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Charles Davis: owns property that trail 22 dead ends to. Spoke to Welch Brothers construction. Campbell <br />park estate home owner’s association owns 25 acres. Private road on deer lane. Concern about any sizable <br />logging trucks coming through that could cause havoc to the forest lands and private property if we open a <br />right of way. Size of the trees by the dam is not too large and a chainsaw can help bring it down. <br /> <br />If it’s an idea the City want to explore, we would reach out to the homeowner’s association. Rest assured <br />nothing will move forward other than we figure out our obligation for the dam itself first. Our first contact <br />with the homeowner’s association is to discuss the emergency action plan. Once we know the volume of <br />timber, we will try to leave them in place. If there is some nice cedar, we may use it for other infrastructure. <br />JoAnn: Has there been anything that would raise questions of the dam itself other than what the department <br />of ecology brought up? None. <br />Brian: Why is this not a public works project? The lake is the backup water supply for COA so technically a <br />water division issue. We are partnering with Public Works and right now we're acting as the lead with our <br />consultant, but working hand in hand with Public Works. Consultant is paid for by Public Works, but because <br />it's in the forest lands, they understand the sensitivity and Bob is the Project Manager on this project. We <br />self-reported this dam in 2005 and they came to inspect it and we have worked on the dam with them since <br />that time. Recently their standards have evolved and would like to see the emergency action plan in place. <br /> <br />Once we find and develop a reasonable action plan we will present that and discuss with all involved and will <br />do the proper public notification. Little Cranberry Dam - we held a public meeting for all those who live <br />downstream of Little Cranberry with the City Attorney, Fire and Police Departments and explained what was <br />happening and answered public questions and what the emergency action plan is. We will probably follow <br />something similar. <br />Nick: its a sensitive area, wet land and lake, getting heavy equipment in and out will be a challenge. Finding <br />the option with the lowest impact to achieve goals is what to keep in mind. This is not the same as the <br />Cranberry Lake Dam since it has a parking lot and Whistle Lake Dam does not. <br />Suggestion of offering formal site visits for all involved would be ideal. <br />Staff Reports: <br />Steve: Has been busy with all the fallen trees. Volunteer party was very productive - removed holly, ivy and <br />little bit of blackberry. First volunteer party in just over a year, but hopefully we can have more. <br />Bob: Steve has been doing a fantastic job chasing trees down. Regular volunteers contact staff and created a <br />spreadsheet to track all the projects and trees that have gone down. A team effort all in all. Lots of interest to <br />help maintain the forest lands from the public. Trail talks on social medias have been great to attract interest. <br />Other Business: <br />Jonn: Fidalgo fly fishing club - they want to extend the season at Heart Lake. Corresponding with state <br />wildlife request with them to extend it to December 31st. Our existing fishing time is till October 31st, so this <br />would extend it by 2 months. Not too big of a change or influx since they won't stock the fish. Thoughts from <br />the board: Sandra - no harm in extension. Brian - lake season recreation for the community is fine. We're not <br />getting heavy cold into January or February so should be fine. Nick: anyone against this? Reduce the stocking <br />and less footprint. Fewer stockings to add some conservation value. Not a stocking issue, but for locals to be <br />able to recreate there. Can't see a negative effect on the extension. Our concerns would be more trash - but <br />we don't see a large group of people who would like to go out there in November.