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ANACORTES PARKS & RECREATION <br />Advisory Commission <br />Meeting Minutes <br /> Sarah Nichols, Chairperson <br />Jo Ann York-Gilmore <br />Brad Adams <br />Christine Hansen <br />Alex Hernandez <br /> <br />April 13, 2021 <br /> <br />Members Present: Sarah Nichols, Jo Ann York-Gilmore, Christine Hansen. <br />Staff Present: Jonn Lunsford, Bob Vaux, Dustin South, Nicole Johnston, Lea DeVere and Victoria Wong. <br />Others Present: Tom Decker, Jack Darnton, Bonnie Bowers <br /> <br />Called to Order: 6:04 PM <br /> <br />Minutes: February minutes were approved as submitted. <br /> <br />Public Comments: none <br /> <br />Department Report: <br />Nicole - wrapped up phase 1 of the Grand View cemetery expansion on April 8, 2021. Tiger Construction is off <br />the site. We took the hydroseeding off the project from Tiger Construction and the Parks crew will be <br />hydroseeding and saving the city and department about $19,000. Patrick Dylan from Eccos Design is our <br />consultant for phase 2 and once we can get the plan in front of an engineer then hopefully we can go out to <br />bid for phase 2 sometime in May and can start the project in August. Parks crew busy with mowing. We're <br />doing our best to get to all the spots. Parks are full resulting in all the garbage bins being full and we have to <br />clear it every day. We started some seasonal staff at this time. Crew is lookin g forward to more seasonal help <br />to get stuff done this summer. Steve, Bob and myself were trimming the downtown corridor. <br /> <br />Lea - Senior Center trucking along with virtual programs. Some programs are doing well with almost double <br />the numbers from the begin ning. We're looking forward to hopefully bringing in small groups by <br />appointments to the center to see if we can manage. We should be able to have 1 group at a time to use the <br />facility. 16-page newsletter coming out with community resources for seniors to stay active and informed. <br />Accreditation process is moving forward, and an auditor is scheduled to come in May so we can hopefully get <br />accredited. Interior painting is complete for a more refreshed look. Mac and Brandon have been a <br />tremendous help to bring the building up to speed. <br /> <br />Jonn - Parks Foundation received a donation from the Daniels family to update Daniels Field with some siding <br />and painting and repair work on the fences. <br /> <br />Dustin - In Phase 3 we’re able to do more activities while practicing soc ial distancing. Tonight, the start of the <br />youth volleyball league is happening, excited to provide activities and get kids moving around with some <br />social aspects. We've been working with the school district to get facilities whether indoor or outdoor and <br />they've been very helpful with that. We're securing space for our spring programs. We'll be doing some youth <br />track and field in May and for summer, we're partnering with high school students to coach and lead <br />programs and bringing those camps back along wit h Skyhawks programs. Bark in the Park and Kids are Best <br />fest is not going to happen this year, but we're looking at ways to coordinate with the school district for a