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Centered in the Blaine and Bellingham area because that's where it's being detected. We're <br />trapping east of Lynden because there was one across the border by the area. Citizen <br />trapping starting July. Events in Coupeville next week. Good: report sighting to WSDA with <br />details of what you saw and where. Better - get a photo of the suspected hornet to submit <br />with your report. Best - collect the specimen if you want to test it later. / <br />email: <br /> <br />facebook group monitored by us: <br /> <br />For more information and to reach Cassie: <br /> <br />Jonn: last year, we coordinated with the port, Samish, and city parks - we collected anything <br />that was in the traps then do the drop stop at the local drop station - we will not be collecting <br />those samples this year. Snap a photo and send the email. W e can work to do the bottling <br />scientist item again. <br /> <br />Sandra: are they fast? They're clumsy - they hover around things or speed up and fly. They <br />corner the honeybees and mash them in the ground. <br /> <br />Whistle lake dam: Bob: staying abreast of the process. Jonn: met with the dam safety <br />office - spoke with their engineers along with Fred - we need to do a hydrological survey of <br />the lake and Geotech of the dam. We are hiring a consultant to do this. Geotech determines <br />whether we need to open the trail wider to extend the dam. if we have to do this - we will <br />coordinate with the planning dept to get the permits out there. Trail 20 - trail 21 - 22 - 205 <br />staying away from 206 and wetlands and the creek as much as possible without cutting an y <br />trees. We would probably need to take down smaller trees to get the excavator through . <br />Planning Dept and community development - until the Geotech comes out we won't know <br />what the scope of work will be until the site visit. <br /> <br />Asa - saw some trees being marked already. Would those be the trees that would be cut <br />down? W e're not sure how far we need to boar. Not sure if we need to take down the <br />second growth trees. <br /> <br />Bob: the paint markings on the trees ensures transparency to the public which is the aim. <br /> <br />Bob extended offer to do site visits if board members would like to see the dam. <br /> <br />Conservation Easement Program Update: working for a couple years with Skagit Land Trust <br />to update easement language and consolidate information since the standard has changed. <br />Questions raised in regards to the language of the contract: there will not be any logging - <br />salvage logging prescribed burns if climate change cause non native species and fung us - <br />safe guards for the public to deal with the infestations. Clarifying commercial needs. New <br />sections of the forest lands that are recently purchased from the program. They'll look at it <br />this month - and we will bring it to city council and forest board - in the summer if the land <br />trust approves the minor changes, we suggested then we will start the public process. It will <br />probably take 2-3 months. We don't view it as a major change but the public may want to <br />discuss it further. Definition standard? generally we follow the rules of size and how it <br />impacts recreation value. <br /> <br />Staff Reports: Steve: appreciate the signs that were painted by heart lake road. Birding <br />hike - invaluable asset from friends of the forest group. <br />