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OTHER BUSINESS <br /> Ordinance 3087: Vacating right-of-way of a portion of 11th Street adjacent to blocks 242 and 243, "Map <br /> of the City of Anacortes" <br /> City Attorney Darcy Swetnam presented Ordinance 3087,which had been revised per Council's direction <br /> following a public hearing concluded at the May 3,2021 regular City Council meeting. Ms. Swetnam noted a <br /> needed correction to the second recital from"10th Street"to "11th Street". Ms. Swetnam also displayed a map <br /> demonstrating the slight adjustment of the vacation boundaries to align with current property boundaries; she <br /> said the legal descriptions in the revised ordinance reflected that adjustment. <br /> MATT MILLER moved, seconded by ANTHONY YOUNG,to adopt Ordinance 3087 vacating right-of-way of <br /> a portion of 11th Street adjacent to blocks 242 and 243, "Map of the City of Anacortes",with the correction of <br /> "10th Street" to "11th Street" in the second recital. Vote: Ayes -JEREMY CARTER,ANTHONY YOUNG, <br /> RYAN WALTERS,CHRISTINE CLELAND-MCGRATH, CAROLYN MOULTON,BRUCE MCDOUGALL, <br /> MATT MILLER.Nays -None. Result: Passed <br /> PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> CDBG 2021 Annual Action Plan <br /> PCED Program Coordinator Joann Stewart presented the 2021 CDBG Annual Action Plan,referring to the <br /> packet materials for this agenda item. She noted that the plan had previously been presented to Council at its <br /> regular meeting on April 26, 2021. <br /> Mayor Gere invited members of the audience to comment on this agenda item.No one present wished to <br /> address the Council. Mayor Gere then closed the public hearing. <br /> Ms. Cleland-McGrath announced that she would abstain from voting on the plan because she serves on the <br /> Board of the Anacortes Family Center, one of the funding recipients under the plan. <br /> ANTHONY YOUNG moved, seconded by BRUCE MCDOUGALL,to accept the proposed projects and direct <br /> staff to submit the draft Action Plan to HUD no later than May 15, 2021. Vote: Ayes -JEREMY CARTER, <br /> ANTHONY YOUNG,RYAN WALTERS, CAROLYN MOULTON,BRUCE MCDOUGALL,MATT <br /> MILLER.Nays -None. Result: Passed <br /> Continued Public Hearing: Critical Area Regulations Draft 3 <br /> Senior Planner Tess Cooper resumed the line by line review of the comment matrix that Council had begun at its <br /> May 3,2021 regular meeting. Ms. Cooper responded to councilmember questions and noted items for follow up <br /> revision or investigation. <br /> Mayor Gere invited members of the audience to comment on this agenda item. <br /> Kyle Loring addressed the effectiveness of mitigation, Section 19.70.340.A.1, Section 19.70.380,wetland <br /> protections,buffer sizes and buffer averaging, and riparian management zones. <br /> Asa Deane,Executive Director of Friends of the Forest, addressed the importance of wildlife movement <br /> corridors,referring to his comments that had been submitted prior to the meeting and added to the packet <br /> materials for the meeting. <br /> Catherine Houck addressed buffer potential rather than strictly buffer quality at the time of assessment. Ms. <br /> Houck supported the comments of Evergreen Islands generally but argued against excluding biking from passive <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes-May 10,2021 <br /> 2 <br /> Page 4 of 82 <br />