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W Whirl'110.MAY P6.2(i'_1 LOAN\CORTLS.COM ANSCORTES,ktCRIli1N/YOUR FIDALGO A7 <br /> Legal I. <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> enimil ® Legals Legals ® Legals <br /> replacement the structural APPemmc atraneeerg IN THE SUPERIOR tel Checklist,Habitat Sur- <br /> Legals footing.The Hprap is to be Construction,INC COURT OF THE <br /> moved while a new con- • STATE OF vey,Biological Evaluation, <br />• SUPERIOR COURT OF crate footing.totaling tO Date of Application:April WASHINGTON Mitigation. <br /> WASHINGTON, COUNTY u.yds will be installed; 28,2021 FOR SKAGIT COUNTYon <br /> OF SKAGIT the riprap will be relocated 'ziy� SEPA Review:Based B- <br /> and restocked in front of Date of Completeness: dco Estate of: the submitted applIce- <br /> the now footing.The work May 19,2021 lion,the City anticipates <br /> in Re the Estate of: commenceissuing an MMIDNS for this <br /> 's 20 and shoi Summer Project Location: NOTICE OF CAROL L.SCHWABE proposal and the optional <br /> tint and should 1 be ham- 2315/2311/2307 An- AMENDMENT OF HUD <br /> CtAYiON W. LEMING, plated within 1 month;all NO.21-4-001 63-29 DNS process as speci- <br /> AridULnd. tone Way, fled in WAD§197.11.355 <br /> ark would occur in the (P127683/ 2020 CDBG-CV And LESLIE J.LEMING, �,,during low tide.The WA 98221 (P127683/ is being utilized.Conse- <br /> Wrre FUNDING& PROBATE NOTICE TO quenty,this may be the <br /> protect site Marine <br /> located P727884/P727665) WDEPARTM N STATE CREDITORS <br /> item the Marine Mixed DEPARTMENT OF only opportunity to corn- <br /> .Use 21-- d(MMU)zoning orwinr Request: The applicant PLEASE TAKE NOTICE meet on the thisp mental <br /> and has a split shoreline Is requesting a cleating& COMMERCE impacts of this proposal. <br /> NO.NOTICE <br /> 0CR DI environment designation grading pennrt with SEPA CV' The individual named be- This proposal may include <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS v w for the cut and fill FUNDING mitigation measures un- <br /> arm!!!!portion <br /> riry Urban-with a low has been appointed as er applicable codas,and <br /> small portion in Natural. associated with residential Personal Representative <br /> The development.The project The Consolidated Plan is of This estate.An son the project review process <br /> r preser- Required Project Per- would include the place- the planning and appiica- YPsr may incorporate or require <br /> mIts/tatrve names below haslion for the Cit having a claim against me mitigation measures m- <br /> ust,Ueen appointed as per- 0-Nina pprnval a The fiat- meet of3.0no cu.yds.of yet Block Decedent m before the <br /> lowing ma be required fill and 500 cu.yds.of ex- mty Development Blockis pre ss of whether an EIS <br /> sonar represantativa of 0 yGrant CDBG,atime the claim would be sprepared, <br /> this estate. Any person n ilding addition to the above: cavativu.yd for a total of ( ) program barred by any otherwise <br /> having Building Permit, USAGE 3,500 cu.yds.The subject administered byf the U.S, applicable statute otherwise <br /> ise Hearin„A <br /> decedent must,ms before the nst the. -Section 10 Pennrt,WI3Fw property is located within Department Urban Development <br /> dations,present the claim Public <br /> open-recordprpublc <br /> HPA,WADOE Section 401 the Residential Low Oen- pmen in the mannerprovided in <br /> lima the claim would be Water Quality Certification siry 2(R2)zoningdistrict, planning <br /> The consolidated <br /> hearing is required to be <br /> haired by any otherwise planning process serves RCW 11.40.070 by serving hold by the Planning Corn- <br /> hearing statute of rim- R ea the framework for a on or mailing the claim to mission and will be ached- <br /> applicable present the claim SEPA Review.Based on Required Project Per- as framework <br /> Wide dialogue the Administrator or the tiled at slater date-ilea to <br /> in the manner as d- the submitted application mils/Approvals:The for- Y- aJ Administrator's attorney COVID-19 restrictions. <br /> pr'v� and available information, lowing may be required to identify housing and at tea address stated be- <br /> ed in RCW l represents- <br /> by the City,anticipates issu- in addition to the above: community development low antl filing tea original public Comment Period: <br /> serving on er nailing to in a DNS far this al OH- Building Permit, Storm- Priorities that align and of the claim with the Court <br /> the personal represents- g water Review focus funding from the The Notice of Application <br /> eve or the personal re re- al and the Optional DNS Approval, 9 identified herein.The claim <br /> addre vet attome at the process as specified in Right of Way Permit,Dept. CMG. The Conevedat- p 26th,published02 Written cam <br /> y WAC 197.11.355 is bein of Ecology National Pol- ed Plan is drafted every 5 meet Ue resented within <br /> address stated below a g lutant Discharge Elimina- years and Includes a year- the later of:(1)thirty days menu must be submitted <br /> copy of the claim and tit- utilized. Consequently, lion(NPDES Construction ly Action Plan to rvide MT.',service or ailing to the contact person list- <br /> ing the original of the claim this may be the arty op- ) p this otice as provided in <br /> nth Ire curt in which Porlunity to comment on Starmwater General Per- how CDBG funds will be RCW 11.40.020(3);or(2) jupCay5th6200 PM on <br /> the Probate proceedings the environmental im acts snit(OS PI used to help the City meet <br /> p 1. <br /> four months after the data <br /> I were of this proposal.This pro- the community develop- of first publication of this <br /> road. The posal may include mill- SEPA Review:Based on mart needs of low-income notice.If the claim re not ANY PERSON HAS THE <br /> claim luster presenMd aeon measures under the submitted application residents as outlined in the resented within this time RIGHT TO RECEIVE <br /> within the later of:i1)Thir- a livable codes,end the and available information, Consolidated Plan. p NOTICE,PARTICIPATE <br /> b'days after the personal pP the CityantIci ates Issu- frame,the claim is forev- IN ANY HEARINGS, <br /> representative• dthe served or prclect review processThe City of Anecertee er barred,except as oth- REQUEST A COPY OF <br /> mailed notice to the may incorporate or require •mg a D S fort is propos- a eligible for additional envise provided in RCW THE FINAL DECISION <br /> 'redress as provided'on- mrdleao - gyres _ al and the optional DNS9i 1140.051 and 11.40.060.m_s re <br /> `' is pre ss of whether an EIS process as eaged In De State funding from AND APPEAL THE <br /> der RCW 1t.40.02011J(c); WAC 197-11-355 is be- the State Department of This bar is effective for DECISION AS <br /> . h (2..four.-month.deer !s 1p 49t ed_A copy of the Commerce in the amount claims against both the PROVIDED BY LAW.---------'— __- _-- - ) >d quart SEPA thresh- Mg utilized-.Consequent- Decedent's probate and <br /> the date of the first pub- old determination for the ly,this may be the only of$24,968 in order to pre- <br /> lication of the notice.If opportunityvent,preparenon-probate assets. Document Availability: <br /> the claim not present- proposal may be obtained to comment for,and re- Projectmay be <br /> upon request. on the environmental im- spend to the coronavirus documents <br /> ed within this time frame, P proposal, (GOVID-19). Date of First Publication: reviewed at httpsU <br /> the claim is forever barred, pacts of this May p12,2021 anacorteswa gevi161/ <br /> except as otherwise pro- Existing Environmen- This proposal may tel <br /> tat Documents: SEPA mitigation measures u- The CiC will apply left over Karen A Schwabe, Per- Plannina-Communi- <br /> vided in RCW11.40.051 Checklist,II le' Serve der applicable codes.and HUD CDBG-CV the city tv-Economic-Develop- <br /> and 11.40.0Os This bar yreceived but was unable seeal Representative l0ept by clicking"Notices <br /> is effective as to claims Report,&Geological see the project review process <br /> against abothbet the dace- Assessment mmitigation measures incorporate or quire re- $42232ntwill bee. t combineds Attorney for Personal Rep- oP Application" <br /> in the <br /> appropriate <br /> dent's probate assets and Public Hearin None gardleas of whether an EIS with the Department of resereaeve protect file number folder. <br /> non-probate assets. er 's re Dewey W.Weddle,WSBA <br /> required.A Shoreline Ex- r prepared.A copy of the Commerce funding to as- p29157 <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBLICS- ption with a SEPA subsequent SEPA thresh- sill elderly end disabled Appeals:My party with <br />• TION:May 26.2021 Threshold Determination old determination for the individuals with assistance standing may appeal the <br /> s a T Administrative Proposal may'be obtained In response to the Covid Address for Mailing or Ser- decision. once made. <br /> ype 2 re of Claims: within 14 calendar des <br /> PERSONAL REPRESEN- Decision. upon request. pandemic. LAW OFFICE OF DEWEY Cher written notice of the <br /> " TATNE public Comment Period: Existing Environmen- The 2020 Annual Action W.WEDDLE,PIlC decision Is mailed, per <br /> Name:Lori N.Laming tat Documents: SEPA Plan will be amended a 909 Seventh Street the provisions in AMC <br /> WaleAddress:P,O.Box 206 The Notice of Application Checklist,Tree Preserve- Include the distribution of Anacortes,WA 98221 19.20.180,Appeals. <br /> Waterv;lle,WA 98858• was published <br /> . ritten con lion Plan, & Geological the funding which will be Telephone:36D-293-3600 <br /> ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE menu must be submitted Site Assessment available immediately after For Project Interim- <br /> Published •tioot •Tess Cooper,Senior <br /> N ana Stephen C.Schutt ta the ow,. parson fist- Hod.HUD is now allowing May 12,2021 planner; 360-588-8234, <br /> ed below byy 6;09.PM go Public Hearing: Nana c May 19&26,2021 <br /> Address:PO Box 1032 gm 2021 required.A Cleating and a 5 day minimum public AA-983� tyS,rcgritvofanncona¢ <br />• Phone:(360)2 3-955 Grading Permit with a comment period in light QM; City of Anacortes <br /> Phone:(360)293-50M ANY PERSON HAS THE SEPA Threshold Detenni- of the public emergency Department of Planning, <br /> RIGHT TO RECEIVE nation is a Type 2 Admh1- caused by the COVID-19 Community,8 Economic <br /> P ubl.shd May H.2021 NOTICE, PARTICIPATE istrative Decision. outbreak. Development, P.O. Box <br /> 547.Anacortes.WA 98221 <br /> June 03 IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- The comment period for <br /> ,- QUEST A.COPY OP THE Public Comment Period: 6+,. <br /> 10<323 Wr <br /> FINAL DECISION AND The Notice of Application the Amendment is June Published <br /> NOTICE OF APPEAL THE DECISION was published on May 4,2021 through June 9, May 26,2021 <br /> APPLICATION with AS PROVIDED BY LAW. 26th,2021.Written coin- 2021. The Amendment NOTICE OF AA-103004 . <br /> OPTIONAL SEPA DNS: meets must be submitted will be available for review APPLICATION WITH <br /> Document Avallabil- to the contact person list- and comment during this OPTIONAL SEPA DNS: <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GN- ity: Application docu- ed below by 6:00 PM se time.If you would like to <br /> EN THAT AN APPLICA- ents may be reviewed at June 0th.2021. provide written comments NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV-w' t\ 1'0 <br /> TION WAS MADE FOR httOSJ/ww,anac0rteSma. on the amendment,please EN THAT AN APPLICA- <br /> THE FOLLOWING PRO- m in-ov/161/Planning-Co ANY PERSON HAS THE send written comments to TION WAS MADE FOR <br /> POSAL: unity-Economic-Devel- RIGHT TO RECEIVE Joann Stewart at bd antis@ THE FOLLOWING PRO- a' <br /> oilmen(by clicking"No- NOTICE, PARTICIPATE citvefenacgnes.orq be- POSAL: dr:flprd" <br /> File Number:SLX-2021- boas of Application"and IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- Invent June 4.2021 and <br /> -- 0008 then opening the appro. QUEST A COPY OF THE June 9,2021. File Number. <br /> pHate project file nurnber FINAL DECISION AND SDP-2021.0002 Notice of Application <br /> • Date of Application:May folder. APPEAL THE DECISION Copies of the draft plan with Optional SEPA <br /> 7 2021 AS PROVIDED BY LAW, and amendments will be Property Owner/Ail- DNS: <br /> For Project Information: available for viewing no plicant: John&Colleen <br /> Date of Completeness: Emily Morgan,Associate Document Availabil- later than June 4,2021,at McIntyre NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- <br /> May 17.2021 Planner;Phone:(360)298- ity: Application docu- hllos'/www anacorteswa, EN THAT AN APPLICA- <br /> 4350 Email:emilvmOciN- ments may be reviewed at goy 174/CDBG-Plans-Re- Date of Application: TION WAS MADE FOR <br /> Applicant: Meg Amos,; City of linos.//www anacorteswa, WI.The City considers May 6,2021 THE FOLLOWING PRO- <br /> Marine Survey&Assess. Anacortes,P.O,Box 547, aov/161/Planning-Gam- the view's of all citizens, POSAL <br /> vents- Jefferson St, Anacortss,WA S8221 mumty-Economic-Dever- public agencies,and other Date f Completeness: <br /> Port Townsend,WA 98368 cement by clicking"No- interested groups In pre- May 14,2021 File Number.SDP-2021- <br /> Published tires of Application"and Paring the final Action Plan 0003 <br /> Landowner:Skyline Prop- May 26 2021 then opening the eppro- and amendments.A sum- Project Location: 5003 <br /> only Owner's Association AA-102668 priate project file number mary of the comments/ Croatian Way, Ana- property Owner/Appli- <br /> -8041 Sands Way,Ana- folder. suggestions received.and tortes,Washington 98221 Cant:Barton Waring <br /> comes.WA 98221 responses will be listed as (P83307) <br /> For Project Information: an appendix in the final Date of Application:May <br /> Project Location: 5919 ilk,., Emily Morgan,Associate Plans. Request: The proposal 0,2021 <br /> Cabana Lance,Anarartes, Planner: 360-298-4350, is to reinforce and re- <br /> WA(P32454;P32a65) emily Ocityofanacortes pair the existing rock pate et Completeness:Tq. ow; Cityof Anaaortes Steven Hoglund,Cityseawall with a light May 14,2021 <br /> A <br /> Request: The applicant cos, Department of Planning, Clerk Date le 'foroed concrete face tie <br /> Is requesting a shoreline Community, &Economic butted right up against Project Location: 5005 <br /> exemption for repair and Development, P.O, Box Posted on Website:May it as closely as the con- Croatian Way, Ana- <br /> maintenance of an exist- NOtiee of Application 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 21.2021 tractor Is able and burled tortes,Washington 98221 <br /> ing concrete seawall to with Optional SEPA deeper to makes further (P83306) <br /> preserve the 1,.,28 s DNS: Published PUBLISH:May 26,2021 undercutting extremely <br /> q e <br /> ramsclubhouseicabanasea al Bur- May 26,2021 unlikely, The concrete Request: The proposal <br /> 050n Bay.The seawall was NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- AA-102987 Published toe of the existing wall is to reinforce and repair <br /> .............. -"- - constructed mostly on EN THAT AN APPLICA- May 26 2021 will be removed and the ma existing rock seawall <br /> - - topof a bedrock outcrop TION WAS MADE FOR AA-153888 new facing will go in its with a light reinforced con- <br /> ' THE FOLLOWING PRO• place an there will be crete face butted right u <br /> z•ri r c weed nyar a nowe <br /> p <br /> t me,has created a w d POSSE •. footprint on the against T as closely as the <br /> ening 1 f,gap between beach. contractors able and bur- <br /> the wall's foundation and File Number.BLD 2021 S.R.�{2 r Every ad you led deeper to make further <br /> the rockery.The project 0322 N+ l.'r Other permits requlretl: undercutt ng eMremey <br /> proposes remove the • ,� place online WDFW HPA Permit.US- tint kely.The concrete toe <br /> failing footing toe from the Property Owner: RR / < r- ACE permit/authorization. of the existing wall will be <br /> approximately 84 ft.long Summit NW LLC 8[In-print removed and the new fac- <br /> scene'mental docu- <br /> seawall,than repairing via Envirmeets:SEPA EnvUoin en- Ing will rqo in its place no <br /> .EIZOLVENUffiROPAINSW -F <br />