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April 2021 Parks and ACFL Operations <br />Administrative Report <br /> <br />We are super excited to thank our brothers and sisters in Public Works for getting some LONG NEEDED <br />road work done on the Mt. Erie Road. Parks & Rec was able to purchase the material and the Streets <br />Division provided the operators and equipment. It really has improved the drive up and down the <br />mountain. We look forward to continuing this low-cost partnership in the future on other parks roads. <br /> <br />We had two great clean-up projects in the ACFL centered on Earth Day. I helped out with the Dallas <br />Kloke Mt. Erie climbers clean up, and Parks Staffer Sky Guthrie worked with divers in Heart Lake. Both <br />events took place the morning of April 17th, and were successful in getting some non-native materials <br />off the mountain and out of the lake. Thanks to all who participated. <br /> <br />Very happy to report the Washington Park ‘A’ Loop was opened for camping by the promised date of <br />Friday, April 2nd. A huge thank you to Nicole, Brian, Nichola, Steve, AJ and Sky for making this happen. <br />And thanks to VECA as well for their continued positive partnership. <br /> <br />We also completed a long term stay program in the campground with partners the Anacortes Police <br />Department and the Anacortes Family Center (AFC). This was done in conjunction with the cold weather <br />shelter, and an outreach grant the AFC was able to secure. The program resulted in no complaints in the <br />campground, and some very positive steps forward for program participants. <br /> <br />I completed two sessions of trail steward training with the Rotary Club on the Cap Sante trails system. <br />The two outings included at least six of each; Rotarians and AHS Green Club members. The sun came out <br />both days, and we are now ready to send some new trail stewards into the wild. <br /> <br />The vacation of portions of 11th Street and ‘B’ Avenue to the Wynn and Ortman families in exchange for <br />waterfront easements to be used for Guemes Channel Trail construction continue to work their way <br />through the City Council Public Hearing process. A few of the neighbors have raised concerns regarding <br />their views and the long term plans of the residents of their neighborhood. The Public Hearing is <br />currently continued to Monday, May 3rd. <br /> <br />Nicole Johnston and I continue to work on a much drawn out seasonal hiring process. We have found it <br />challenging this year to find applicants willing to meet us for an interview. Thankfully, we have also <br />found some new folks who are ready to pitch in, alongside a returning core group at Washington Park. <br /> <br />Nicole, ACFL Steve and I were also able to get a fair amount of downtown street tree pruning <br />completed. We shall take our next look at this in the fall. The three of us also continue our work with a <br />variety of tree owners, both public and private. <br /> <br />Steve and I have been responding to 4-wheel drive access issues at the Whistle Lake trailhead. I was able <br />to catch up with a home-made rig in response to a concerned hiker’s phone call. From there, Steve and I <br />put a plan together, and he has done a nice job shoring up the access points. <br /> <br />Friends of Forest Executive Director Asa Deane and I had a good South Cranberry outing. I included a <br />tour and description of the trail #10 improvements we are working on between trail’s 117 and 113. We are <br />working with Public Works and a local biologist on the plan, and will have the paperwork in to Planning <br />very soon. <br /> <br />Director Lunsford and I had a nice meet and greet with new Fire Chief Bill Harris. We are looking <br />forward to showing him around the ACFL and Parks, and continue our work on community safety. <br />