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modified event to figure out something to celebrate kids. Summer A town is in the proofrea ding stage at the <br />moment. It will be delivered a little later than our usual this year. We’re aiming to have the A -town in <br />mailboxes on May 18th. We're starting registration right after it comes out. Sailing is in partnership with the <br />Anacortes Waterfront Alliance and getting the community in small boats and get them sailing again. We did <br />put on an egg hunt during Easter morning and we spread it out in 5 parks and have some of our recreational <br />assistants hide eggs. Some parks were quick and others were a little slow. Overall it was well received with <br />positive comments from the public. Lastly, we had the ribbon cutting for the depot restroom on April 7th. The <br />project is now complete. There are timers on the doors and they open 6am -7pm every day. We partnered <br />with the Anacortes Museum and Jim Rains with fabricated coverings. It's a picture of the train depot back in <br />the day. Sink room was requested by the Farmers Market and we were able to fit that in. It's definitely a big <br />need and it's greatly appreciated. Many thanks to the parks crew for getting the sod in and helping with the <br />project. <br /> <br />Bob - A loop in the campground is now open. Our 3rd weekend of it being open and people have moved right <br />in. It definitely looks like we've been working on this area. Parks c rew has been a crucial part of getting the A <br />loop up and ready for opening. This Saturday we have rock climbers picking up debris at Mt. Erie and divers <br />are cleaning Heart Lake. Last Saturday, 5 adults and 6 high school sophomores who are part of the trail <br />stewardship program in partnership with the rotary club discussed ways to keep an eye out for debris and <br />proper forest enjoyment from the public. Staff is working with City Council on a trail easement for the <br />Guemes Channel Trail in the neighborhood of 11 th Street and “B” Avenue. The Council should address the <br />issue at a meeting in May. <br /> <br />Cap Sante Rotary Trail Discussion - Bob: 2 months ago in our last meeting, we received a great presentation <br />that was very thorough - it was also clear that the board enjoyed the presentation. Usually with a project of <br />this magnitude, we'd like to of course get your feedback. Any new ideas, concerns, questions? We the staff <br />want to continue to work with the rotary club especially with the trail portion which is pretty stra ight forward <br />and a much needed project. The viewpoints will require a more detailed analysis and public process since it's <br />a significant construction. As the staff liaison, we would like a yes or no from the commission to move forward <br />with the next phase. Christine: is the priority the trail upgrade first? What is the path for next steps? The trail <br />is the easiest part of this in that it's not going to require a lot of new work or disturbance. There can be no net <br />loss in habitat, and we need to be careful on that. Next step is to work with the planning department to get <br />the necessary biology report of the trail. Hopefully we can do the construction portion by this fall on the trail <br />then we can move into a more involved and detailed public process for the view points. Signage will be part of <br />the trail portion of the project. Sarah: the path forward is positive and the trail upgrade is great. There will be <br />sensitivity for the viewpoints itself since it's an iconic area of town. That portion will be a much longer path <br />forward. The Parks Commission thinks it's a great opportunity to keep flushing the details out. Motion to <br />move to vote to support this project: JoAnn moved and Christine 2nd. <br /> <br />Tom: we wouldn't be where we are if Bob didn't keep us on target of what w e wanted to do. Thank you to <br />Jonn for the inspiration in regards to the viewpoints and giving great ideas to help spread people out and <br />expand the area for everyone to enjoy the viewpoint further in the future. <br /> <br />Whistle Lake Dam Update: We have an earthen dam at the southeast corner of Whistle Lake. We self- <br />reported this dam to the Department of Ecology in the 2000’s. Whistle Lake is very far away from motor <br />vehicle access. It’ll be difficult to get equipment and/or people into the area without disturbing t he area. 100 <br />years or so has elapsed and we haven't done anything and the dam has been fine and intact. The Department <br />of Ecology is now requesting for us to have a safety and emergency action plan in place. Technically this is a <br />Public Works project because Whistle lake is the backup water supply for Anacortes. Parks doesn't have to <br />pay for this project, but we are working with the public works department because it’s located in the