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Mayor Gere invited members of the audience to comment on this agenda item. <br /> Kyle Loring commented on several of the language changes proposed in his submitted comment letter. <br /> Tom Glade commented on the characterization of the Ship Harbor wetland,the term passive recreation and the <br /> ACFL. <br /> Brian Wetcher commented on evolving maps and inventories over time and the value of including those to <br /> establish a baseline against which to measure no net loss. <br /> Mayor Gere left the public hearing open to the May 10,2021 regular City Council meeting. <br /> Adjournment <br /> There being no further business,at approximately 9:03 p.m.the Anacortes City Council meeting of May 3,2021 <br /> was adjourned. <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes -May 3, 2021 <br /> 3 <br /> Page 7 of 1342 <br />