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Bob: We are close to getting our 2 seasonal staff on board - big challenge this year - WA <br />park, trim crew, mowers, cemetery, forest lands, ball fields - hard time finding people to <br />apply. Commercial film crew top of Mt. Erie for super vitamins geared towards Olympic <br />athletes. They had a pretty big crew - they were flexible and worked with us because we <br />had to close the mountain for them and it so happened that PSE worked on the utility pole <br />to increase the tension on the line coming down the mountain at the same time. The pole is <br />still not in the ground yet but we'll be reaching out to PSE to see when that will be done. Try <br />driving up to Mt. Erie because the road is in much better shape now. <br /> <br />Trail ambassador program - going to be a fantastic thing with Friends of the Forest to get <br />boots on the ground to have numbers out in the ACFL. We're aware of the numbers we had <br />last year and the potential numbers we have this year - we're so happy to have FOF be a <br />visible presence to help with de-escalation, no confrontation but help us keep an eye out on <br />what’s going on and being a presence overall. Critical areas ordinance - public hearing <br />phase before going to council. Please join the meeting Monday night. City council working <br />hard on these items and other issues - we're optimistic that our ACFL management plan can <br />come into fruition. In the next few weeks, we might have updated language for the forest <br />board to take a look at. Councilman W alters is doing work with community groups such as <br />Evergreen Islands – to tweak line items. <br /> <br />Trail 10 repair - shifted in the last few years we have upgraded protocols with all trail <br />projects. If we have trails that are degraded or super wet or need to be fixed or moved, we <br />start the process with planning staff and they come into the woods with Steve and Bob and <br />we talk through what we think we need to do to fix the trail with best practices and they put it <br />through their analysis and they can decide whether we need to reach out to a wetland <br />biologist. <br /> <br />A Ave landfill update: city staff and consultants met with Dept of Ecology late March about <br />next steps. Talked about how we can get information out on our website > public works> <br />links to dept of ecology, 2009 closure report and a lot of information for public to have. West <br />of the dump that's not fenced off was written about and photographed in the Anacortes <br />American - prohibited off trail travel no walking through the wetlands signage is up, but to <br />preserve the area, no fence was erected but only rows to keep people out. To keep people <br />on trail if they have questions, they can make a request to speak to the board. <br /> <br />Brian: CAO and ACFL management plan: W hen Tess said we're nearing our next review <br />update - referring to ACFL management and that part of the decision can take up 3 years <br />from now. Find out what Tess meant by that if it's actually a delay for 3 years or not. <br /> <br />Other Business: June 3rd next meeting instead of July. June 5th is national trails day <br />volunteer work party on that day. <br /> <br />Meeting Adjourned: 7:13pm <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />