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<br />Work continues with the Friends of the Forest on the ACFL Trail Ambassador Program. On May 1 st we <br />had a good training/orientation with some eager and generous volunteers. The FOF followed up the <br />next Saturday with some training of their own. It is looking like Sunday, May 30th will be the kick off for <br />the program. <br /> <br />Asa Deane and I continue our regular meetings and healthy exchange of ideas, plans and projects. <br /> <br />The Whistle Lake Dam safety compliance project has seen another visit from consultants, with a follow <br />up meeting coming soon. There are no firm updates as of the writing of this report. <br /> <br />We are working to up our in house trail diplomatic policy compliance game. In other words, please <br />leash your dog! There are certainly a myriad of other issues with so many new visitors to our woods and <br />parks. We are doing our best to get out there and be more of a presence before the BIG summer <br />numbers start rolling in. <br /> <br />May 3 – 6, PSE was able to get the hole dug for the additional pole required for the transmission lines <br />safety upgrade. We kept the summit road closed to motorized travel during this time. We did have a <br />previously scheduled vitamin commercial that managed its production schedule around the project, <br />with a little extra help from our staff. They sent the Parks Foundation a nice donation. <br /> <br />The Rotary Club Centennial Project continues forward. I am talking with GeoEngineers about necessary <br />habitat and environmental reports, while getting more formal written information in front of our <br />Planning Department. The Rotary Club has kicked off its trail steward program. <br /> <br />ACFL Steve was on vacation May 10 – 14. I managed to keep the garbage dumped and bathrooms in <br />decent shape in his absence. There were a couple of trees to clear from trails, and a few guests to <br />discuss leashes with. <br /> <br />The Samish Nation continues to generously share Denise Crowe from their staff with ACFL staff. We <br />conduct our monthly hikes, native tradition education as well as flora and fauna sharing and discovery. <br /> <br />City staff continues its work on homeless issues in our community. The usual departments; Legal, <br />Planning, Police and Parks along with a variety of others are working on improving our understanding <br />of many legal issues, including managing possessions left behind; might be a trailer, or a sleeping bag. <br />We strive for community safety, as well as compassion for those who need it most. <br /> <br />I am working with Public Works staff on storm/surface water management at Washington Park, and <br />how it affects our parking areas, as well as other park amenities. We are focusing on winter safety <br />when the freeze impacts the stretch of road between the Caretaker house and the lower restroom. <br /> <br />I took personal leave Thurs 20th afternoon thru Mon 24th. <br /> <br />Faithfully Submitted, <br /> <br />Bob Vaux, Assistant Director <br />May 26, 2021 <br />