSAL: .e - <br /> ce <br /> File Number:SLX-2021- tires of Application"and IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- Iween June 4,2021 and <br /> 0008 then opening the appro- QUEST A COPY OF THE June 9,2021. File Number. <br /> priate project file number FINAL DECISION AND SDP-2021-0002 Notice of Application <br /> Date of Application:Mav folder. APPEAL THE DECISION Copies or the draft plan with Optional SEPA <br /> 2021 AS PROVIDED BY LAW, and amendments will be Property Owner/Ap- DNS: <br /> For Project Information: available for v leaving no pbcant: John&Colleen <br />• Date of Completeness: Emit'Morgan.Associate Document Aveilabil- later than June 4,2021,at McIntyre NOTICE IS HEREBY SW- <br /> Nlay 17,2021 Planner,Phone:(360)298- lIp: Application docu- httosJ/www.anacorteswe, EN THAT AN APPLICA- <br /> 4350 Email:emllvm®city- merits may be reviewed at oov/174/CDBG-Plans-Re- Date of Application: TION WAS MADE FOR <br /> Applicant: Meg Amos, ofenacortes org: City of httos://www anacorteswa, pa" The City considers May 6,2021 THE FOLLOWING PRO- <br /> Marine Survey&Assess- Anacortes,P.O.Box 547, gov/161/Plannino-Gom- the views of all citizens, POSAL: <br /> moots-380 Jefferson St, Anacortes,WA 98221 e-Economic-Devel- public agencies,and other Date f Completeness: <br /> oome <br /> Port Townsend,WA 98368 oomet by clicking"No- Interested groups In pm- May 14,2021 File Number SDP-2021- <br /> Published hoes of Application"and Paring the final Action Plan 0003 <br /> ---- _- Landowner:Skyline Prop- May 26,2021 then opening the appro- and amendments.A sum- Project Location: 5003 <br />' onlyerfy Owner's Association AA-102666 Pilate project file number mary of the comments/ Croatian Way. Ana- property Owner/Appn" <br /> -6041 Sands Way,Ana- folder, suggestions received,and codes.Washington 98221 cant:Barton Waing <br /> cones,WA 98221 responses will be listed as (P83307) <br /> �'� For Project Information: an appendix in the final Date of Application:May <br /> ` <br /> Protect Location: 5919 c Emily Morgan,Associate Plans. Request: The proposal 6,2021 <br /> Cabana Lane.Anacortes, Planner: 360-298-4356, Is to reinforce and re- <br /> WA(P32454/P32465) emilvmDcitvofanacortes pair the axise rig rock Date of Completeness: <br /> +y 903; City of Anacortes Steven D.Hoglund,City await with light re- May 14.2021 <br /> Request: The applicant 'fc'ov-C Department f Planning, Clerk Date infomdd concrete face <br /> Is requesting a shoreline Community,&Economic butted right up against project Looeflon, 5005 <br /> exemption for repair and Development, P.O. Box Posted on Website:May it as closely as the con- Croatian Way. Ana- <br /> maintenance of an exist- Notice of Application 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 21.2021 tractor os able and buried codes,Washington 98221 <br /> with Optional SEPA deeper to make further <br /> ing cve the seawall to P (P83306) <br /> preserve the 1,na sq.r. DNS: Published PUBLISH:May 26,2021 undercutting extremely <br /> rows Buse/ca se:on Bur- May 26,2021 unlikely. The concrete Request: The proposal <br /> rows Bay.The seawall was NOTICE IS HEREBY GP- AA-102987 Published toe of the exittin9 wail is to reinforce and repair <br /> instructed mostly on EN THAT AN APPLICA- May 26,2021 will be removed and the the existin rook eeawall <br /> y TION WAS MADE FOR AA-103668 new facing will go in its g <br /> top of a bedrock outcrop with a light reinforced con- <br /> and dprap. which over THE FOLLOWING PRO- place to abets will be crete fade butted right up <br /> time.has created awed- POSAL: -,-+ o new footprint on the against it as closaN as the <br /> ening 1 between Every ad you beach. contractor is able and bur- <br /> the wall's foundation and File Number:BLD-2021- i,5i��e.G ,,,,FF led tree a to make further <br /> 0322 1.°2+'- :d1 Other permits required: deeper the rockery, The project undercutting extremery <br /> placerunsonline WDFW HPA Permit,US- <br /> pongfo removing the of the"e Thin concrete toe <br /> failing fisting toe from the Property Owner RR ,..,w + ACE permit/authorization, the existing wall will be <br /> Seawalimhen p ft.long Summit NW,LLC &in-print Environmental does- removed and the new fac- <br /> ..^:enwail,then repairing via Ing will o in its pace so <br /> ,....._... ..._..._,....... menM:SEPA Environmen- .;. ..��... ...,... <br />