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Anacortes City Council Minutes - May 10, 2021 <br /> Call to Order <br /> Mayor Laurie Gere called to order the Anacortes City Council meeting of May 10, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. <br /> Councilmembers Jeremy Carter,Anthony Young,Ryan Walters, Christine Cleland-McGrath, Carolyn Moulton, <br /> Bruce McDougall and Matt Miller all participated in the meeting in absentia via video conference. <br /> Announcements and Committee Reports <br /> COVID-19 Update: Mayor Gere shared current case statistics and vaccination progress for Anacortes, Skagit <br /> County,Washington State,and the nation. The mayor noted that Skagit County remains in Phase 3 of the state's <br /> Roadmap to Recovery plan. <br /> Port/City Liaison Committee: Ms. Cleland-McGrath reported from the committee meeting held the previous <br /> week. The topics discussed included coordinating re-opening steps between the two entities,the future of events <br /> at the Port Transit Shed, a potential interlocal agreement for 2nd Street,the Maritime Strategic Plan, and the <br /> Depot Plaza stage grant application. <br /> Housing Affordability and Community Services Committee: Mr. Walters reported from the committee meeting <br /> held the previous week. The topics discussed included the survey of service providers and planning for the <br /> committee's May 12 meeting with service providers. <br /> Mr.Walters reminded councilmembers to send their budget priorities to the Finance Director by the following <br /> morning. <br /> Mayor Gere mentioned public concern about RV parking and camping along R Avenue and the Tommy <br /> Thompson Trail. She said the city and community groups were working to address the issue and connect those <br /> in need with resources. <br /> Public Comments <br /> The mayor read into the record a letter received from Elizabeth Walker regarding take out packaging that cannot <br /> be composted or recycled.Ms. Walker's letter was added to the packet materials for the meeting. <br /> Consent Agenda <br /> Mr.Miller moved, seconded by Mr. Carter,to approve the following Consent Agenda items. The motion carried <br /> unanimously by voice vote. <br /> a. Minutes of May 3,2021 <br /> b. Approval of claims in the amount of$967,305.50 <br /> The following vouchers/checks were approved for payment: <br /> EFT numbers: 100033 through 100075,total$606,553.63 <br /> Check numbers: 100076 through 100084,total$345,458.85 <br /> Wire transfer numbers: 283095 through 28420,total $11,197.11 <br /> c. Contract Award: Ambulance Billing Services#21-103-FIN-001 <br /> d. Resolution 3034: Emergency Declaration for 41st Street Repairs <br /> e. Street Fair Application: Anacortes Farmers Market <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes -May 10, 2021 <br /> 1 <br /> Page 3 of 82 <br />