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A8 AYAcowI'cs AoiQOlIO\N/YOUR F'IDALGO coANAPOcTES.IOM WEDNESDAY,FIAT 19,2021 <br /> School costs of personal pro- <br /> • <br /> tective equipment and <br /> cleaning,but also the <br /> C'mmnued from page Al ..-. _. _ expense involved in pro- <br /> -- - viding the viitual school <br /> ASD@Home in the <br /> The Anacortev h - a ' '.: 2020-21 school year. <br /> School District has ? i - <br /> gone Ih rough several -' +�. ;,17, ;" » .. e•,,... 'h Tend w ASDdtHomc <br /> changes throu•h- h rn. ".,r_t" s+;ms` year, <br /> cod with this school <br /> - -_ - major g g _ ��� +, year,the district will still <br /> out the 2_020-2_1 school ,-,`._. offer completely remote <br /> vela Scb001e heg:ul with ^^T 0,4 ,L ,_ optmns to families who <br /> remote teaming.then - want than,Irish said. <br /> some students were • Another $2.2 mil- <br /> -back for part of )- 0' e`t- Iron in federal funding <br /> each week.and note Inv- 51,? • -.2orx; ': _.. a expected this summer <br /> inn elementary school ---- --- --- --- — - edl go toward programs <br /> snidceta are hoes for __.._... ::. _.. .. ...._.. -_.. - specifically in place to <br /> full day=four days each target learning loss that <br /> week ._ • --..._-. ... ... .....•..... may have occurred since <br /> Middle and high March2020. <br /> school students cannot .... ._ .......... ...._.._ ... ... The goal is to help <br /> all retort]at the same ., kids get caught up,Irish <br /> lime.There isn't recta ._.._ _...-.._......_....-.......-_... ._.... said. <br /> in the buildings to meet ----"`-'_--' The district is also <br />• <br /> the state rcqunemm t nt _.. making big improve- <br /> e rem apart-that means _..-„.._-•.___. ..' '-' elects to its broadband <br /> second,.students,who --_ anwnnuzou system.This year,it has <br /> change classes through- been unable to do every. <br /> out the day and regularly School board members Bobbilyn Rogge,Jennie Behramini,Matt Cutter and Erin Rieger attended the thing it wanted because <br /> hneraa with more than meeting to hear residents'questions and concerns about the school year. of limits to its network <br /> 20 or o students.must infrastructure.For exam- <br /> be at a reduced capacity Health Department. a local level.except for a remote day this year to join the district but pre,it currently lacks the <br /> to fit in classrooms. Deviating from that relaying those concerns because that's how the decided to wait a year, bandwidth for teachers <br /> At the elementary authority would mean to Toslee's office and week was structured at Dish said.Most of the to all sinwltancoualy <br /> level,st udents can be the district would no Ion- state health officials. the start of the year.The others are from primary livestream their classes. <br /> kept its smaller groups grr have coverage from Districts across the state requited one day grades. The system was set up <br /> because they stay in its risk management pool state are now bargain- a week that the school The lower enrollment for general web browsing <br /> one room tot the entire and would leave the dis- ing with groups who are buildings could be closed numbers and result- in short bursts,Irish said. <br /> selsortl day.he said. trier open to litigation, fighting against going for deep cleaning.That ins loss of$1.1 trillion The unmade will met <br /> The district needs Irish said,It also leaves back to school full-time, requirement has been in statefunds meant the the district S327,000,of <br /> to lied ways In provide the district vulnerable to Irish said.That has not lifted,but work and class district was facing major which$131,000 is coming <br /> space for students to stay workers compensation been the case in Ana- schedules have already budget cuts,including from the tech levy funds <br /> apart this fall.if those claims end labor Issues. cones.Staff groups here been made to accommo- staffing.However,some approved by district cot- <br /> regulations are still in Public Health has are working together to date that empty school enrollment and trans- ans.Irish said. <br /> place.Irish said. the authority to shut- provide n safe environ- day,and it is too Irate in portation stabilization a When it tomes to <br /> There to a good ter in-person instruction meet for school employ- the year to completely money from the state- tech.the district is also <br /> chance face coverings altogether if the district ees staff while working cheese everyone's work totaling just about$1 working with families <br /> will still be I°gutted, ignores safely guidelines. toward more in-person schedule. million,will help the dis- who don't have high- <br /> Irish said.Meanwhile Irish said. education,Irish said Another hurdle has trict avoid those big cuts speed Internet at home. <br /> the district will not Many parents at the That includes every- been declining enroll- for next year,Irish said. It bought 100 hotspots <br /> require the COVID-19 meeting stood up and one from teachers and meat.As of last week. Some relief funding for families that need <br /> vaccine for staff bt shut talked about why they administrators to para. the district has lost about came in from the fed- access to interact,but <br /> dents unless it becomes a Think the district should educators and bus driv- 141 students from its anal government to help there are still some parts <br /> stare requirement. bring students back. era,he said. projected enrollment cover COVID-19 costs, of Guemes and Fidalgo <br /> The inns, He said he under- "All of us focused on numbers for the year. toe,Irish said.The fund- islands where service is <br /> must follow regulation stands the concerns and students during this pan. Many of those were kin. ing,which has totaled spotty,Trish mid.So the <br /> set by both the state and frustrations.but there is demic,"Irish said dergarten and first-grade roughly$1.1 million,will district is working to find <br /> the Skagit County Public little that mitt be done on Wednesdays arc still students who were going help cover eat only the more solutions. <br /> • <br /> .______ <br /> ... ... <br /> ,. <br /> "..j.rgaI Notices <br />, ......_,.... EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> ® Legal% <br /> dent's probate assets and the later of:(1)thirty days rofea car -: se narmess or wnemer an cis <br /> Legate non-probate assets. after service or ailing 242 AND 243,"MAP OF &2401 S82 y,Ana- iS prepared.A copy of the <br /> this Notice as provided in THE CITY OF cones,WAA 9 982211 lP95673 subsequent SEPA thresh- <br /> SUPERIOR COURT DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- RCW 11.40.020();or(2) ANACORTES" /P103485) old determination for the <br /> OF WASHINGTON, TION:May 5,2021 four months after the date proposal may be obtained <br /> COUNTY OF SKAGIT of first publication Of this A copy of the complete Request: The applicant upon request. <br /> PERSONAL REPRESEN- notice,If the claim Is not text of each ordinance is is requesting a shore- <br /> In Re the Estate Of: TATIVE presented within this lime posted at the Anacortes line exemption for repair Existing Environmen- <br /> Name:Ardath Partlow frame,the claim is forest- City Hall,Anacortes Mu- and maintenance of a tat Documents: SEPA <br /> ALAN RANEV HANKS, Address: 2211 - 17th er barred,except as oth- mcipal Building,6th Street 525-foot-long existing Checklist <br /> Street ALAN provided in RCW and O Avenue.Upon re- concrete seawall. The <br /> aka, Anacortes,WA 98221 11.40.051 and 11,40.060. quest to the City Clerk's project proposes repairs Public Hearing: Nene - <br /> RANEV HANKS, This bar is effective for Office be wai93-1900) to include:filling of cracks required.A with <br /> a Shoreline Ex- <br /> ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE dales against both the copies will be mailed, and expansion mints with option w th a SEPA <br /> Name:Stephen C.Schutt Decedent's probate and caulk, repair seawall lip Threshold Determination <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS Address:PO Box 1032 non-probate assets. Steven D.Hoglund by reinforcing with rebar is a Type 2 Administrative <br /> NO.71-4-00173-29 Animates,WA 98221 City Clerk and new concrete,clean Decision. <br /> Phone:(360)293-5094 Date of First Publication: underside of seawall cap <br /> May 12,2021 Published and lip via power washing! Public Comment Period. <br /> Published May 19,_2D21 _brushing,and seating en- The Notice of Application <br /> - -- _-- - - -- -- - --- --- - - -The-personae-represent ' a y 1 May 5,2021 Karen A.Schwabe, Per- - AA-999B3 tire wall with marine-grade was published on May <br /> named below has May 12&19,2021 sonar Representative epoxy. The work Is to 19th,2021.Written corn- <br /> been appointed as per- AA-95505 commence Summer of ments most be submitted <br /> sonar representative of Attorney for Personal Rep- 2021 and should be corn- to the contact person list- <br /> this estate. Any person IN THE SUPERIOR resentative , plated within 2 months: ed below by 5.00 PM on <br /> having claims against the COURT OF THE Dewey W.Weddle,WSBA �s � all work would occur in June 2nd.2021, <br /> decedent must,before the STATE OF k29157 the dry during low tide, <br /> time the claim would be h The o <br /> barred by any otherwise WASMINGTON 'l+'r ia2 project site is located ANY PERSON HAS THE <br /> applicable statute of bin- FOR SKAGIT COUNTY Address for Mailing or Set- t within the Marine Mixed RIGHT TO RECEIVE <br /> nations.present the claim ice of Claims: Use(hen a zoning district NOTICE, PARTICIPATE <br /> ir,the mauler as proved- Esl»te oF. LAW OFFICE OF DEWEY and has a shoreline en- IN ANY HEARINGS,TRE- <br /> HE <br /> ed in RI,W 11.40,070 by W.W Seventh fired NOTICE OF vironment designation of QUEST A COPY OF THE <br /> serving on or mating to CAROL L.SCHWABE 909 Street APPLICATION with Urban. FINAL DECISION AND <br /> the personal represents- Anacortes,WA 98221 OPTIONAL SEPA DNS: APPEAL THE DECISION <br />• Live or the personal re pre- NO.21-4-00163-29 Telephone:360-2933600 Required Project Per- AS PROVIDED BY LAW. <br /> sentotleo n attorney replte NOTICE IS mats/Approvals:The tol- <br /> address stated Below a PROBATE NOTICE TO Published HEREBY GIVEN THAT lowing may be required Document Availabil- <br /> copy of the and ail- CREDITORS May 12,2021 AN APPLICATION In addition to the above: in: Application docu- <br /> Ingthe f the claiml of the claim <br /> May 19&26,2021 WAS MADE FOR THE Building Permit, USAGE merits may be reviewed at <br /> ..... w h Imp coup to whit:• PLEASE TAKE NOTICE AA-98305 FOLLOWING Section 10 Permit.WDFW Illips;//www.anacorteolul. <br /> the PROPOSAL: HPA mgnL'i¢1/Planning-.Qoal: <br /> probate The individual named be moony-Economic-Devel- <br /> re oust ho re "the lo,n,has been appointed as File Number:SLX-2021- SEPA Review:Based on obment by cicbng"No- <br /> ---must later <br /> P vented y O 0007 the submitted application Ones of Application"and <br /> -within the late of(1)Thir Personal Representative c]I�e. <br /> - - of this estate.An person - ---.'�+,- and available mares Inca-tion, than opening the appro- <br /> omhoe <br /> nays after the personal >p <br /> epresentm:va served of having a claim against the Date of Application:May the City annmpates ssu- prate project file number <br /> - "'- _ "- - "' 'mailed the notice to the- Decedent must,before the - 7,2021 Mg a DNS for this propos folder. - <br /> creditors iled't as provided the fun the claim would ba al and the optional DNS <br /> dot RCW t 1.4o.itkull)In-01; riot.p<^.q'any ethsnvI Date W Completeness: process as specified m For Project Information: <br /> or 21 lour months after' applicable statute of rim- May 12,2021 WAC 197,11.355 is being Emily Morgan,Associate <br /> the(date of the first pub- 't'ane,,present the claim The following is a summa- utilized. Consequently, Planner;Phone:(360)298- <br /> lication of the notice. If in the manner provided in ry of an Ordinance passed Applicant: Meg Amos, this may be the only op- 4350 Email: e:Crdcity- <br /> tee claim Is not present- RCW",,,,070-claiming by the Anacortes City Marine Survey&Assess- portunity to comment on ofanacortes ores City of <br /> ed within this time frame, or mailinb the claim to Council on May 10,2021. mans-380 Jefferson St, the environmental impacts Anacortes,P.O.Box 547, <br /> the claim is forever barred, the Administretor or the Port Townsend,WA 98368 of this proposal.This pro- Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> except as otherwise rot Administrator's attorney ORDINANCE N0,3037 poser may include snit- <br /> except the address stated be- Landowner.Bayside West nation measures under Published <br /> tided In RCW11,40.051 low and tiling the original AN ORDINANCE Homeowner's Association applicable codes,and the May 19,2021 <br /> and 11.40.060.This bar of the claim with the Court VACATING RIGHT-OF- -2401 Skyline Way,Ana- protect review process AA•101104 <br /> is effective as to ektims identified herein.The claim WAV OF A PORTION OF cones,WA 98221 may incorporate or require <br /> against both the deco-must be presented within t121I STREET mitigation measures re- <br />