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Parks Maintenance: <br />Mowing, sanitation and baseball fields sums up the month of April for Parks. <br /> <br />Ballfields have been busy. AJ Yost has done a great job maintaining all the fields at Volunteer Park, while also <br />getting Rotary, Storvik and Ace of Hearts ready for all the Anacortes Little League games. I know that AJ will <br />welcome his seasonal staff help that starts on May 3 rd. At this point the City is not hosting any tournaments <br />like we have in the past at our ballfields this summer, but we will continue to allow teams to play games <br />and/or practice. Our fields at Volunteer Park are still in high demand by teams from outside o ur community <br />and we will continue to accommodate as we can. Also super exciting we were able to get 10yards of infield <br />dirt from the Skagit ballfields who are putting in turf fields. This is a huge score for us as infield dirt is hard to <br />come by and is very expensive. <br /> <br />Volunteers thanks to Fidalgo Island Rotary Club who have done two work parties at Causland Park. They do a <br />great job at weeding the flower beds for us. They also have been weeding the Pickett Pocket Park flower <br />beds. The dedication of the PPP is scheduled for Thursday, May 6th at 1:30pm, all Park Board members are <br />welcome to attend. <br /> <br />Two Arbor Day Trees ( Sunset Maples) were planted near R Ave next to the Skatepark on Earth Day with the <br />help of Fiddlehead Montessori and Mayor Gere. Also on Earth Day the Port of Anacortes did a beach clean <br />down at Ship Harbor. <br /> <br />Opening Weekend of Fishing The Department of Fish and Wildlife stocked Heart Lake with 8,000 fish of <br />various sizes. Opening weekend April 24/25 was pretty mild this year due to the rain. Saturday morning the <br />Heart Lake parking had on average 20-30 vehicles. <br /> <br />Crew Update-We have started to hire seasonal staff for parks, Washington Park and ACFL. We are still looking <br />to hire one more trim and one more ACFL seasonal staff. Exciting ne ws is that our department has been <br />approved to hire two more full time parks maintenance positions. The crew is looking forward to being back <br />to a full crew and to catch up on things we have not been able to do this past year. <br /> <br />Grand View Cemetery Expansion Update- We are working with eccosDesign who has developed the <br />conceptual Landscape Plan that was shared with you at last meeting. Patrik with eccosDesign is working now <br />on the irrigation plan we need for expansion site. We are waiting on what the cost is going to be for the scope <br />of work for Tuttle Engineer. We are asking for the following deliverables from Tuttle Engineer for Phase Two <br />of the expansion: <br />• Civil construction plans for additional site improvements, <br />• Working with eccosDesign for landscaping plans including irrigation <br />• Final cemetery plat map <br />• Engineers estimate of cost <br />• Project specifications in WSDPT format <br />• As-builts following construction <br />As soon as we are able to get all of the above together we will go out to bid on Phase Two. <br /> <br />Grass is slowly growing on the expansion side. Brian worked the dirt even more and put down grass seed in <br />early April. <br /> <br />Washington Park remains the busy as ever. Over the weekend of April 23/24 we had only handful of first <br />come first serve spots available. Parks crew is preparing for another epic summer of camping and WP visitors.