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AP.A.N'.nt:ORTenn A.IF,RicSN/YOUR Flint GO GUANACOUTl-s.GOFi WEUNFSDAv,MAY 12,2021 <br /> Iltl"s4Ft �.. - ,as _, -;.'r - . for shortness of breath, <br /> School ' �- 11'."� Virus dirxmess or fainting-like <br /> '�• • ��1L1--.I-.y symptoms,If need be. <br /> C'arrJnner(j'rom page Al v —��—i-{{--_Ye, Counnurrt frpnr page Al they may be seen by a <br /> physician before going <br /> .r home.No one has been <br /> ..,_. .. not have been a better ,-=-'L x a.,•-- ,4- . ,-ems e..-?• and loss of taste or smell. admitted for side effects <br /> As the state show,severe from the vaccine.Hall <br /> Right now,second- __ _ cases can result in death. said. <br /> _ <br /> ory education is still of i- - --�L.Y COVID-19,like the *Vaccines are safe," <br /> a two-day-a-week sched- -_ common cold and other Hall said."This is our <br /> Me.The district isn't sure al., .. ,O a. ,�•-r- forms of coronavirus. community,our region, <br /> what the fall will look �"+q;;., , ,-„-,, s • is transmitted through our state and our cone- <br /> like.but is planning on a 7'�ay respiratory droplets, try'and we do have an <br /> all students being back at 1 �,a,pyyr.,,,, hence the call for wear- individual responsibility <br /> school all day.five days a „- a ing masks. to protect ourselves and <br /> week,Irish said 0t - The COVID-19 vac one another as well." <br /> Ftdalgo Elcreastary tines don't prevent <br /> School Principal Tara v. =i ` someone from catching COVID-19:The local <br /> Dosed said she could r -.y`_ the acute respiratory <br /> definitely see a difference ,rig 4 a? rJ disease,Hal]said.But test <br /> 8 <br /> at the elementary levels Bf '' r ��'�-� "t does limn the effects Island Hospital report- <br /> Students are excited to ,- a F-1' from the virus if the per- <br /> admitted Monday that it has <br />' be back in school and to Y r_y ! + �' +. • son catches it. dnuted 58 parents with <br /> be talking to friends they _ _ __-___ "We've seen through- COVID-19 since the pan- <br /> haven't scan m person all .-.�pu demic began,an increase <br /> out the literature and <br /> year. across the United States of one since the previous <br /> 'It is very nicd to see that even though you get Monday.The hospital has <br /> all my friends."Jacek • the vaccine,it doesn't• diagnosed 324 people <br /> Pigeon,a thud grader in __ - mean you're still not with COVID-19,up from <br /> Megmn Anderson's class - - (susceptible)," Hall 318 the previous Monday. <br /> said. y t _X a .4 said.•'The vaccine limns The hospital reported <br /> Sophie Hattie,also a • '" • the side effects and the taxiing 15.817 people for <br /> third-grader in Ander- ,c - . re` '-' symptoms,and prevents the strut,an increase of <br /> eon's class,said she likes : -• fire, w,: you from getting either M7 from ilia previous <br /> being hack in school for • -•, • • - admitted to the hospital Monday,and vacctnanng <br /> a toll der because mote _ ... and/or death." <br /> a[anal of 8,690. <br /> tune Is dedicated to each eRNmw Nezouucoamnumw sN Serious reactions to Island Hospital will <br /> subject Students at Fidalgo Elementary School play outside during their lunch break, vaccines—be it teta- offer the Moderns vac- <br /> "I don't really under- Space limitations in classrooms means each Student will be outside for half of aus or MMR — are clue on Wednesday and <br /> stand math,so it's nice to Iris or her lunch break every day,rain or shine. rare.according to the Thursday,and the single- <br /> have longer mach lime," U.S.Centers for Disease dose Johnson&Johnson <br /> she said. Control and Proven- vaccine on May 21 and <br /> Until now.students once.Dowd said. with the groups changing ing.she said. tion.Hall said he has not May 26.To schedule an <br /> Only auentled school During lunch,though ,spots each day so every- Keeping station is heard of allergic reac- appointment,eo to w'svw. <br /> for half-da vs and roily they need to maintain a one gets a turn on each apart on the playground cons to COVED-19 vac- iclondhospital,org/coro- <br /> italt the students in each 6-foot distance.So each part of the playground. is part of the school's cores. true/.At the end of <br /> class _ - day,half of the students That's particularly impost- effort to keep kids in '•One reaction to you- each clinic.COVID-19 <br /> pet at once.Ne ou <br /> w state go tside to play dun- tam on popular areas of small groups,Dowd said. circa is anaphylaxis,but vaainc doses that are <br /> rcgel aeons mean that log the first half of lunch the playground.such as Students can be back on a mat seeing that left over will be admin- <br /> studenta:ally need to salt while their classmates eat. the swings,Dowd said. school property,but only with COVID-19 v uttered to walk-ups.The <br /> 3 feet apart when they Than,they switch. Recess is outside rain or if their interaction is lim- nines,"Hall said He said COID-19 vaccine elinie <br /> have masks on.That Each group of stu- shine,because there just iced to wily the students people who receive a is located near the Health <br /> means all the students dents has a set place on isn't anywhere to keep in their respective class- COV ID-19 vaccine are Resource Center off OI <br /> can er in tits classroom ar the playground to play, kids while others are eat- rooms observed for 15 minutes 241h Street. <br /> N <br /> it . <br />,, <br />,. <br />,, <br /> • EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> LEGALS ® Legate <br /> PERSONAL REPRESEN- ner as provided in RCW IN THE SUPERIOR LAW OFFICE OF DEWEY the above: Construction <br /> Legats TATIVE 11.42.070 by serving on or COURT OF THE W.WEDDLE,PLLC stormweter general permit <br /> Name:Ardeth Partlow mailing to the notice agent STATE OF 909 Seventh Street from WADOE, construe- <br /> SUPERIORAddress: 2211 - 17th or the notices agent's attoe- WASHINGTON Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> OFWSHI COURT Bon plan approval,ii ig <br /> Street y w the address stated FOR SKAGIT COUNTY Telephone:360-293-3600 permsWing <br /> O NTY OF GTON, gnacatas,WA 88221 below a copy of the claim of-way permit. but <br /> COUNTY OF SKAGIT permits. <br /> and filing the original in Estate of: Published <br /> in Re the Estate of: Name,ATTO Ste FOR ESTATE thwhich <br /> claim wnh the court in May 16,2021 public Hearing:Sit None Review <br /> Name,Stephen C.Schutt which the notice agent's CAROL L.SCHWABE May 19&26,2021 guiretl.A Site Plan Review <br /> ALAN RANEY HANKS, Address:PO Box 1032 declaration and oath were AA-98305 .s a Type 2 Administrative <br /> aka, Anacortes,WA 98221 filed.The claim must be NO.21-4-00163-29 Decision. <br /> RANEY HANKS,"'". Phone:(360)293-5094 presented within the lat- <br /> er of:(1)thirty days after PROBATE NOTICE, TO Public Comment Period: <br /> Published the nonce agent swdd CREDITORSThe Deceased. May 5,2021 or mailed the notice to the .�T uf• was Notice of Application <br /> May 12&19,2021 creditor as provided under PLEASE TAKE NOTICE published en May <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS AA-95505 RCW 11.42020(2)(c);or(2) 12th,2021.Written com- <br /> N0.21-4-00173-29 four months attar the date The individual named be- -Yoe manta must be submitted <br /> IN THE SUPERIOR of first publication of the low has been,pointed as a the contactb :00 person list- <br /> IN <br /> P P ed below by 5:00 PM on <br /> The. f COURT OF prance If thewi claim is tre Personal Representative <br /> Personal re totem_ P May 26th,2021. <br /> native named bebw has SKA SH COUNTY, presented whim this time of this estate.Any person NOTICE <br /> been a WASHINGTON frame,the claim Is forev- having nclaim,before the <br /> appointed as per- er barred,except as ofh- Decedent must,before the OF APPLICATION ANY PERSON HAS THE <br /> sonar sprosentative Of IN THE ESTATE OF erwi provided in ROW time the claim would be RIGHT TO RECEIVE <br /> tiffs estate. Any person NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- NOTICE.PARTICIPATE <br /> hav,no claims against the This Ear and 11.42.060.rn barred by airy otherwise EN THAT AN APPLICA- IN ANY HEARINGS, <br /> decedent must before the RUTH FRANCES This bar is effective as to applicable statute of Jim- TION WAS MADE FOR REQUEST A COPY OF <br /> Baia the claim would be WITHSTANDLEY claims against both the nations,present the claim THE FOLLOWING PRO- THE FINAL DECISION <br /> barred by any otherwise decedent's probate and n the manner provided in ppSAL: AND APPEAL THE <br /> applicable statute of tiro- <br /> Deceased. nonprobate assets. RCW 11.40.070 by serving DECISION AS <br /> itatians,present the claim on or mailing the claim to File Number:PLN-2021- PROVIDED BY LAW. <br /> in the manner as proved- No Date of First Publication: the Administrator or the 0007 <br /> etl in RCW 11.d0.070 by NOTICE TOTE April28,2021 Administrator's attorney Document Avallebe- <br /> Notice Agent: at the addressbe- <br /> serving on mailing to ROW'11.420a CREDITORS David Withstan hey Ices and cling rhted ea original Owner/Applicant: ity: Application docu- <br /> the personal represents- ANADUPE 7,LLC-David meats may be reviewed at <br /> five or Si personal repro- Attorney for the Notice of the claim with the Court Irvin, Irvin Deveopment httpsl/www,anacorteswa, <br /> five°ri hee's attorney of the The notice agent named Agent:Stephen C.Schutt. identified herein.The claim Group goo/161/Planning-Com- <br /> address stated babes a below has elected to give WSBA 414107 must be presented within munity-Economic-Devel- <br /> copy of the claim and fit- notice to creditors of the Address for Mailing or the later of:(1)thirty days Date of Application: power by clicking"No- <br /> ingtheoriginalolthecbNn above-named decedent. Service: P,O, Box 1032, after service or mailing April 12,2021 tines of Application"and <br /> with the court N which As of the date of the filing Anacortes,WA 98221 this Notice as provided in then opening the anoin- <br /> t probate proceedings of a copy of this not Court of Notice Agent's RCW 11.4g.020(3);a (2) Date of Completeness: piste project file number <br /> were commenced. The 'tit the Gout,the notice oath&Superior Skagit Four months after the date May 4,2021 folder. <br /> claim must he presented agent has no knowledge County Superior Court of first publication of this <br /> within the later of:(1)Thir- Ot any other person acting Skagit County Superior notice,If the claim is not Project Location: 21st Appeals:My party with <br /> ty days after the personal as nonce agent or of the Court Cause No,: presented within this rev- and 0 Ave-P127411/ standing may appeal the <br /> representative served appointment of a personal orhewn.barred. <br /> the claim is forev- P60414/P6041 5/1,58106 decision, once made, <br /> matted the notice N the <br /> represerdative of the deco- The notice agent declares er barred.except as oth- within 14 calendar days <br /> creditors as provided un- dent'c estate in the state of antler penalty of perjury erwise provided In RCW Request The applicant Is after written notice of the <br /> der RCW 11.40.020(1)(c); iNashington.According to under the laws of the State 11.40.051 and 11.40.080. requesting a Type-2 Site decision Is mailed, per <br /> or;2)four months after the records of the court as of Washington on April 20, This bar is effective for plan Review for construe- the provisions "n AMC <br /> the date of the first pub- are available on the date of 2021 at Anacortes:Wash- claims against both the ton of 14-townhome units. 19.20.180,Appeals, <br /> liration of the notice. If the filing o,this notice with ington that the foregoing Is Decedent's probate and The project proposes(4 <br /> the claim not present- the court,a cause number true and correct, non-probate assets, buildings:Budding A and For Project Information: <br /> etl within this lime frame, regarding the decedent Building B to each have(4) Emily Morgan,Associate <br /> ume claim is forever barred, nos not been issued to any DAVID WfiHSTANDLEV, Date of First Publication: units and Building C and Planner; 360-298-4350. <br /> except as otherwise pro- Other notice agent and a Notice Agent May 12,2021 Building D to each have emilymecltyofanacortes, <br /> vided in RCW11.40,051 Personal representative of (3)units,Each unit would orb; City of Anacortes <br /> and 11.40.060.This bar the decedent's estate has PUBLISHED Karen A Schwabe, Per- include an attached single Department of Planning, <br /> Is effective as to claims not been appointed. April28& tonal Representative cart garage and Is to be Community,&Economic <br /> against both the deco- May 5,12,2021 3-slodes in height,totaling Development, P.O. Box <br /> tlenl's probate assets and <br /> Any,person having a claim AA-961967 Attorney for Personal Pep- 34 ft.The subject property 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> non-probate assets. ,gain the decadent esentative is located within the Com- <br /> must,before the time the Dewey W.Weddle,WSBA menial(C)zoning district. Publish <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- claim would be barred by 629157 May 12,2021 <br /> any otherwise applicable <br /> TION:May 5,2021 Other permits required: AA-98652 <br /> statute oflimitations,theroes- Address for Mailing or Ser- The following may be <br /> c <br /> en1 the claimlmin the man- vice M Claims: 'noniron In addition to <br />