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A Ave Landfill - Public Works project that Parks is working with them on. Letter was sent over a year ago by <br />Evergreen Islands to the county then to the state then a citizen complaint was filed. Dept of ecology <br />contacted us - we were not part of the toxicity. Hired legal firm - MTCA - how does the dept of ecology want <br />to handle the site. We are hoping to have the same case manager from DOE, Chris Matthews, who was the <br />case manager for the decommissioning of the water treatment plant. We will be meeting with the state and <br />talk about the agreed order and how to proceed. No bike skills course going there. <br />Bob: ACFL management plan update - the Planning Commission and City Council has been busy for other <br />updates - but we are pushing to get into the queue to get considered. We will let everyone know when we <br />know when City Council discuss this. <br />Power company up at Mt. Erie and parking revision - replace the power poll outside of the site in their utility <br />easement to the site and put in ballards because they're frustrated for access. We met 4 months or so ago <br />and haven't heard anything from them. Seem like we agreed to the concept but have not heard. <br />Meeting adjourned at 7:03pm <br />Next meeting virtual meeting May 6, 2021 6pm. <br />Respectfully Submitted by: Victoria Wong Date: March 16, 2021 <br /> <br />ACFL Maintenance Report APRIL – 2021 by Steve Phillips <br />April 29, 2021 <br /> <br />This eventful month began with the completion of the repair on Trail 304, where a horse collapsed <br />after puncturing the trail surface over a year ago. Geri Rubin, our Trail Committee equestrian <br />representative, was helpful in inspecting my work and providing suggestions for improvement. The <br />true test is time, and the first month has been good. <br />At the very end of March, after a year’s worth of failed scheduling attempts, I received a walking <br />tour of the climbing access points on Mount Erie by Jim Thompson. Jim is a committed local <br />schoolteacher and rock climber who works to keep climbers safe on the mountain. He has also <br />written and maintains a digital trail guide available on the app Rakkup. He knows the mountain <br />intimately because he helped establish many routes with his friend Dallas Kloke, who passed in <br />2010. It was important for me to receive this orientation for sever al reasons, including climber <br />safety and resource protection. <br />Motorbike season opened again on April 1. I’ve been learning more about our rules as I talk to moto <br />riders. I often cross paths with John Meehan, our motorbike rep on the Trail Committee. He is <br />helping educate me on the different sizes and styles of bikes and motors. He rides a mountain bike <br />in the moto off-season, so his eyes are always on the trail. We reflected that this past winter <br />seemed pretty good concerning illegal moto use. <br />During the February snow, ATV tracks appeared at Whistle Lake. Bob and I put our heads together <br />to figure out improvements at the parking lot to eliminate this possibility without restricting access <br />to the allowed user groups. This work is now partly complete and will be finished soon. <br />Bob, Nicole Johnston, and I spent three mornings pruning trees on Commercial Avenue. This work <br />was needed to protect the structures of businesses there and improve clearance for peds and <br />vehicles. <br />I met up with volunteer and ACFL neighbor Mike Oras on the 15th. Mike has been finding patches of <br />holly and ivy near Little Cranberry Lake. I pulled these with him for a little while, but need to return <br />for some follow up work. I’m grateful that he found and helped remove this patch. Locating patches <br />of invasives is hard enough, but setting aside the time to work them is a challenge unto itself.