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The need to patch potholes on Mount Erie had gotten to a critical point. On March 30 I asked Bill <br />Larson, Street Maintenance, about using cold mix to p atch potholes. Next thing we knew, he drove <br />the road and agreed to have his crew pave it if we would split the costs. As of April 16, the road has <br />been resurfaced in two critical areas and the worst potholes have been patched with asphalt. Many <br />thanks to Bill and his crew for making this happen! <br />I spent a little over an hour on the 21st with Beck Pittman, co-leading the Friends of the Forest for <br />the “Late Riser’s Morning Chorus” bird hike for FoF members. It was fun! As a group we saw or <br />heard 23 species, some exhibiting breeding behavior. The highlights for me were two warblers <br />(yellow-rumped and orange-crowned), gleaning insects from the flowers in the crown of a flowering <br />bigleaf maple. This was the first such hike that I have co-led with her, and I hope to do more. We <br />started at the trailhead of Trail 10 but only made it as far as the old city dump. This tells you how <br />“birdy” it was. <br />On April 21, I signed the paperwork approving the work that Andrew O’Donnell of Troop 911 <br />performed for his Eagle Scout Project. He and a small team of volunteers made structural <br />improvements and repainted three signs along Heart Lake Road. They did this on weekends this <br />month. Although we drive by these frequently without noticing them, you will certainly notice the <br />improved appearance of these. The fresh paint will also increase their longevity. Thanks Andrew! <br />Mayor Laurie, Fiddlehead Montessori, and a photographer from the American joined Nicole and me <br />at Ben Root Skate Park on April 22 for a combined Arbor Day/Earth Day cel ebration. We planted <br />two Pacific Sunset Maples to replace two trees that hadn’t survived their planting a few years ago. <br />We’ll water these over the summer to see that they thrive in their new home. <br />Fishing season opened on March 24. We increased staff cove rage hours, shoreline patrols, restroom <br />and garbage maintenance, and signage leading up to and during the weekend. Nicole put out one <br />shoreline campfire on the morning of the 24th. Other than that it was pretty quiet, probably largely <br />in part to fairly miserable weather. Rain and highs in the upper 40s probably kept most away on <br />Friday and Saturday. It picked up a bit with sunny weather on Sunday the 25 th, but overall it was a <br />manageable opener. It’s always better to be overprepared than not. <br />I haven’t mentioned them for awhile, but Bob and I continue to hike with Denise Crowe each <br />month. This month was Sugarloaf, and we enjoyed the viewing of a rare orchid in flower, the heart - <br />leaved twayblade (Listera cordata). Some of the most fascinating things in nature are relatively <br />small and silent. These hikes are an important reminder of this and a re -connection to the resource <br />that we all work hard to protect. <br /> <br />“This is the way down.”