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PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> CDBG 2021 Annual Action Plan <br /> Planning Director Don Measamer introduced the CDBG 2021 Annual Action Plan for public comment,referring <br /> to the packet materials for this agenda item. He noted that the public comment period would end May 5 and said <br /> no comments had been received thus far. He said the Action Plan would come back to City Council on May 10 <br /> for approval to forward the plan to HUD. <br /> Mayor Gere invited members of the audience to comment on this agenda item.No one present wished to address <br /> the Council. The mayor left the public hearing open until May 10,2021. <br /> OTHER BUSINESS <br /> Ordinance 3089: Amending the 2021 Budget <br /> Parks&Recreation Director Jonn Lunsford presented Ordinance 3089 which would amend the 2021 budget to <br /> add one Parks Maintenance FTE to the existing 2021 budget. He reported that the City Council Personnel <br /> Committee had reviewed the proposed addition. Mr. Lunsford explained the need for the position. Members of <br /> the Personnel Committee said the committee recommended approval. <br /> CHRISTINE CLELAND-MCGRATH moved, seconded by RYAN WALTERS,to adopt Ordinance 3089 <br /> amending the 2021 budget.Vote: Ayes-JEREMY CARTER,RYAN WALTERS, CHRISTINE CLELAND- <br /> MCGRATH, CAROLYN MOULTON,BRUCE MCDOUGALL,MATT MILLER.Nays-None. Result: <br /> Passed <br /> Resolution 3029: Authorizing the Hiring of 1 ASAC Administrator and 2 Parks Maintenance Workers <br /> Mr. Lunsford presented Resolution 3029 which would authorize the hiring of an Anacortes Senior Activity <br /> Center Administrator and two Parks Maintenance workers. <br /> CAROLYN MOULTON moved, seconded by RYAN WALTERS,to adopt Resolution 3029 authorizing the <br /> Mayor to hire 3 positions in the Parks and Recreation department. Vote: Ayes-JEREMY CARTER,RYAN <br /> WALTERS, CHRISTINE CLELAND-MCGRATH, CAROLYN MOULTON,BRUCE MCDOUGALL,MATT <br /> MILLER.Nays-None. Result: Passed <br /> Access Anacortes Fiber Internet Update <br /> Administrative Services Director Emily Schuh provided the regular monthly update on Access Anacortes Fiber <br /> Internet. Ms. Schuh's slides were added to the packet materials for the meeting. Ms. Schuh reported on <br /> customers in service,pending orders and revenue received, celebrating 698 customers in service. She noted the <br /> take rate by district,which was exceeding a 35%take rate in the current service areas. Ms. Schuh shared <br /> financial reports for the fiber project. She also reported network expansion projections for 2021, 2022 and 2023. <br /> The report concluded with a summary of special projects underway. <br /> Contract Award: Municipal Broadband Network—2021 Westside Backbone Expansion#21-094-FBR-001 <br /> Ms. Schuh requested City Council consent to award a contract in the amount of$5,055,304.09 to Robinson <br /> Brothers Construction, Inc. (RBC)to deploy backbone infrastructure for the City's Fiber To The Home project <br /> in areas west of Anacopper Mine Road. She responded to councilmember questions about the unit costs in this <br /> rocky terrain. Mr. Miller noted that a budget amendment may be required to accommodate the contract before <br /> year end. <br /> RYAN WALTERS moved, seconded by MATT MILLER,to authorize the Mayor to sign a contract 21-094- <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes-April 26,2021 <br /> 2 <br /> Page 4 of 1354 <br />