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A8 ANA000l tis AMIERIC:AN/YOUR 6111ALGO OOANACORTES.COM WEIrNESIA)Y,MAY 26,2021 <br /> Legals Legals Legals Legals Legals Legate <br /> mere win oe no new root- of 10:00 o'clock A.M.,on to in paragraph III must be This is an attempt to col- 330 B No 20 <br /> print on the beach. Project Location: 4909 the steps of the Skagit cured by the 24th day o/ lect a debt and any infor- Pedro Woolley,WA 98284 <br /> i. Croatian Way. Ana- County Superior Court- May,2021,(11 days before motion obtained will be (360)387-1688(office) <br /> Other permits required: tones.Washington 98221 house, 3rd and Kincaid the sale data),to cause a used for that purpose. (360)856-5720(fax) <br /> WDFve HPA name,US- (P83309) In the City of Mt.Vernon, discontinuance of the sale. <br /> ACE permiJauthonzatior.. State of Washington.sell The sale will be discontin- DATED this 3rd day of <br /> Request: The proposal at public auction to the ued and terminated If at March.2021 The Mortgage Servicer of <br /> ` Environmental docu- is to reinforce and re- highest and best bidder. any time on or before the STEPHEN C.SCHUTT this Deed of Trust is as foi- <br /> e ts:SEPA Environmen- pair the existing rock payable at the time of sale, 24th day of May,2021,(11 Address:P.O.Box 1032 lows: <br /> fat Checklist,Habitat Sur- seawall with a light re- the following described days before the sale date), Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> vey,Biological Evaluation, inforced concrete face mat property,situated in the default(s)as set forth in Telephone:(360)2935094 AFTs-Automatic Funds <br /> Mitigation. butted right up against the County of Skagit,State paragraph III is/are cured Transfer Services <br /> it as closely as the con- of Washington,to wit: and the Trustee's fees and THIS NOTICE IS ONE 151 S.Lander Street,Suite <br /> SEPA Review:Based on tractor ie able and buried costs are paid.The sale STEP IN A PROCESS C <br /> the submitted applica- deeper to make further Skagit County ParceVTax may be terminated any THAT Seattle,WA 98134 <br /> Lion,the City anticipates undercutting extremely ID Na.:P64131/3877-000- time after the 24th day of COULD RESULT IN (206)254-0975 <br /> issuing an MDNS for this unlikely. The concrete 069-0010 May,2021,(11 days before YOUR LOSING YOUR <br /> proposal and the optional toe of the existing wag the sale date),and before HOME <br /> DNS process as spool- will be removed and the Lot 69. ACEDARGROVE the sale by the Grantor or The current Trustee of this <br /> tied in WAC§197.11.355 new facing will go in its ON THE SKAGITO,as per the Grantor's successor You may be eligible for Deed of Trust is as follows: <br /> is being utilized.Conse- place so there will be plat recorded in Volume 9 In Interest or the holder of mediation in front ofa neu- <br /> quontly,this may be the no new footprint on the of Plate.Pages 48 through any recorded junior lien or Val third party to help save Stephen C.Schutt <br /> only opportunity to corn- beach. 51. records of Skagit encumbrance paying the your horse. Attorney at Law <br /> meet on the environmental County,Washington. entire principal and inter- P.O.Box 1032(meting ad- <br /> impacts of this proposal. Other permits required: est secured by the Deed CONTACT A HOUSING dress) <br /> This proposal may include WOFW HPA Permit,US- Including Mane Home, of Trust plus costs,fees, COUNSELOR OR AN AT- 1011 8th Street(physical <br /> mnrgatlor measures on- ACE permitrauthor!aa0on. 1968 Brookwood 48x12 and advances if any,made TORNEY LICENSED IN address) <br /> der applicable codes,and serial No.51373,records pursuant to the terns of WASHINGTON NOW to Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> the project review emcees Environmental doe.- of Skagit County.Wash- the obligation and/or Deed assess your situation and (360)293-5094(office) <br /> may incorporate or require manta:SEPA Environmen- ington. of Trust and curing all nth- refer you to mediation If (360)299-0416(fax) <br /> mitigation measures to Checklist.Habitat Sur- er defaults. you might benefit.Medi- <br /> gerdless of whether an EIS vey,Biological Evaluation, the postal address of aeon MUST be requested <br /> is repaned. Mitigation. which is commonly known VI. between the time you re- REASONABLE <br /> Public Hearin A pre-de- SEPA Review:Based on as 46427 Baker Loop ceive the Notice of Deface DILIGENCE <br /> 9: pr Road,Concrete,Washing- <br /> A written notice of default and no later than twenty DECLARATION <br /> cisioe open-record public the submitted applica- ton 98237 which is subject was transmitted by the days after the Notice of Pursuant to RCW <br /> hearing is required to be hon.the City anticipates to that certain Deed of Beneficiary or Trustee to Trustee Sale is recorded 61.24.030(10)and RCW <br /> held by the Planning Corn- issuing an MDNS for this Trust dated July 26,2013, the Grantor or the Grant- 61.24.040(6) <br /> mission and will be sched- proposal and the optional recorded August 1,2013, or's successor in interest DO NOT DELAY-If you do <br /> uled et a later date-due to DNS process as speck under Auditor's File No. at the following address: nothing,a notice of sale Borrowers(S): Vernon W. <br /> COVID-1g roatrictions. tied In WAC§197.11.355 201308010077,records of may be issued as soon as Miller <br /> is being utilized,Conse- Skagit County,Washing- P.O.Box 63,concrete,WA 30 days from the date of <br /> Public Comment Period: quently.this may be the ton,from Vernon W.Miller, 98237 this notice of default.The Property Address:46427 <br /> The Notice of Application only opportunity to corn- a single man,as Grantor, notice of sale will provide Baker Loop Road,Con- <br /> was published on May mein on the environmental Guardian Northwest Title, by both first class and car- a minimum of 120 days= crate,Washington <br /> 26th,2021.Written corn- impacts of this proposal. 1301-B Riverside Drive, titled mail on the 19th day notice of the actual fore- <br /> me <br /> ets must be submitted This proposal may include Mount Vernon,Washing- of January,2021,proof of closure sale. Beneficiary:Liam Cough- <br /> lo the conme person fist- rr,ivaaticn measm'es un- ton 96273 es Trustee,s which is:note possession Ian <br /> - _ .v1 e.251 by 6m Pu_g the- rev mites• vol. <br /> ur 01 L Coughlan. <br /> as tenof-the-Trustee;e of the writ- pie CAREFUL of the Pao___— <br /> .luaa_2k1D..202t. processmaproarteratew veref Lion ten notice of defaultconspicuous <br /> ous hie who claim they any Loan Servicer.AFTS P.O. on- <br /> may incorporate ea ou requires ganaficiary, posted in a tea p roper- help you.Thera are roses 341 ,Servicing,etle, A 9Box <br /> ANYIGPERSON HAS THE- gar mitigation measures re- place on the real agapr- <br /> 'ndrvidualsandbusinesses 34108,Seattle,WA 98134- <br /> RIGHT TO RECEIVE gar leasedwhether an EIS the Sun C.Schutt is now ty described in paragraph that prey upon borrowers 1889 <br /> IN A PARTICIPATE RE- !__prepared. the once a TrusteeAppin bynt I above anu on the.and <br /> day in distress. <br /> IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- reason of a Appointment nt of January.goes sod the TS Number:110171 <br /> FINEST A COPY THE Public Hearing:Ar public <br /> of Successor Trustee. Trusteeoofhas possession of REFERCO THE <br /> FINALPPETHEDECISIONAND h sion e �ed tob a proof of such service or CONTACTS BELOW for Theundersigned,emag on be- <br /> APPEAL THE YDECISIONLW. held bg is required toC be H. posting. sources of assistance, half of Liam Coughlan,the <br /> - AS PROVIDED BY LAW. held bio the will eg Coin- current atone,ing: de- <br /> mission and will be sched- No act <br /> ion commenced VII. SEEKING ASSISTANCE clams the following: <br /> DocumentProject <br /> do� errisayity:be Wed at COVID_9reetrinlater e-duo to by the Brusti oriaryt of the <br /> nevi eat doctmentsmay be C:OVID-19 restrictions. Deed of Trust tie the Ben- and Trustee arcwhose name legal as counselors and VernonThe W,borrower or grantor <br /> reviewed at L SLO_YeLOlo pendin S seek s is now and address are son with legal assistance may be dceaW.Miller may be <br /> ".o n n i ii o-3o in in <br /> t.n i- Public Comment Period: pending toh soak obligation <br /> n below provide requesting writ- costaole u ftyo Or u addeased and the name or <br /> Li a n n n yr C-m m c o i- The Npli of Applic May ny o rhb reaso tiof a ing tat anyone fosts d cost to yea,If you would address <br /> meat bncmking'No e- s publishedwon May any or'rt by reasonon the a statementdueatof costs and like assistance In deter- Of any these.parent,or <br /> ant by clicking and <br /> 'Notices meat 2021.Must Written corn- Grantor'ssecure the fees sa at any time prior prt your rightsand mild of the of tOr <br /> o <br /> Of Aape then"and then marts mntt t erson isd obligationeofT secured by the to the sale. opportunities, outo keepc your the tru was not known to <br /> opening the appropriatefolde t the contact;00 person Ano Deed of Trust, house,you may contact the trustee. <br /> project file number folder. ed below.2 5:00 PM on VIII, the following: <br /> June 25th.202T. III. to The trustee arc has in he <br /> Appeals:in Any pang with The effect iv the sale t The statewide foreclosureean searched in the <br /> standing may appeal the ANYPERSON HAS IVE The default for which this o 0 deprive the Grant-hold hotline for housing c and countylocated <br /> where the property <br /> decision. once made. RIGHTOTI TO RECEIVE foreclosure is made is as or and all those who the referral to recommended by <br /> is lblic re the <br /> within r 14 calendar of the NIN A PARTICIPATE follows: Grantor <br /> through,or it interest <br /> the H my Pubic records and iu , <br />. deer written mace, the ANY HEARINGS,RE- Orator of all their interest the Honing [free: Com- motion for certificate, <br /> ea ,obituary, <br /> decision ei mailed, per QUEST A COPY ON THE y d principal Fay the p the ebovedescrlbetl 894-ion:Tollo tree:1-877- will,death erte <br /> 19 provisions In AMC FINAL DECISION AND paid interest <br /> which <br /> and unpaidse properly. 89c://w ,h Web site: case in probate for; the <br /> 197.0.18n,Appeals. APPEALRO THE DECISION in Chet [ ay was use htto://www.hud.00vicon- borrower or grantor, <br /> AS PROVIDED BY LAW. on the 1st day of August,or IX. oust purchase <br /> counselors <br /> shib/ <br /> For Project Iniorma- the" as provided for In lore purchase counselors 3.The search described <br /> lion:Tess Cooper,Senior Document Availability: the"Promissory Note"se- Anyone having any oh- foreclosure.htm. above did not lead to the <br /> Planner; 360-586-8234, Project documents may be cured by the above refer- jection to the sale on any discovery of any name or <br /> Ie5sc4ily ufanacortes reviewed at a.nvv/www arced Deed of Trust. grounds whatsoever will The United States De- address of <br /> mg; City of Anacortes an a carteswa.anv/161/ be afforded an oppor- partment of Housing and Any spouse, parent, or <br /> Department of Planning, Pia n in o-Comm uni B.Penalty for failure to tunny to be heard as to Urban Development:Toll chid of the borrower or <br /> Community,&Economic 1v-Ecp -ripp_dsea.a.v_edgp= make installment pay- those objections if they free:1-800-4287 or Web grantor; <br /> Development, P.O. Box =�bv clicking.Notices ments and penalty when bring a lawsuit to restrain site:hro://c5rtaohud/oov. <br /> 547,Anacortes.WA 98221 of Application"and then due, the sale pursuant to RCW hudoo )j)or for Lo- 4. Pursuant to RCW <br /> opening the appropriate 61.24.130.Failure to bring cal counseing agencies in 61.24.030(10)(a)this dec- <br /> Published project file number folder. D. Upkeep - Failure to such lawsuit may result Washington: nttttpp:/Mww, lsration will be recorded <br /> --- May 26,2021 make necessary repairs, in a waiver of any proper hod.ggov/offices/hsg/nth/ with the Notice of Sale; <br /> AA-103012 Appeals:Any party with maintain the property and grounds for invalidating hoelon=s ex.ofn7webUs- <br /> deciaog may appeal the utilities. the Trustee's sale State =seach&search- and <br /> decision, once made, state=WA%filterSvc=rift, <br /> o. within 14 calendar days IV. X. S. Pursuant to RCW <br /> j seerr after written notice of the The statewide civil legal aid 61.24.040(6)this declare- <br /> V�'^t decision is mailed, per The m owing on the NOTICE TO OCCU- hotline for assistance and [Noon will be attached to the <br /> the provisions in AMC obligation secured by the PANTS OR TENANTS referrals to other housing Notice of Pak <br /> '11 47 19.20.180.Appeals, Deed of Trust is:Principal counselors and attorneys And served by publication <br /> For Project Informs- $26.8 0.00 together with The purchaser at the trust- or Web site:00-606-4819 in the newspaper of gener- <br /> J interest as provided in the e's sale is entitled to pos- or Web site:clear nwNS_ al circulation in the county <br /> hen:Tess Cooper,Senior note or other Instrument session of the property on ece.orniwnet-cclear or city where the property <br /> Notice of Application Planner: 360-588-8234, secured from the 26th day the 20th day following the is located once per week <br /> with Optional SEPA tesscCertvo atones of kT'o 2013, and such sale,as against the rant- THIS PROPERTY IS to three consecutive <br /> _- __ _ __. _-_.bNSF _ -- Of araoortes -.. __--_ ._.._.. <br /> - -- JL�-Croy other costs he t es as are or under deed o anyone <br /> -SECURED BY.A DEED-weeks. <br /> 0.payment of PlanoMO, due under thenote ornth- (the owner) and ny'one OF TRUST. <br /> NOTICE.IS HEREBY ON community,&Economic er instrument secured.and having merest junior to I certify under penalty of <br /> EN THAT AN APPLICA- Development. P.O. Box as are provided by statute. the deedd of trust,including The Beneficiary of this perjury under the laws of <br /> TION WAS MADE FOR 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 occupants and tenants. Deed of Trust le as follows: the State of Washington <br /> THE FOLLOWING PRO- V. After the 20th day follow- the foregoing is true and <br /> P SAL: Published ing the sale the purchaser Liam Coughlan cone= <br /> -.-' ---- "- "-"------ - -- -- - - -" - May 252021 The above-described real has the right to evict occu- 1132 Douglas Terrace File un Le C 2C21- AA-103026 property will be sold to pants and tenants by sum- Port Cequitlam,BC,Can- Stephen C.Schutt,Trust- <br /> -'- - - - -- 0u04 satin the expense of sale may proceedings under ade V3C 5X2 ee <br /> Property Owner/Appli- NOTICES ' OF and t a obligation ustras doe ter59.1 detainer act, liamj.c05g00 <br /> TRUSTEE'S SALE by the Deed tofo Trust. chapter 59.12 RCW. oam.j.coughlan®gmail. Published <br /> cent: Allen Hores11 and provided will by made <br /> without The <br /> tom May 5&26 2021 <br /> Vicki Fishlader I. sale will be made without Failure to bring such a taw- AA54821 <br /> Date of Application:May warranty,express or im- suit may result in a waiver The Agent of the Beneft- <br /> P NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- pled,regarding title,yes- of any proper grounds for ciary of this Deed of Trust <br /> 5.2021 EN that the undersigned session,or encumbrances Invalidating the Trustee's is as follows: Ads with a price <br /> Date of Co Trustee, Stephen C. on the 4th day of June sale, always gg • to more <br /> • May 14 2021mpleteness. Schutt,will on the 4th day 2021,The defaults referred _ Douo ade qualified ralL <br /> Of June.2021,at fha pour <br /> EDUCATION BUSINESS AUTOMOTIVE <br /> ...._ s7 7---- Fitt el le agea„...._,.. . <br /> GARAGE <br /> I SALE, • C _SIFIEp CAREERS <br /> Val <br /> REAL ✓//'� - SERVICES <br /> ESTATE } — 'E'L,A <br /> relit 6(1(11 <br /> v 1 — 1 Clettiftititeekl <br /> PETS <br /> T <br />