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.SK60I'1 VALLEY HERALD I GOSKAGI'1'.COn FRIDAY. APRIL 2,2011 I A7 <br /> Classifieds - <br /> EMAIL:CLASSIFIED@SKAGITPUBLISHING.COM • GOSKAGIT.COM • FAX:360.424.5300 <br /> 0 jI „N 111i 1i 11 1II 1 . .. °II' _ CI'i • • . A . .. • + P ,;lie 4.4 <br /> _. <br /> 0710 ALTO PARTS& 0001 LEGAL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NUT9cEs 0001 9E0AL NOTICES 0001 LEGAL NottcEs 0018 <br /> 00000S0111ES 1 ANNOUNCEMENTS <br /> -7--------"--'--' Court. 205 West Kincaid the time stated in the Spec- sent to the Towns will be merger.All persona having sl <br /> TOP CASH ON SPOT Street,Mount Vernon,WA ifications,the Bid Proposal forwarded to the Depart- claims against Tesoro NOTICE TO PUBLIC <br /> for your unwanted 98273. You should be deposit shall be forfeited to meni of Ecology for coned- Northwest Federal Credit <br /> vehicles,running or not, present at this hearing, the City of Burlington. oration during their final re- Union are required to It is with great sadness that <br /> Licensed/Bonded. view. present them,with invoices we announce that Prestige <br /> Towing&Transport. To:ANY AND ALL PUTA- CITY OF BURLINGTON is or evidence supporting Care & Rehabilitation <br /> 360-358.5638 TIRE FATHERS OF an Equal Opportunity Ear- Join Zoom Meeting April such claims attached, to Burlington location will be <br /> A local Mount Vernon Co. KAYSON ALLEN JOSEPH ployer. 20.2021 at 13:30pm the attorney for North closing on or before May <br /> AKA KAYSON ALLEN CAY- Coast Credit Union:Brian 17,2021,We not be <br /> 0808 TOYOTA OU The City of Burlington re- 17ry�12i1 r53emh Rm.u.,fl[ R.Witt.Fadeigh Wads Witt, providing any services at <br /> ./�--R'F1TlprrrwrR-__---- serves the right to reject 8:177,.17f1E78+/nwd=Yim5ed 121 SW Morrison, Suite this location after May 17. <br /> I Dependency 2, 202 was any or all Bes i the towaive 1y2J4YCs5TnJmeHllCO DR- 872 Portland, Oregon 2021. <br /> - -- 2000 Toyota'Satrap'slo -'filed on-April 2 2020:A irregularities in the Bid or Meet glD 0T09 - 97204, within .thirty_(30) <br /> .. v6, great' c en go00 Fart Faring hearing will by the&d opening,N Bidder 'Meet g ID 837 7237 0578 days 'f tK date of lest -.We are-,working.hard.,to - -' - <br /> m lea forest green,good hem on this matter on:May may withdraw their Propos-. 'Pesscode.7661 Jt One tap'publication et this notice,or:'make a the transition ' -sure <br /> tires.nine great,in good =,2021,a;9 C0 5k- al alter the hours-ad f- the mobile - - • - - 'such.tetras may b boned. from this location is as <br /> - - - ---,condition. $4550. (206)- agh County Superior Court,e 'opening thereof befota -ai2532156782;,837723708 _ - "' -' --seamless- kr possible for """- - --'- - - ' <br /> 818-7008, 205 West Kincaid Street, Award of Contract,unithe 784„„7661914 US Dated and first published our patients and will be <br />' - - Mount Vernon,WA 98273. said Award is delayed fora (Tacoma) April 2,2021. assisting them through <br /> 0001 LEGAL NOTICE You should be present at period exceeding sixty 60) in ti step of this process <br /> • <br /> this hearing. days. Published on April 2&9. PUBLISHED including: <br /> 2021 April 2,9&16,2021 <br /> SUPERIOR COURT Tor ANY AND ALL PUTA- Published: MARC Ros- $VH-2046475 • <br /> Partnering with other <br /> OF WASHINGTON, TIVE FATHERS OF PENS- ter Published local centers to <br />• COUNTY OF SKAGIT LOPE LUPITA CANTU April 2&9,2021 determine availability, <br /> Skagit Valley Herald;Opal SVH-2046377 and placement <br /> A Dependency Petition was 2nd,9°' possibility. <br /> In fie the Estate of: <br /> filed on October 18.2018. __ Transporting patients <br /> JULIE A.I IAR'AN, A Fart Finding hearing will Published and families to visit and <br /> be held this matter ow April 2&9,2021 evaluate new centers. <br /> Deceased. May 4,2D21,at 9:00 a,m,at Assisting with Packing <br /> SVH-2046351 urlin ton <br /> Skagit County Superior �,� and moving for patients <br /> I/O.21-i-Oct 13-29 Court. 205 west Kincaid TOWN OF LYMAN •�- that will be relocating to <br />• NOTICE TO CREDITORS Street,Mount 'ernan,WA AND TOWN OF CITY OF a new center. <br /> 9re7e. You should be HAMILTON BURLINGTON <br /> he <br /> The personal representative Present at this hearing. privilege are grateful a t'is <br /> Hamad below awe been ap- MANU Shoreline Master PUBLIC NOTICE omm i y serve this <br /> wkh <br /> points Repro- OTA TARJES ARREDOL AL- <br /> d as Psrohis estate. <br /> ALLEGE F Program a Public Public <br /> ntouve of this estate. ALLEGED FATHER OF Period and PuNie Hearing compassionate care for skilled <br />• Any person hiring claims SANTIAGO ALEXANDRO The Budinglon Public es g rare these pas[ <br /> gainet the decedent must, TORREZ d ANY AND The Town of Hamilton and briery board • Trustees Years. <br /> before the time the claim ALL PUTATIVE FATHERS Town of Lyman are accept- nearing scheduled far <br /> would be barred by any OF SANTIAGO ALEXAN- g coin fits on the Tuesday,April 6,2021 t <br /> otherwise applicable status ORO TORRREZ Shoreline iMaster Program 6:00 p.m.well be held vi• <br /> a <br /> of limitations,present the (SMP) Mar RCYV ZOOM es the library 0040 TOOT♦FOUND <br /> claim in the manner de pro- A Dependency Petition was 90.58.080.The focus of this closed due to the COVIDS <br /> vidad in ROW 11.40.070 by Com hensive SMP 19 pandemic.The public is rye Y� <br /> filed on October 24.2017, pre re- <br /> invited to attend;to pin the - S Q <br /> serving on or mating to the A Fact Finding hearing will view is to establish consis- oom sling us the fol- -G A Satum key and fob on a <br /> Personal Representative et be held on this matter on: fancy with changes to state +- r' with other k <br /> the address stated below,a May 4.2021,Cl 9:00 a m at law made since the adop- louring link: , found in Anacortesyand was <br /> copy of the claim and firing Skagit County Superior lion of the Shoreline Master Jon Zoom Meeting ,,B� m' being held at the AnacOnes <br /> the goal of the clam Court 205 West Kmpad Program. The review will qB��(���y �Ahry+��� .-1A.. '4 Police Department 3601 <br /> with original <br /> court. The clan Street,Mount Vernon,WA also address consistency B2y83301 'lpwd-alit,,or, <br /> 9008 ,. 293•4684 under case(21- <br /> ,ust be presented within 98273. You should bewith the Toot Lyman and <br /> the later of:(1)Thirty days present at this hearing. Nations. The goal la <br /> Hamilton development rag- 61rY31P• - A01873. <br /> after the Personal Repro- <br />• sedative served or mailed will deter- dot the updated SMP by <br /> CITY OF mesa keys will be retained <br /> the notice to the creditor as The hearing <br /> child in de- p Pees Meeting Bag 1883 ANACORTE$ be disposfor 60 ed of.d then may <br /> Summer 2021. <br /> provided der ROW pendent as defined in One tap mobile INVITATION TO BID: <br /> months <br /> (2) four ROW 13.30.0306. This Proposed amendments to <br /> �anths altar the date Of the () +12532158782„829833018 Water Treatment <br /> first publication of the no- ^Ilse SM3• orate, do,, <br /> pu begins a judicial process fits tl m tin fi3B.,,,.,Ok„071818A Plant Filter Two sets of keys were <br /> tics. If the claim is not which could result in per- nounce 9 US 6 a) found in Anacortes and are <br /> or manta,and omen ra- Anthracite <br /> seated within this lime manent f your +1 B699Se 071„829833018 being held by the Ana- <br /> frame,the claim is forever cal.2"„ts," do ounces are available 63A 0a„0718/8a odes Police De rtment P.n.."' gYou through Elisabeth 'Beth' Fa <br /> boned;except as atharwisn not appear at the hearing, US(San Jose) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN (360) 93--684 under case <br /> 'dad in RCW 11A0.051 the court may enter a de- tonEa Treasrday.urer/Clerk <br /> Town Of Ha l- that sealed bids will be re- number 21-A01898. <br /> arrvi dent ton TreasurerlClark avail- <br /> and 1t.40,06U. This bar is Pendency order in your able by email or phone al The City of Burlington eerk-re the office ci the <br /> effective a to claims absence, tO I�ng.amili�t�v(1t�jyLq� Clerk-Treasurer, Municipal One set is a Kia key and <br /> against both Decedents Wl.c r 36be'16=3027. Building,P.O.Box 547,904 fob;the other set has house <br /> probate and non-probate To request a copy of the ai Sarah Ward, 6th Street,Anacortes,WA keys with a Haggens Re- <br /> Notice,Summons,and D. Tore official file ie Town 0 Libra Director 98221, until 2:00pm local wards mini store card at- <br /> assats. for review ai the Town i ry Cached. T <br /> pendency )429-n, call Hamilton, P.O. Box, 584 Burlington Public Library 2021, which <br /> hic t Rent b15,ids <br /> Date of 9.2 publication: DCYF at oat,n about.To be at eidhtime bide <br /> Maple sheet,Hamilton,WA <br /> Peron 19,202e right.including <br /> about your 98255 9 ou to 5 Published,201 reedt opened and publicly Th60 de keys with be holy for <br />• Personal E. <br /> H resentativa: rights.including right toe (fro April 2,2021 terthrough Zoom for Wa- di days and then may be <br /> Michael E.HeNln lawyer,go to wwwatg.wa; pm.,Monday through Fri- tar Treatment Plant Filar disposed of. <br /> Address for Mailing or eWIWY.aspx. dayl. SVH-2046459 Anthracite 421-074-WTR- <br /> Sandce: A virtual a NOTICE 001.The City will not con- <br /> 18143 Colony Road Dated:.April 2.2021ing pen public hear- eider bids received after <br /> Bow,WA 98232 Melissa Beaton,Clerk , scheduled0163 for April TO CREDITORS that time and date. The 0152 APARTMENTS <br /> By:Linda Petnelka 20,2021 at 8:30 p.m.a,y <br /> L person may submit written Notice of Merger of North Project provides for the FOR RENT <br /> Published Deputy Clerk comments to the Town of Coast Credit Union and Purohaze Of approximately <br /> March 19&26,2021 Hamilton City Clerk prior to Tesoro Northwest Federal 5,400 COPY hiker An- <br /> - April 2,2029- .. ,P4LTtish¢d,•.the virtual Public hearing,or --CrodiI Uruoa Nonce is. lhracite Size:f,0 1.1 m afire <br /> ill 2,2D2'I No•bid deposit is required. Alpine'Ridge Retirement <br /> Ap you may appear at the hereby given that North pact Apartments in MV i <br /> SVH-7.045512 Bids specifications are avail- pe s ac- <br />• April 9&16,2021 hearing to give public lesti- Coast Credit Union and able iris •of he at piing applications for 2 <br /> SUPERIOR COURT SVH-2046219 ony,Public comment will Tesoro Northwest Federal c 'ge gdrm opts. Income limits <br /> OF WASHINGTON be accepted from April 13 Credit Union have pro- -'the "'"crdBid- <br />• COUNTY OF SKAGIT -.::..='.' ., May 13,2021 et 5:00 p.m, posed to merge, under e;e o'1• apply.fo380-424-9822 for <br />• JUVENILE COURT You may email r melt which the charier of Tesoro published more <br /> B1�y7 {-9 }/-�-t comments to the Hamilton Northwest Federal Credit <br />. Dependency of: Ul lit 1. to 1 n Treasurer/Gail at the Union will no longest VH-2,2D21 a - G�.4,,,a..•,..„.,. above address.Comments on the effective date of the SVH-2046491 "> ♦♦ <br />' CHRISTOPHER.ALLENLEE CALL FOR BIDS FRIDAY EVENING c.comp'Ia�.eawn.Broada.p °APRIL2,2021 <br /> HAWK loz=0r«ry <br /> 0.0 B.08/21/16 City of Burlington feign ' i y{yru3 'al <br /> No:20-7-00131-29 2021 Overlay Project Ca UT N 2�= D 01 a s,a'mA MI .,n D 1 no xaxmdfix D p D s Dcam. <br /> GRAYSON LEE DAVIS Notice is hereby given that Kpiwo a l4 a p2p06pGu.ill 0 r e moo MO <br /> � kun /(f re a a <br /> D.C.B.:02/12/20 sealed Bids for"2021 Over- +.J Nc s MSS he�mr ,aNrw arc <br /> No,20-7-00092-29 lay Project'will be received �IE 3 l B s N.sIH Naea lro c4 s izni rp rD ,t,,,,;IS"°t`"T�I.n",.term o 5 a <br /> binge atwe.once.von 'Ones <br /> by it 1 City Finance Director K, B B @ND D LEI <br /> mnirer, p gip9Egmaw 11 iNl f5,�s, LEV xD gat x., 18 B <br /> KAYSON ALLEN JOSEPH until 11:00 a.m„April 20th, 2 3 1 u liAO .Neyrer nT,l WW1/(L-uaa Mr.eneAke ns 1 lIl ORL°e ] 1 <br /> AKA 2021, at which time the Klao Iced.�essoe 41 i1nMa r ',-D CdwteeU#J <br /> KAYSON ALLEN CAYOU Bids will be opened and :a: res rNa4lAzeu FIRIrp xaiweaor'ne Nwanemen9$kD Mpg wean( A1D19' <br />• D.O.B.:03/24/20 publicly reed.Bids ill be Kcts 9 9 9 D NYd uiem °,m„aN+rnid'Nw (R��may S S <br /> No.20-7-00124-29 delivered l0 633 South K3�1191111 It jnEDrWKY p ryy�j B -u lry�ea.AenJ'IvleTios D JD „o D it ill <br /> spruce Street, Burlington, UV 12 i2 12 11M Whit w' tree MOMS rrnrI Mi MS I A •nIIR�'r Ise <br /> PENELOPE LUPI TA CANTU Washington.Proposals r- Kvos ra Tq es MSS i!1-,fie Ernimo" ,::n,:Rote' • an es <br /> O.O.B.:10/03/18 eeived after the time fixed K pn' 13 13 13 1�=r3yip 1 xD t9x�aaaa'Irbraet"'H •a ''' r1TU2 MOO"rw n+ nnm rr.I �wp ,�I 13 a I <br /> No.18-7-00336-29 for opening will not be con- lTU 46, RAlliu ti 413 enact WM n our Ugwm aB Hal HD(totes. r1eerc <br /> sidered. KZ10 -r 1x n.,Tl 'Ai NU D HaBm a% ND 22 22 <br /> SANTIAGO ALDANDRO <br /> TORREZ This resurfacing project Asa 52 29 1Z .F.rstu ND 11nruro • n uNC Rnu`:D RA1ST! 41119 Moth 11 <br /> D.OB:09/13/17 co,rats of a 2-inch strut. I Aver, ee 40 No WI Ile ,f. 411914, 'lit ND HD I 51:1 241 H Intl <br /> Na.17 7-00348-5 tural overlay of Farhaven I eon it so la ll, Lrr•"Aa csmsi"Ix°t 1egemledao'w H° Ni,ao into 13B1,�' <br /> Ave,Norris St,and Gardner ,CNN 15 3aIILt 1 r Nit <br /> 'r<-ryBle r Nx i . ylll&if <br /> Notice and Summons by Rd, Construction ,eludes. 1.1")((( /' ILRIth a M ISwm 1 / ffBBII!!UURR <br /> Publication(Dependency) but is not limited to:Hot I nisc 1 2Pl / • 1' mod <br /> h j��f { h 1 eml <br /> (SMPB)CLERKS ACTION mix asphalt grndng;pale- 1 Pen o MI3B I ��Na Bee�2@Bu,to ,. D�pnk xi(i/!ax <br /> REQUIRED meni markings I mi.m 2,2 yy, )�h r: g BE ac sz:44, m .,„Lariats, <br /> rra rli2ml <br /> water pollution lad 361& a 0'6,1 e, 2 .1 II iNC <br /> To:ANY AND ALL PUTA- control measures and limit- sec pJN 35 Irma I Non ' INax Iyy,/I'�y <br /> TIVE FATHERS OF ed traffic control The En 10.1E 39 s 61NIlp`,.pyp Y fan !. fin' f G C �2� asU1A1 <br /> CHRISTOPHER ALLEN LEE ears estimate gs Ex 63 N N61R n 1„' kv y7rf i,yg <br /> HAWK neer's$450.000. HALL t JM M rrW. O. -1 f OMi BIIR Ms Fj`e I n2 <br /> Hlai 3/I I b I yy,MNU 2gg N Mead Ik'I EM NM <br />• A Dependency Penton was Bid documents may b uT 51 N 2 I x II .., I l tl � W'��1717(((R ,&, RR"'". M <br /> filed on May 21,2020.A the offices of the C ly Eng- s!W..S1 NNM• Mud nl lit u Mead o t35�8I <br /> ides re <br /> Fact Find rig hearing w41 t>e near of gudington by ap- 22„22 ) 7 p� net K(AP <br /> ' hell on this matter on.May pe raiment, 633 South coo,3d 4B1 31 son f and..f U+ 11 2Enf.'ILYr <br /> • 4 9:00 Sk- Spruce Street, Burlington, pp N Y S/ _a IN Nan p aaa,Jryp�o-N l akT1_ (o�A Y yg <br /> xgit County Superior Court, WA 98233 and ins S41 '.f f:LPf,M �pJ1g ff/1(1, <br /> • 205 Wad Kincaid Street, Ile fi b rinotonwa- its 36 ul I1 1-NW if <br /> HAIR�U Ica,:,yi <br /> urn V.r<r,WA 98273. g /b' 'r iNt Sa IS/]5 ,'l// iel .,I1ff:::VVw1If1 sr / //"'PP to RS <br /> You should be present at I roox 3 .a �Nr{,yM1Soo Ore. I „0,9 gI lyf('"" WE Jam} m pa#11 )p]s{12ay;� <br /> thin hearing. A I Sid Proposals hall be i TAO I2162 of e x 1&Batt/• N RA x L�,apt 1 - )I IdTm Zo <br /> panned by a Bid Pro- "s SB+3f 2e Meth fir D o D <br /> • <br /> • To:ANY AND ALL PUTA- posal deposit in cash,cert., I <br /> Tn2E FATHERS OF tied check,cashier's check, rao erui33r�w•T'l�R�t erie01ai N,tbxr�.ePsMd�...t iN39 3t�. 04611 0:hmdeRneea B�OjIpa1W 3Nua <br /> ' GRAYSON LEE DAVIS or Surety bend in an e„'u;iaur(2 klexm° mFwuiara a Irr i9manPrwra areanu 4 cme( <br /> MOW(equal to five per I MAx 60 NI 360•t f m New y •p•a0Mlek1. Mdwi11.41 JP3n iiwii,uy o t--1 <br /> A Dependency ry2,Peden was cent(5%of the amount of 52 m Ed si MD.vs w van..m roan.T(9Ef usaaxn'a I.+rvep T,d'4'G,mm.,.,*.orrc. Libra.m110 <br /> oem,. a ss2l <br /> filed on February 28,2020, such Bid Proposal Should I m nm..ak,Com.toe,,en . h ace rr OWnir Ira' <br /> A Fact Finding bearing will the successful Bidder fa Inc 1St41¢DI Nl sin y,,.A,,rtr KN°°xms="-, W k , .,,, u'A''°'= ` Iul all <br /> • be held on this matter on: enter into such Contract hm.:m xd,nTMT¢ (riOn1p I was rxwigi �:1VTMD Rn f May 4,2021,at 8:00 and furnish satisfactory Ie.1NIm NBNI nw,OnisM is,rii issum+o�EM Use <br /> x..•n le,-..n re wmadnf4,l Kufia .lodisese wide.HO 11yµ t-1 <br /> Skagit County Superior performance bond within <br />