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Forest Advisory Board <br /> <br />Date: March 4, 2021 <br /> <br />Board Present: Joanne York-Gilmore, Brian Wetcher, Sandra Starbuck, Nick Stowe <br /> <br />Staff: Bob Vaux, Jonn Lunsford, Steve Phillips, Victoria Wong <br /> <br />Called to Order: 6:05PM <br /> <br />Minutes: March 5, 2020 minutes approved <br /> <br />Public Comment: none. <br /> <br />Communication/Correspondence: Bob suggested meeting every other month unless there is a pressing issue <br />to meet. All agreed. <br /> <br />Jonn communicated that City Council passed the parks impact fee that goes into effect on September 1, 2021 <br />with an updated residential rate and a new commercial development rate. The updated impact fees will help <br />fund capital projects. During the Parks Commission meeting via Zoom, a possible trail and lookout centennial <br />project was discussed with the Rotary at the Rotary Park. An evaluation is being done on the cell towers on <br />Mt. Erie and we’re working with the Parks Foundation on this as the funds that come from leasing the cell <br />towers helps support parks projects. <br /> <br />Friends of the Forest (Asa Deane, Executive Director): annual membership meeting last night - fewer <br />questions than anticipated but was able to focus on what it'll look like in the ACFL post Covid. Coming up with <br />ways to address the population increase that uses the forest. Working with parks for a more robust volunteer <br />program. Picked up litter and holly this past volunteer work party at Heart Lake. Would like to put together a <br />trail ambassador program specifically for the summer time. They will be trained by Friends of the Forest and <br />park staff and can be deployed at specific trailheads. This would help longtime residents or new folks that <br />don't have the experience or don't know how to recreate properly and safely. Friends of the Forest is in the <br />process of hiring an Outreach Coordinator to be working as the head of the volunteer program. Question <br />from Brian: any communication with Ryan about the critical area ordinance? - Ryan is close to a rough draft <br />of what the coding will look like. <br />Whistle Lake Dam: <br />Department of Ecology dam safety section - carries out the state mandate for dam safety, how dams are <br />managed and how they are inspected annually. The Whistle Lake Dam is about 100 years old and nothing has <br />been done other than the trail over it. Approximately 15 years ago, it was on the DOE radar and we have <br />been asked to move forward in coming up with a maintenance plan. Emergency action plan - in case there is <br />a dam failure what are the measures we have in place and how do we plan on working with neighbors. We <br />don't have one yet for the Whistle Lake Dam - we are working with a consultant. Trail 206 goes south and <br />west of the dam by trail 22 and meets up to a dead end that's very close to deer lane which is privately <br />owned by Skagit county. Welch Brothers construction did a site visit to explore options on how we can use <br />trail 206 end of trail 22 to access dam for maintenance. Spoke to Charles Davis. Cutting trees by the dam to <br />take the logs out on deer lane then to drag it out in the trails was briefly mentioned but the City has not <br />engaged in that conversation at this point. If we were to partner with neighbors, we would make it a very <br />formal outreach and discussion. Working on a plan for the dam itself.