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ACFL Maintenance Report MAY – 2021 by Steve Phillips <br />May 26, 2021 <br /> <br />The month began with the pumping of the Heart Lake restrooms, much needed after opening <br />weekend in late April. I also painted the floors of each unit, as it was needed, and it seemed like the <br />right time to do it. <br /> <br />Also on May 3, I closed Erie Mountain Road with a sign and chain so that a crew could do <br />preparatory work for the installation of a new utility pole near the summit, between the road and <br />the tower enclosure. The road was closed for a few days but reopened before Mother’s Day <br />weekend. <br /> <br />You may notice our “Tree City USA” signs on Heart Lake Road and Ferry Terminal Road are now <br />brand new. They have a yellow sticker proclaiming our 20-year eligibility in this nationwide <br />program. The Street Department helped me by providing the proper rivets in hangin g the one on <br />Heart Lake Road. <br /> <br />On May 6, volunteer arborist and tree climber Keith Stoner again came to help with a small task that <br />took a high level of skill. He used ropes to climb a large maple that still had remnants of an illegally <br />hung rope swing. He removed these quickly and safely. I took the opportunity to show him the huge <br />fir that had become uprooted and fell uphill along 313 last winter, and he agrees with our <br />assessment that it seems to be staying put for awhile. <br /> <br />On Friday the 7th I pruned some trees on 16th Street with the ground assistance of the street crew. <br />I was off the week of May 10-14. <br /> <br />Our two seasonal maintenance workers began on May 18. If you’ve been out on trails, you certainly <br />have noticed their work. As of today, the three of us (but mostly those two) have already trimmed <br />all the trails on the Little Cranberry Lake and Heart Lake maps. Ally and Gabe are a welcome <br />addition, needless to say. I appreciate their positive attitudes and energy, not to mention their <br />competence and professionalism. <br /> <br />Trimming trails has been the focus of the last week and a half and will continue to be, with the goal <br />of finishing before yellowjackets are abundant and aggressive! <br /> <br />May 2021 Parks and ACFL Operations <br />Administrative Report <br /> <br />The City Council did approve the 11th Street vacation, as well as the easement offered to the City by the <br />Wynn Family for the Guemes Channel Trail. While this is a stand along segment of the trail, it is another <br />200 linear feet committed to the ultimate goal of the trail. We thank the Wynn’s for their willingness to <br />support the trail project. It combines with the 200 foot easement already given by the Ortman’s. <br /> <br />The Council also continues its work on the Critical Areas Ordinance. The public hearing is still open, and <br />has been continued to June 7th. <br /> <br />Parks Manager Nicole Johnston and I managed to finally fill out our seasonal staff. It has been a very <br />tough year for this task, but we found some good ones. They are all hard at work, from trimming ACFL <br />trails to assisting campers at Washington Park, and all the many parks tasks inbetween.